Friday, June 11, 2010


Today will go something like this:

- Get up, dressed, feed kids, make lunches, do some housework
- Kids to school
- Me to Dr's at 9am
- Help at Hospice Shop until 2pm
- Home in time for kids after school
- Take Brylee to Orthodontist appointment
- Prepare dinner

Now, doesn't that all sound like fun?

At least I won't get bored! And now that we have Coco, Teddy won't be lonely all day without me.
ABOVE: a happy picture of the two of them on the couch.. no idea why Coco was on the footstool... I'd put it up there so I could clean the floor.

ONWARD.... I HAD FUN! I worked non stop. it's a busy wee shop and I loved it. The ladies there are lovely too... even the 'Battle-axe Joy' !

Joy is probably in her 70's or even 80's and is rather crabby! But everyone loves her... I am going to do 'on call' until they find a permanent day (s) for me. Yaaaaa.

ABOVE: Well.. it IS a shop eh? I had to buy SOMETHING! So I did! Jam, books, slippers and a top.

End of Day: and I am so tired ! LOL... not used to standing on me feet for nearly 5 hours! But I'm happy... it was a neat day. Stew is out getting takeaways for dinner... and I will end the day with a wee tipple of me Totara Cafe I do believe! *smiles* nite nite.


  1. Enjoy the hospice shop :-)

  2. Anonymous9:18 AM

    That is so adorable. Thanks for sharing. God Bless you and your busy days.

  3. Enjoy your busy day the best you can. Stormy rain, winds and generally yucky weather here.

    Another thought about Griffin. Has anyone told you that it helps to improve his motor skills and physical balance. Don't know where you'd fine the time but maybe a gym/sports or dancing class would be helpful ... I can't remember whether he is already into something. These kids work 10 times harder than other kids so with the right approach he will do well.

  4. someday your going to shock us and take a day off.

  5. animals are funny you move thigns and they so want to be on there!! Your day sounded as inspiring as mine (roll on RUGBY saturday please DONT RAIN!!!! (insert tui Ad here!)

  6. Your two pups are so cute, and I love the sweater/shirt!!

  7. You're awesome, Chris! The top is going to look great on you.

  8. Like the look of that top - you'll need to post a pic to show what it looks like on. Zxxx

  9. surprised u bought at the hospice ehhe remember p/n hospice u were just about there best customer heehe. I use to knit slippers like those for the kids as birthday presents bought back memories

  10. Aww Coco looks like she's trying to be as "big" as Teddy.

    Glad you had a nice time at the shop. Have a great weekend :)

  11. Sounds like you had a good, busy day! Those are the best kind. Enjoy your slippers, jam, and books all while wearing your new top!

  12. The top is awesome! I also love Patricia Cornwell...tell me how that one is.

  13. Anonymous5:21 PM

    HOLY CRAP!!!! How did Coco get that big already?!?!?


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