Sunday, May 24, 2009


Last night I went through the kids clothes... taking out anything that was too small or too old or had holes in it.... as you do when the seasons change and you have to spend hundreds of dollars on new clothes for da kids.

AND I am horrified to discover that we must have a PHANTOM UNDIE EATER in our midst, cos Griffin used to have at least 14 pair of undies... and last night I counted 5 pair, and that included what he had on.... HMMMMM..... where could they be???

After turning the house upside down I have come to the conclusion SOMEONE is throwing them out.... now who could that be? (has to be Griffin!) And why? Some serious thinking to be done on this one.

Today I have to get the house sorted as Steve and Mike are coming up from Palmerston North tomorrow for a 5 day visit... I can hardly wait! I have missed them so much. I am planning a family Get Together for Thursday night, hopefully all 3 girls (and their little families) are going to come for dinner. How neat, most of the family together!

We are also going over to Milford to get some more of those gorgeous gourmet sausages....

That's about 'it' for now......

Four hours shopping.. we only needed undies for the boy... I was thinking we would spend about $50-60... HA! Undies for him (9), undies, matching crop tops and long black socks for her and socks for the man... nearly $300 later we leave the shop! Pffffft.
Stew wanted some more weights too, but on seeing the prices I've decided to look on TradeMe!

I had hoped to go to the garden centre too for some winter vege plants, but it's raining now so I can't be arsed. I'm cold and GRUMPY... funny that.

Going to set to and read a few bloggitty blogs now...

End of Day: and I'm totally knackered! All that shopping has done me in... it's all good exercise though. Food intake has been shocking though...bugger. Going to bed shortly, where I expect to get stuff all sleep thanks to the hot flushes. Last night I woke up from a nightmare where the whole world was exploding into flames.... but it was only me burning up! Derrrr. nite nite.


  1. Could they be winding up in Stew's drawer by mistake? Go check.

  2. he is a boy and if i had to bet i'd say hes not wiping his bum well and getting skids that he is embarrassed by and tossing his drawers... if he was older i would say it was the lovely nocternal emissions...ode to young boys they are wonderful!

  3. Delurking just to say 'hello'. I will look out for you in Milford. We live nearby. Love that Farmers Market in the mall and am off there shortly too.

  4. Hmmmm, how old is Griffen? IS young enough to still be having accidents? I remember my brother doing that when he was little.

    I was just thinking today that I need to do a serious purging of all of our clothing. We'll have a bunch to give to the clothing drive this year. Thanks for the motivation!

  5. Maybe Teddy is pinching them - the undies that is?

    Enjoy your family times this coming week:-)

  6. hmm, good luck on the phantom undie caper - I have a daughter, so never been through that with her, but I have to agree with Peach on the possibilites!

  7. Very cold here to today....

  8. Mrs C., you are too hilarious! Haha!

    Oh my gosh, I just read Laura Peach. Hers made me laugh too. Hee hee....

    Okay have you checked your monster eater washer? You just never know! I just read about this lady who was losing the pads from inside her bras in the filter somewhere. LOL. Okay, but you would probably know if that were the case.

    Hey, at least you CAN be grumpy on your blog. I have these two mean girls that go on my blog just to say mean stuff about me and then leave. They are my two tormenters.

  9. Oh my goodness. I can't believe you spent that much!
    One of my kids gets embarrased if they have skid tracks in their undies and they hide them. Maybe that's happening in your house too?

  10. I laughed at the phantom undie eater comment, by dog really does eat undies! Then poos them out in the backyard.

  11. Isn't it amazing how a cheap shopping trip ends up costing a fortune. That usually happens if I take any of my kids.


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