Monday, June 21, 2010


As you all know... we have two dogs... Teddy and Coco.

Coco is 3 months old and needs more food than Teddy... but their food bowl is in the laundry where Teddy can get Coco's food all the time too.

He is getting far too heavy.... how do I stop him eating the puppy's food? Yet still have the food out and available for Coco???
I think the answer is to have food for Coco in a different place from Teddy's?
Like.... put Teddy's food in the laundry in the morning... and shut the door so Coco can't eat it and feed her in the kitchen?
I will do that today and see how it goes.

The other thing I am obviously going to do today is drive over to Howick with that bloody sewing machine and see what they make of it. Hopefully they can fix it there and then.... or give me a loaner? I think something is wrong with the computer inside it... it goes backwards all on it's own!

I hope this does not turn into another saga/drama/never-ending-story! I could NOT stand that.

ONWARD.... and if you hear on the News that some random woman has been arrested for throwing her sewing machine through a shop's window in Howick...IT'S ME! Hmmm... better put me makeup on just in case eh? (wouldn't want a MUG SHOT of me not looking me best!) ha ha ha!

Update on Teddy's injury: it's certainly looking a bit better, and he's back to running around and playing with Coco, so he must be feeling better! Thank goodness!

I am happy to report that the machine is at the shop.... I didn't throw it through the window... BUT I did tell the lady that I wanted her to tell 'The Boss Man' that I want a NEW MACHINE.. cos I don't want this to become a never-ending-story AGAIN. I wait now to see what his come-back will be.

After that I felt like I needed me man's company, so we had lunch together at Sylvia Park and now.. I'm home and going to do the housework. Yaaaaa...let's all get excited about that eh?

End of Day: I got lots done this afternoon around the house... even moved some furniture! I kinda have a fetish about moving furniture! Sadly the size of this house seriously LIMITS my choices. *sigh*

Got some good news first thing this morning too... but I can't yak about it yet.... just wanted to record it here for posterity. nite nite.


  1. Idea: Put COCO alone in the locked laundry with the food, and then feed them BOTH together later. What do you think? Would that work?

    Hope your sewing machine saga ends soon!

  2. Chris, I think separating the dogs' food bowls is a good idea. Puppy food has so many calories for the growing pups, so that's why Teddy is gaining weight. Probably once Coco gets older and is eating regular dog food, she will put a stop to him eating her food?

    Sorry you're having problems with your sewing machine. That's exactly why I don't have one with a computer...I'd be so mad when it went haywire! I hope you get it fixed soon and can happily sew once again. Oh, and you really should give my wallet tute a's very easy and goes together in about an hour and a half. If you did have any problems all you'd need to do is e-mail me!

    Hope your day goes well!



  3. I've been away and just caught up reading about Teddy's wound...I hope it is healing. What an awful thing to have happen. Also hope the sewing machine gets sorted out quickly. I'll have to come back if I have a brainstorm about the dogs food.

  4. Sounds like you do have to separate the dogs' food. Does Teddy go for walks?

    Good luck with the machine!

  5. I had this problem once and it isn't easy, no matter what you do. The puppy got puppy food 4 times a day and the dog was fed dog food twice daily separately. Once the puppy got to be a year old, they've been fed the same food twice daily. The older dog, being the alpa dog, will still want to eat more and just nudge Bailey away from his food, so I stand between them. Glad to his his wound is healing and he's feeling better. It's so heartbreaking when they hurt.

  6. Hi Chris :)

    We got the same problem, so we feed puppy in laundry while our older girl we feed outside, only when both finished are they allowed back outside together.. stops any fighting or stealing food LOL

    But their water bowls they'll happily share thank goodness..

    Glad Teddy's wound is getting better, that's a huge relief for you.. now that blasted sewing machine.. :(


  7. hope u have some satisfaction with the sewing machine shop and it doesnt come to throwing it thru the window

  8. Anonymous2:08 PM

    I'll tell you this little story. I used to make my kiddos clothes all the time. Loved sewing and found it relaxing. Then one day my tensions got all screwed up and it wouldn't work. Bob's dad just happened to be visiting and he said he'd take it to the Singer store by his house. Two weeks later he came for another visit without my machine. I asked him about it and he told me it cost $25 whole dollars to fix it and he got mad and SOLD IT and left me with a piddly amount and NO sewing machine...and I still am with out one 35 years later...I was so mad.
    Bob pleeded with me not to be angry with him, he was just trying to I kept my mough shut...but alas...I still have no machine to make cute little dresses for my grand girls....debbie

  9. I can't believe that sewing machine crapped out AGAIN!!.

    I cannot see they have any excuse not to provide you with a replacement this time because it has never really been reliable.

  10. Well, Hello My pretty!

    Sewing machine troubles AGAIN! You know how much I LOVE sewing machine troubles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Seems like you get lied to a lot when it comes to those dumb things.

    I am so glad that Teddy is making good progress-that was a scary thing to happen . It makes me mad every time I think of it! Plus, it will make him so fearful of getting any kind of a cut now - so it makes it harder for him and a new groomer. I bet you could do just as good a job with your scissors and Teddy would be safer.

  11. Stupid machine! Nothing worse is there? Good luck, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya!

    Yes, check out Millers! Great clothing!

  12. Hope you so get a new machine and find a way to feed your dogs!

  13. Hope you told "boss man" you have 182 followers following your sewing machine saga.

  14. Hmmmmm puppy food and dog food, yep just like children THEY have more than me SHE has the best etc etc... BEST of LUCK with that.

  15. OMG I would have taken a sledge hammer to that sewing machine by now. The thing with electronics if they don't work properly from the start they never will. Good luck getting a new one. Glad to hear Teddy is on the mend.

  16. Poor little Teddy.. I'm glad he's healing well though!
    Wow, that sucks about your sewing machine too... yes, I hope you get a replacement!

    Try to jave a happy Tuesday!

  17. Anonymous7:28 AM

    The fact is that a lot of animals will only eat when they are hungry if you leave their food out and then others will keep eating. CoCo is old enough to where she does not need to have food out at all times. I would feed them twice a day and place their bowls across the room from one another. We had a golden retriever that had a severe thyroid problem and we had to measure her food. Poor thing would eat it all in seconds and then drink water, lick her bowl, drink more water and lick her bowl until we took it away. Our other dog we had at that time was one of those that only ate when she was hungry.


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