Monday, June 14, 2010


After many months I have finally picked up a book and started reading again!

I had almost forgotten how engrossing a good book can be! I bought two books from the Hospice Shop the other day... and last night I started reading 'Keeping The Dead' by TESS GERRITSEN... ooooh it's so interesting! I can hardly put it down.

Sadly this means that I have read bugger all blogs either! Hopefully I shall finish it today so I can get back to the blogs I love to read! lol

AND I really want to make a few more cards, and finish a sewing project or two... so many things to do... how can I get bored !


Haven't got to reading more of that book so far this morning.. been making soup...
You ever been CONSTIPATED? I have/am... so this soup should get things 'going' again!

ABOVE: cos I just KNOW some bugger is gunna ask me what I put in me soup:

200 grams Split Green Peas

200 grams Pearl Barley

2 leeks, three onions, 2 big carrots grated up, 1/4 of a cauliflower, 250 grams frozen corn kernels, 425 gram tin of Mushrooms, 400 gram tin of tomatoes, 500 grams bacon, garlic salt to taste, and 1 Tblsp chicken stock. (you can add any other veges to it too... I just used what I had on hand)

Chuck it all into a crock pot or big pot and cook.

ABOVE: my new whizz bang grater... lovely thing!

And now... back to reading a few blogs and then... me book!

For the past 2 and a half hours I have been reading blogs and commenting on 99% of them! I feel good about that. Time to get some lunch and read my book... I deserve it!

I FINISHED THE BOOK... it was an awesome read! If you like mystery/murder novels... read it!

My soup is ready too... we are all having some for dinner... it's a meal in itself!

End of Day: OMG that soup is yum! I added some garlic butter right at the end... DROOOOOL! I am happy today... very happy. nite nite.



  1. I have read several Tess Gerritsen books and they are very good. I need a good book to read....I'll check that one out.

  2. LOL we have the same graters!

    Your soup sounds lovely!!

  3. thanks for the soup recipe I NEED IT REAL BAD

  4. I love reading! I haven't been reading much lately.

    Geology of the Cayman Islands, is what I am reading now.

    That soup should get you going. Try All Bran Bran Buds cereal too. 51% of your daily fiber recommendation.

  5. That soup should do the trick! Have it with some nice, grainy brown bread... unless you are still off carbs?

    PS: I didn't know you named Griffin... I assumed Lacy did that... did you choose Brylee as well? A great name...

  6. Woah Chris, I didn't know you'd stopped reading.. blimey, I can remember you going to the library upstairs ALL the time. Hope you enjoy the book.

  7. Soup sounds yummy!! And good on ya for picking up a book again... I love reading so much!!
    And yes, I met froggy, and she is such a lovely lady! we clicked so well, and the 2 1/2 hours we had together just flew!! was wonderful!

  8. Good for you on the reading...I LOOOOVE to read and always have at least 2 books for the arvo and one for the evening!
    Soup sounds lovely too!

  9. Soup looks good. Chris I think you are totally amazing how you support so many people in the blogging community. I hope it doesn't leave you too frazzled trying to keep up. No worry about keeping up with my blog--haven't updated it for 2 MONTHS aaaghhhh! Hope you're feeling more regular soon!

  10. yes soup weather is definitely here and that sure sounds nice too!!

  11. I love Tess Gerritsen..she writes some good stuff. I've been reading Gregory Maguire's books in the "Wicked" series. You should try them!

    What do leeks taste like? I've been looking at more soup recipes and a lot of them have leeks in. I'm a bit scared of them.

  12. Anonymous1:39 PM

    What kind of grater is that? Is it automatic? I hate getting my nails scraped in my manual one.

    Mary H

  13. I am a HUGE Tess Garritsen fan. I've read quite a few of her books and have loved every one of them! You're gonna want to read more after you finish that one!

    Oh, your soup sounds great. I love soup...maybe I need to go make some!



  14. I just started reading "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" and am really enjoying it-- but it does take away from blogging.... but sometimes you just need to :-)

    Enjoy your book!

  15. Tess Gerritsen is really good. And once you have finished it, there are lots more of hers to read at the library!

  16. Your soup looks yummy. I practically live on soup in the winter, I just can't convince the husband that it can actually be a meal, not just a starter!!!

  17. Hi Chris,

    when you mentioned being CONSTIPATED - my knees get weak from the fear of PAIN. All my life I had NEVER had that problem until 6 years ago when I fell and broke my ankle and my leg above it. After going through all the pain and misery and blood poisoning -my doctor finally decided to put screws and things in the mess. SOOOOO to do that he had to put me to sleep- and then I did not want to wake up. LOL - I really do remember that because I could hear that sweet little nurse attempting to wake me up and I liked being "out of pain" so I did not want to come back from the place I was -with NO Pain.She had to give me doses of pain meds -But - nobody told me that part - pain meds will constipate you - BIGTIME. Three days later all my macherinery came to a full STOP!!!!!!!!! I found myself in the bathroom straining and not accomplishing anything, except tears. I could not stop the straining and the resistance . I popped blood veins in my eyes and popped one in my chest and I just begged to die. It just so helped that my neighbor -who is a nurse found out about it and she sent up some stool softener.

    Since then I have found myself lately having that problem -again.

    Prunes is one of the tools in my fight. I also found COKE (not diet) has helped .I LOVE the looks of your soup ! I totally ADORE soups -so I can see me scarfing it down at your house.

    My kids have told me I was taking half the money(on that canopy project ) and I tried to tell them no way and my son said there was no way I would get out without taking it. I am pondering IF I can outrun him to the car. He is a hard -head like his Mom - so I guess we will see who wins the race.LOL

    Actually Cory did step in and do all the measuring and placements of the zippers and add -on flaps that you run the bars through for the canopy. Cory is also a perfectionist and I like that . I had to laugh when his back was turned and his wife was in the "GETTER DONE" mode! LOL Good thing he had his back turned or there might have been a cat-fight-URRR - human - fight. LOL She even sent him to the store for some spaghetti noodles - the once side we had heat-treated where the seam would be -so it would make a nice sharp crease- but with him out of the picture she just folded it and started sewing -attempting to delete an extra step. We could hardly believe he was back with in 20 minutes and she was just 1/3 of the way down her seam . I got between him and her -attempting to keep his mind distracted -off of her.

    Saved by the bell this time because I folded it up and called it quits because we were all tired. But -IF - he is the one who unfolds it - he might notice there is a difference. Time will certainly tell! :)kids will be kids - no matter what age they are! lol

    O - and ," good luck" on your book reading! I have found that to be another challenge!

  18. Hope the soup does the trick Chris. Know what you mean. I'm the same at the moment since my op and I'm drinking like four cups of soup a day. Slowly doing the trick.

    Hope you have that heat pump cracked up cause I think winters finally here.

  19. That soup sounds delicious! I hope it does the trick!

  20. soup looks great!!!!

    Pepsi? another blog?

    have a good nite:)

  21. For me, I make a grand fruit salad and have a big bowl! That should do the trick. Blackberries, Blueberries, grapes, strawberries, raspberries and mandarin oranges. Yummo! and it will unclog you for sure!...I love murder mysteries....debbie

  22. Mmmmm - soup sounds wonderful right now! If only you lived a BIT closer so I could mooch some off of you instead of making my own!

  23. Soup sounds good hope it helped you out with your problem. A good book is the perfect way to spend some time.

  24. Hey, I'm new to the blogging thing. Just discovered you and love you already...I'm laughing out loud! Thanks!!!!

  25. I wish I could make the time to read a book Chris. I have so many on my shelf that I want to read, but just can't seem to get to. I even joined a book club, and had to skip going the first time because in two months I didn't get the chance to read one short book!

    I hope the "mail starts moving!
    That's no fun! Been there, done that!

  26. I love to read but lately I have just been reading blogs!! I really have to take time to read a good book!!......writing this drinking a diet coke, blogs and tv.

  27. That soup looks de-lish and here's hopin' your belly starts rockin' and reelin'...hahahaha

    I love those kinds of books...I will have to find it and read it....thanks

  28. Me and Mandy did a book swap but I didn't get to read them. Now my sewing machine's in the shop I might get a chance. I like to re-read books. Isn't that strange?


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