Thursday, June 03, 2010


My friend Chris D has a blog... OK... it doesn't have diddly squat on it yet.... but she is going to England soon and is going to be posting all about her visit there.... and wanted a blog to document her trip. And life. And her dog Buddy! Buddy is gorgeous, don't ya think?
I am going to leave you all her link.... so you can go check out her blog once in a while and see if she has figured out how to post/update/put up photos etc! I would like a loud round of applause (comments on her blog) when she does it! NO pressure to of course, but it would be nice eh? Edit: Poor Buddy is ill ... in hospital with a blockage in his intestines they think. Chris is so worried... so am I. Buddy is a most precious dog.

Today: off to the Dr's at 11... hoping for some sleeping pills (fingers crossed)... then I pick Griffin up to take him to Jumping Jacks. Should be home in time to pick Brylee up after school. So won't be home much today.
At least all my housework is up to date... even the dreaded WASHING!
DIET: going great... on track... might show a little loss this week... all going to plan. It's a good feeling being 'on track' and knowing it's maintainable.... for life.
ABOVE: my tolerance for puppy piddles and poops all over my lounge floor has come to an end. I think I did well tolerating it as long as I did it's back to 'Fort Knox' around here until that little Tart is house trained. She's also been banned from going down to the garage too... I don't want her chewing wires down there!

How does Teddy feel about this?
Typical bloke, doesn't give a shit.

Kate: ha ha! My life is no more interesting than yours mate. I get up, feed the kids, send them to school then fluff around the house for the rest of the day! WHAT is so interesting about that eh?
Been to the Dr's.. she gave me another sort of anit-depressant that is supposed to help with hot flushes and help me sleep. WHAT....EVER. If it doesn't work only then will she give me sleeping pills. Got to go back next week to check in with her on me 'progress'. WHAT...EVER.
I finally filled out an application form to volunteer at the Hospice Shop... only I want to help out at the Manurewa Shop, not The Gardens Shop.... Manurewa shop is MUCH busier... and I like to be busy... not bored shitless sitting around doing nothing!
ONWARD... need food before taking Griffin to Occupational Therapy Class.
Been there, done that.. home again. Going to make meat pies for dinner.... bought a little pie maker thingee:

ABOVE: it looks like they will be nice sized, individual pies... and maybe a bit less 'messy' than my big ones! I am dreaming of rhubarb and apple pies.... but my rhubarb plant is not big enough yet darn it all.
End of Day: when have I ever made a 'bad' pie! They were lovely... and so quick compared to making the big pies! We all loved them. nite nite.


  1. What a great friend, setting up a blog. Hope Coco doesn't learn to climb lol
    Have a great day

  2. I hope little Buddy is okay. He really is a beautiful little fellow.

    Poor Coco! It's tough potty training little dogs. Mum has two little fox terrier puppies, and she has the same trouble. Very frustrating, but worth it in the long run. Good luck!

  3. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Ha! That gave me a laugh... typical bloke....

    I'd LOVE to know how to do my own blog but my life is SO boring that no-one would read it. I get up, get dressed, get my daughter dressed, drop her at daycare,go to work, pick her up, cook tea, go to bed... every day. BOOORRRRIINNG...

    Although next year it may all change if I get another job (when she goes to school)... If I get some excitement I'll give you a bell!

    Kate (kittie444)

  4. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Will certainly check in with Chris and Buddy. That is serious stuff, blocked intestines. Hope he does well. Will he need surgery? Hope not. Had to laugh at Coco. Hope she doesn't figure out she can jump at it and it will fall over and spill down the stairs. She is so cute. Just keep putting her out, she'll eventually get the hang of it!! ...debbie

  5. Poor little Buddy. I hope he gets better. I also hope your whatever pills work for you.

  6. It's awful not being able to sleep well. I need like 10 hours of sleep every day just to feel normal. Hope your new pills work!

  7. ohhhhhhh I love rubarb and apple pies.....going out to check if my rubuarb is ready...gonna make a pie if it is !!

    Hope the new pills work.

  8. You are a great friend setting up Chris D's blog!

    So glad to hear the diet is going well. You inspire me!

    Poop is why I don't have a puppy-- But your pooch is VERY cute :-)

    Have a great rest of the week,

  9. Can't wait to hear how the pies went.

    Poor Buddy, hope he gets better soon

  10. Oh you are so going to love that pie maker. I make awesome bacon and egg pies in mine - just a bit of diced onion, a few frozen peas, some slivers of tomato, an egg broken into it and some bacon (of course!) - yummo!

    Also makes nice apple and custard pies :))

  11. Those pie makers are really cool - we have one, and my boys favourite pie is baked beans with cheese.... Go figure! You can also use sandwich sliced bread lightly buttered on the outside for a slightly 'different' effect.

  12. yep Ive got one of those pie makers....awesome!!!!!

  13. Ohhhhhhhhh a pie maker Jaxx has one of those and she says THEY ROCK!!!!!! A late post I know but better late than never!!!! HAVE a great long weekend!

  14. a pie maker! i love it! just searched for one for myself, but apparently they have been discontinued in the UK! rubbish hey?! maybe i can make my fortune by reinventing one for here? or maybe i will just check eBay for one...haha! (i LOVE kitchen gadgets so much!)

  15. How nice of you to help out your friend with her blog. I'll have to pass by. Hope Bobby's on the mend.

    The pie cooker looks interesting. Can hardly wait to see what you come up with.

    Hope you slept better and those hot flushes are under control. Take care.

  16. Anonymous6:04 AM

    Hi Chris, what make is the pie maker and where did you get it from?

    Rose :)

  17. Are pies really that popular where you live? We eat quiche, but pies are really a dessert, not a meal.

  18. Coco and Teddy are both so cute, they really do make me want a little dog!!

  19. Interesting story and very nice friend you have. That also gave me a laugh.

  20. If only you could put a diaper on your puppy.

  21. Teddy is loving that break from the puppy!


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