Monday, June 28, 2010


ABOVE: a photo I took of a wind turbine in Palmerston North a few years ago. I've been looking at old photos this morning....

ABOVE: this was Amanda and me only 5 years ago! I had lost 61 kilos ( 134 Pounds) ... I think I need to look at old photos a bit more often to remind myself how wonderful I felt back then! I have to lose 30 kilos again!!!! I am so stupid.
I know most people don't like mondays... start of the working week and all that.. but I do.

I can potter around getting my home all nice and tidy again.... and enjoy 6 hours of peace and quiet. Bliss.

I have to pop out this morning at some point to post Anne the cards she won too.

Not much else to yabber on about right now... so I'll go!

I just changed my 'Header Photo'.... maybe seeing myself so much slimmer and healthier EVERY DAY on my blog will help with the friggin MOTIVATION to get back to a healthy weight eh?
Who likes the new header???
NEW HEADER... again! *smiles*... this time it's a PROPER one, made especially for me by the gorgeous Anne over at LOSETOLIVE... she has worked on it for quite a while today.... and with a tiny input from me, has come up with the most gorgeous Header for me blog. THANK YOU Anne!
End of Day: crabby! My laptop has packed a wobbly and won't go. Grrrr. Tried all day to make it start. Looks like it will have to go to the dr's. *sigh* nite nite.


  1. no job=love mondays
    job=hate mondays

    I used to love when everyone went back to work and school on Monday. Now I can't wait for the weekends and start getting sad when I get up on Sunday morning and realize it's almost over!

  2. I remember that photo and you when you were that weight. You are still the same beautiful lady we all love theres just more of you to love and dont forget its not the outside appearance that makes a person it's the inside and inside your one FANTASTIC person :-)

  3. I have pictures, too... I get shocked when I see myself in the mirror sometimes. :(

  4. Yes you looked great and it will be good motivation to look at that photo but YOU ARE TOO DARN TANNED!!!! Yes, I know you like to be tanned but don't overdo it.

  5. great motivation old photos!! love it:)

  6. Love the photo.


  7. Love the photo - great motivation

  8. love the photo and yep i need some of that motivation too please...
    Im having a mental health day today so like this monday lol...just couldnt face work so called in sick, have a good week chris

  9. Love the new header. Gives you something to work toward. But do gentle on yourself.

    You're doing so well I notice, although the last couple of weigh-ins are not listed??

  10. Amanda2:14 PM

    I DO! I DO! I DO!

  11. I would love Mondays too, except for the whole starting a new long work week thing. I start sighting about this time on Sunday nights.
    I really like the new header pic.

  12. O Chris - you are always so lovely. I see you as one beautiful diva ! See, even the baby is in awe with its sweet smile! My Mama always told me that pretty is as pretty does.

    I had to laugh at the comment one of your friends made about weekends and work and weekends when no work! That was sooooo true!

    O, the baby gifts went over very nice. I can't wait to see what you sew! :)

  13. LOVE The header! You look amazing, and so tanned!! YOU Can do it and You will!!

  14. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Love the new header.....but have to scoll along to see your photo.

    Michelle x

  15. Your photo will be a fantastic incentive - you look like a real fitness bunny in those photos with those skinny legs and that tan!

  16. love the new header

  17. Anonymous8:54 PM

    New header is great! Big and bright! (you won't get into trouble with the Coca Cola company will you?) You look Pamela Anderson-ish in your header photo! WOMBAT

  18. ?? Have left a couple of comments lately (well so I thought) but they aren't on your blog??

  19. Anonymous12:12 AM

    Ring me before you take the laptop to anyone, it's prolly something I can talk you through over the phone. New header looks great, big props to the designer :)


  20. Chris, I did not recognise you. Yes, you rocked. But it's an unsustainable weight! I have photos of thin me too!

  21. Anonymous1:57 AM

    I like Mondays. Have the house to myself. Can lollygag in my jammies till 9 am - then get a shower and start my day by 10am. Today I am going to drop off Bob's perscription and get mine filled for my JUNK that I have to drink for my Colonoscopy Wed. Will start all that drinking tomorrow afternoon. I like your new and present photos. You have beautiful eyes!! ....debbie

  22. That old photo will certainly be inspiration but you have been doing really well on your own!

    I like the new header - it is eye-catching.

  23. I love the new header too, and the old picture of you.

    Chris, you are a beautiful woman at any size, just keep that in mind. Our weight does not define who we are.


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