Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My niece sent me these the other day:

ABOVE: if I wasn't such a NICE person, I could say that to quite a few people I have met and/or know!

ABOVE: and yep, I say that to myself most days I am trying to squeeze into me bra....

ABOVE: well... I just LIKED this one too! Can't think who I'd say it to!

HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY Christina (my niece in Australia), I hope you have a bloody neat day! There is a card on it's way! You just had to know that eh? lol

Today: yep, just another normal day here. No plans. Might go out to the shops.... or the library... just loved that book I read the other day by Tess Gerritsen, hoping to find more at the local library. I will have time to read it as I'm not sewing eh? Grrrrrrr.

ABOVE: I am still moving the furniture! Just can't get it right. Drives me batty.
Coco has been locked out... I am totally over her going straight into the lounge and squatting and doing a huge piddle on me carpet! It's like... she KNOWS where she should go by now! Grrrrrrr....

Yes, I'm crabby today... I just rang the sewing machine shop to find out what was happening. I was told the 'Boss Man' knew what the problem was with my machine and can fix it.... so sounds like they are NOT going to replace it. I give up! Hands in the air... meanwhile... I HAVE NO MACHINE. Really, what can I do? I keep asking them to replace it? They won't!

I've been out... I went to Citizen's Advice to ask what I can do about the Sewing Machine people not replacing that shit machine. I have to write them a letter detailing all the problems I've had with it, how often it's been back... yadda, yadda, and give them a time frame to replace or refund before I take the next step.

So that is what I have done... AGAIN I might add! Let's wait and see what happens now eh?

ABOVE: I agree Debbie! So here is the latest furniture shuffle! I know we have too much furniture in this room, but I refuse to sell off any more of my furniture! I NEED IT!

It's now lunchtime ... finding some food RIGHT NOW....

Had lunch, just bathed Coco... cos she smelt all 'doggy'.... and YES, I know she's a dog... but she doesn't have to smell like a wet one! Ikkk. It was a battle I might add.... and as for brushing her afterwards... FORGET it! She was having none of it! I have put her in the laundry to repent her sins for now. I need a rest!

End of Day: roast chicken for dinner... was yum too. Going to have a quiet evening I hope. Don't need ANYTHING else to happen to make me cross... I am cross enough THANK YOU VERY MUCH. (tell you why tomorrow, and yes, there is another reason besides the s/machine!) nite nite.


  1. And the good news is.......

  2. HILARIOUS!! I especially love the last one

  3. Too cute, I love those photos! Wishing you luck with the sewing machine.

  4. I feel a protest coming on RIGHT BLOGGERS unite and placards outside shop and TV.........

    LET us at them......

  5. Anonymous10:58 AM

    At least you'll get it back!!! Regarding your room. You've got 2 wonderful recliners where you can't see the TV...gotta change that right? I'd rather sit in a recliner any day rather than a couch. Perhaps you have too much setting. Get rid of a couch and see if that isn't any better. Like the striped pillows! pretty floors too! so nice and clean!! ...debbie

  6. Try buying a citronella spray for the rug. It is supposed to keep pets from certain areas. Ask at the vet.

    Good luck with the machine, mate.


  7. Re the sewing machine - quote the Consumer Guarantees Act plus threaten them with Disputes Tribunal & Fair Go if they don't replace it.

  8. Me hubs and I constantly battle over the arrangement of our furniture. As I write, he just shifted one of our sofa to an empty space I had created. Tonight when he's at work, I'm gonna shift the sofa back. hehe

  9. The sewing machine saga has been going on for far too long. I just don't understand why they don't replace it.

    I like the new arrangement for the room but I'm missing something. Where's the computer!!

  10. Hi Gal!
    I Love your beautiful room and I agree with you that you do need it all for times with your family get togethers. I hate having them all come home and then not having enough room to sit , or at least "cluster in groups" to talk and play catch-up.

    I could not help but notice what looked to me to be that white machine on the wall! Is that one of those air conditioners ??? I have seen something like that on television and did not know anybody to ask what they thought of them?

    You know, a couple of my furbabies do the same thing on the rug. I have almost come to believe that they see it as something related to grass? If I keep the rugs up -no mess -but IF I put the rugs down -big mess?? O well, sometimes life is just a "mess" and I would rather deal with that mess than some human messes.:)

    I am So sorry about your sewing machine! You have my utmost compassion! We both remember the horrible time I had with my machine being gone for 3 months at last Christmas! Plus, I was like you and what I wanted fixed did not get fixed and I am still having battles with it. What is wrong with these sewing machine people??????? If they can not fix things they should just tell us-instead of just lieing about it ? That really upsets me more than the machine giving me a fit. I hate to be lied to by a business person.

  11. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Coco probably keeps wizzing on the carpet because she can smell the old pee and thinks thats the place to do her bizz!

  12. you make me happy even when you are cross :)

  13. You sure are a busy little bee. Good luck with the sewing machine. I can't believe you are still dealing with it.

  14. What happened to the good news? Sorry to hear somethings come up to make you crossed. Hope that letter helps out.

    To answer your question DD is here till the end of August. Her hubby has to go back to work asap so he took off just enough time to get all the legal stuff sorted out and baby was good to go.

    Hopefully your Wednesday will be less stressful.


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