Monday, June 07, 2010


NO.... not that sort of pot! Silly people, that stuff gets you in TROUBLE .... I am looking for a nice new pot for the Nikau Palm I bought the other day!
We bought two lovely cylindrical pots ( like above), for the afternoon patio a while ago, and I would love to find something similar for the palm .... So that is today's plan. Go hunting for a pot.

That's about all for now.... I will be back later to show you the pot.. if we find one!

ABOVE: found the perfect pot at only the second place we went to... and we got it for $30 off too, so SCORE! It weighs a tonne... but Stew and I managed to get it around the back and onto the morning patio. Now all we have to do is get some potting mix and plant me Nikau palm in it! NEAT. Should be done soon.
ABOVE: taaa daaa! Nikau palm all potted up... and yep, there is no way it is moving from there.. it's far too heavy for just two of us to move it now!
Almost time to put the dinner on... chicken thighs in a casserole...
Forgot 'End of Day'.... oh well. nite nite.


  1. Happy Anniversary for yesterday. Ian & I just had our 24th and I know what you mean about loving him more now. Hope you find your pot.

  2. Hope you find your pot.

    The weather is improving but still plenty of wind here. Blew the BBQ around the deck during the night. We need to store it inside.

  3. Anonymous10:17 AM

    You Sly Dog you!! It looks like pot. And the pots you bought are really pretty! Hope you find one you just love! ...debbie

  4. Bears and Pot -sounds like trouble to me!!! LOL

    GET. A. BLOODY. THIMBLE. Said with loves

    I have NEVER -EVER - figured out how to keep the silly things on a finger????? I spend more time picking them up off the floor than I would using them. If I figure that part out - your suggestion would be perfect! Especially since it is said with love!:-)

    I wonder IF you will find your POT!????? Over here I think it is hard to find pots unless you own a bank?

    I was looking through my "pot-stash" under the porch today. I need a pot for a baby orange tree that hubby treated me to -on sale! :-) Normally I would not have looked at them -but 4 years ago I caught a lime tree on sale and thought to myself that I could never keep it alive.

    Just to prove me wrong -it survived! And every year after life in the dark , dry house it has one or two limes on it????

    So, I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee Oranges to death and if I can get an extra 2 or 4 through the winter - I will be thrilled to death. DH said he has Never known Anybody that loves oranges like me????? :-)

    Wishing you good luck on your "pot-hunt" LOL

  5. You are such a busy lady.... doing and buying fun things. I went shopping with my daughter today to get her ready for summer over night camp. Spent a fortune on shampoo, razors, etc. Not as much fun, trust me.

  6. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Where's your spirit of adventure? Ha ha! Hope you're not letting the dogs on a couch that costs that much! Makes me think of the scene in the first Sex and the City movie where Samantha's dog is humping Carrie's $300 cushion! Make sure you put that beautiful new pot in the perfect spot because you'll probably never move it again because it will be even heavier! WOMBAT

  7. Well I was cleaning and scrubbing POTS does that count!!!!

  8. Awesome pot...I bought one today to...but just an ugly plastic one for parlsey!!lol

    Have a great day:)

  9. It looks great. The pot really suits it.
    Happy 23rd Anniversary xx

  10. Nice pot! I'm a fan of square pots and this one has nice detail. Your palm and Stew look great :-)

  11. Happy anniversary to you both (for yesterday) and I love the new palm.. very nice :)

  12. Gorgeous pot. I love Nikau palms. Thanks for your comment on my blog. My doc tried me on a low dose of the pills you mention for my insomnia. They helped, but I felt so zombie-ish for most of the day after that I didn't persevere with them. I'm glad you have better luck with them.


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