Thursday, May 21, 2009


This incredibly grumpy, knee jerking bitch is BACK...

NOT that I was gone for long of course.... but it was close people... very close.

Today I am going to go out and celebrate my grumpiness by getting me a t-shirt with the words "WARNING.... GRUMPY TART" on it!

So there!

Do you realise that I 'threaten' to delet my blog on a fairly regular basis for various reasons? I am so fickle! Maybe I need a t-shirt that says that too! Ahhhh I'm such a tart.

Luckily it would appear quite a few of you seem to like me... that's nice.
so.... leave me a comment now and then.... this bloody blog is HARD WORK... you have no idea!

It would be nice to actually hear from a few more of you lurkers!

I didn't go to weigh in last night, I was too BUSY deleting things... then re-instating them....

Right, I'm outta here... got t-shirts to get...

BONUS: I have a perfectly lovely birthday present waiting for the next person who is in me line up ! *smiles*

Stew seems to have had a moment of total madness too! Last night he asked me to look at this:

And he wanted me to go have a look at one! Me! Drive a FORD??? The man is mad.... but just to PLEASE MY MAN, I will go and (ikkkk) look at one today. *sigh* The things I have to do.

I am so, so sorry all you FORD lovers out there, but I did not like the Ford Territory.. not at all. And it has nothing (really) to do with it being a FORD either... it just didn't impress me like the Toyota Highlander that I have set my heart on.

After looking at that car I went over to Manukau Mall and got me this:

It's a warm, black, zip fronted sweat shirt.. cos it's cold eh? I just love it! Notice "DIET COKE ROCKS" across the top of the hood? hee hee he.

And I got my 'LOGO' on the front too. NICE.

And to make the day even better, my darling husband rang me up and told me I could go order my NEW SEWING MACHINE... so I did! It should be here in a week or two.

AND... When I got home the postie had been and.....

The material from Australia FINALLY arrived! I am over the moon. Margret was not joking when she said it could take up to 3 weeks to arrive! I had almost given up hope of it arriving! WOOOOOOO HOOOOO!

TODAY TOTALLY ROCKS. And thanks a million to all the girls who have 'de-lurked' in the past day.. it's LOVELY to meet you! *smiles*

End of Day: and hasn't it been a friggin GOOD Day? I reckon. nite nite.


  1. Welcome back!

    I'm a lurker and am glad to see your tart, grumpy-go-lucky bloggin' back in swing. I've always loved the title of your blog. Your t-shirts sound hysterical.

  2. I just love you. you make me smile. I"m so glad you're staying. I would have been very sad to see you go. You saved me a very expensive plane ticket, because I would have flown to NZ to talk you into putting your blog back up.

    Now about the Fords. I love cute little red mustang. Don't be hatin'..haha

  3. I am going to make it my mission to find just the right t-shirt for you........I have SO MANY ideas:)

  4. ohhhhhh chris it was my birthday yesterday IS IT BY CHANCE a present suitable for a woman? I put me hand up first!!!!! BTW I turned 41.

  5. I am glad you did not stay away.

    Make sure you wear a Holden top when you go & test drive the Ford:-)

  6. I have just read the last post properly, if Russell will not tell you what has upset him then there is nothing y ou can do about it, he is the one losing out. Hopefully one day he will at least talk to you about it so you know.

    From what you have revealed in your blog, you have only ever done what is best for your kids, one day he will grow up & appreciate that.

  7. Anonymous9:37 AM

    I'm a lurker, just saying 'Hi' :) Keep up the blogging, I think its good for your soul! lol

  8. The T shirt is a great idea!!!!! LOL....will warn those that don't know ya!!!!!! But you better have on the other side..."but I'm soft underneath" LOL. Thats cause you are really one very caring person. Hugs to you :)
    No No No........don't get a'll go broke cause it will always be in the garage getting fixed!!!!!! Have you ever had a Ford????? Believe me you don't want one unless you have been one of the very few that haven't had problems. Still I realise you do have to humour the man of the house !!! :)

  9. At least you have your priorities right... who the hell would want to drive a ford!!!
    Glad you're back blogging, would have missed ya if ya stopped!!

  10. Flower10:24 AM

    AARRRGHHH I miss one morning and look what happens!! Yes terrible lurker here.... I LOVE your blog. You are a brilliant tart!! I can't even comprehend how much work goes into keeping us in internet land coming back. Glad you are not stopping. I will try commenting. I'm just shy ;)

  11. Anonymous10:33 AM

    OK... it's me again - Lurx. (Did I spell it like that last time?? - haha can't remember!?)

    Anyway, yes I do know how hard it is to keep up a blog as I am an ex-blogger myself and did one almost daily for four years.

    Then I quit.

    I miss it terribly, but there were good reasons that I had to stop. (Mainly mad cow stalker reasons)

    Now of course, you too could think that I am a mad cow stalker as I read your blog but don't normally say anything... :O) hahaha.

    Anyway, I am going to go back into hiding again, but it's nothing personal. I do think you're great and one of the most honest bloggers 'out there'

    However... before I go, I should tell you that I recently visited my doctor to tell him that I think I might be going deaf!

    He asked me what the symptoms were and I told him that they are a yellow cartoon family from Springfield!

    Keep it up Chris!!! Lx

  12. Hey Chris... my google reader only shows the first time you hit oublish for any particular post (not updates on those posts throughout the day), so I always just hear about what you have planned for the day and usually forget to go back and check what happened for the rest of the day!

    Sorry blogging is getting you down... you know you've got hundreds of people reading your adventures!

    Stef (hubby) works at ford and when Felix was first born, we had a territory - I loved it. It was too expensive for us to keep if I wasn't forking so I downgraded to a $5000 holden stationwagon :( I really did love the territory. A big car that still drove like a sedan. Don't right it off before you try it!

    Kate :P

  13. Anonymous11:08 AM


    What is wrong with a FORD???, I like ford.

    As to your previous post about your son - that is his issue - not yours.

    I bought a TShirt when I was in Bali that says "suck it up princess" I wear that when I have the grumps on


  14. Hahaha the man has good tastes, being a FORD fan here :-)

  15. Wow I was 3 posts behind. Sorry your son is being a PITA. I think we kids all do that at some time or another.

  16. I need a grumpy tart t-shirt, too!!!!!

  17. I don't check up on you for a few days and I miss all the drama... Don't go. I drive a Territory, you'll love it Chris.

  18. Love you Chris

  19. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Guilty of lurking - love hearing about your day and so jealous of your patchworking - love it


  20. Long time lurker. You're like my morning coffee... I can't start my day without reading your blog! It's great living in Oz cos you've always posted by the time I wake up! So glad you're not leaving us. Love your patchwork, you inspired me to try and I'm halfway through a cathedral window cushion. I love it. Oh, and You should sell those sweat shirts, they rock!! Keep on doin' whatcha doin' Chris! x

  21. You lucky grumpy tart! What's Stew happy about haha. Enjoy! I loves ya.

  22. Katrina3:47 PM

    Hi Chris,
    I am soo happy that you have decided to keep your blog =) Yesterday when I saw that you were going to end it I was dissapointed, because I find reading your blog each day really interesting. I was going to email you about your private blog, but then I thought since I don't comment that much that you prob wouldn't be able to accept me anyway, and so I had decided that my day wouldn't be as good anymore.
    Anyway, keep it up - as you can see lots of us really enjoy reading it.
    Canberra, Australia

  23. Just wanted to say "Hi Chris!" Love your blog and you are right it is time for us "lurkers" to come out of the woodwork and show some support and appreciation. Glad you have decided to keep blogging and that you are having such a great day. LOVE the sweatshirt!

  24. Hi Chiris i am so glad you didn't delete. i am such a bad blogging friend and never leave messages but I read your blog everyday no matter what, I love it .

    i have to tell you I have a terrtory and my hubby is big holden lover actually cops lots of shit for having a ford , I looooooooove my terrtory it is the best, love driving it and would love a brand new one and even my holden obsessed hubby loves it too. amazing. anyway so glad you are still around. I promise to try and comment more often.

    You rock , Oh love the hoodie by the way Jillxxx

  25. leanne5:34 PM

    Glad you are still here and love the sweatshirt
    take care

  26. hey sweetie

    just wanted to let you know that we were looking at buying the territory also until BJ read an article in the paper about there being really bad rust problems with them. Some have been recalled back to dealers and they have had to give the buyer a brand new one.

    Just wanted to give you a heads up!!

    Am very glad that you stopped the silly talk of dissapearing in the the blog hole. YOU ROCK and dont you ever forget it!!!


  27. My names Lauren and I'm a long time lurker, very rare commenter

    But so glad you aren't deleted your blog, I would be lost without my daily read of your amazing life

    Keep smiling, if nothing else, its free
    Take Care

  28. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Love the hoodie, and the colour of the material you have just got in the mail.
    Hope all is well. Its freezing down her in Wellington.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.


  29. I just love the top. I wonder if people will stop you in the streets and say "hello", how funny would that be! Thanks for not giving up blogging....I just love your blog! How many people have you estimated read your blog?? Krissy - from Singapore

  30. divine miss chris just love the hoodie tis u to a T lol and yeah it rocks
    glad you got the nod for the new machine too ")

  31. Hey Chris!
    You rock and you should never ever delte your blog because I (and a lot of other people) just love it! I can not imagine why your son doesn't wynt to talk to you because through everything you have written in your blog I believe you are a great mother. Luckily you have such a wonderful husband who made you change your mind! Thanks Stew! Chris, you should keep doing what makes you happy and don't worry about people who want to hurt you! It's not worth it! I almost forgot - I just love your new T-shirt! It was a great idea! I will have to get something like that!

  32. hey
    just thought i better day hello, I have been reading regularly but not commenting! maybe i should actually update my blog one day
    have a great day!


  33. Love the sweat shirt, now when do we pictures of you wearing it....

  34. wow! I'm the 32nd comment! Sorry I don't comment as much as I should. But you know I love you! (you know that don't you?!?!?!)

    I LOVE LOVE your new top. But I must admit.... I thought it said "Warning - grumpy Fart"

    Keep on bloggin' hon. If you need a break - do it. But I hope you never give it up. You are the BEST writer. You put a love of soul into your posts. All the colours. All the events. All the photos. You are special.

  35. love the jacket thats too awesome~ Hugs grumpy tart LOL

  36. I love how the hoodie came out! Awesome!

    Hey - what's wrong with Fords? I love my 2008 Expedition!

  37. ((hug))

    I am glad you will stay bloggin'.

  38. LOL Love the jumper!!! Grumpy Tart!! LOL!!!

  39. OMG that sweat shirt is awesome..I love whats the go with your can be such buggers cant they...but we love them all the same...I have a bit of a love hate relationship with my 17 year old...aghhh...boyyss....always found them harder than my 2 girls ever have been...hugs Khris


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