Thursday, May 28, 2009


Stew has taken the day off.... and we are taking the boys to the Sky Tower.... FUN! It is going to be a lovely day ... Stew can spend some time with his boys.....

Then tonight we are having a Family Get Together... and all our kids who can/want to be here are going to be! That means 5 out of 6.... it's going to be lovely! In all I'm expecting 10 adults and 5 kids. FUN.

OH and I'm so sorry, but blog reading and commenting just hasn't been on the AGENDA the last few days..... I will do my best to catch up soon. But spending time with me boys is my top priority right now... and getting some sleep!

ABOVE: Taken late last night when the boys roared into our street and woke everyone up in their racy cars. Mike just bought the one on the right, a Subaru WRX (Steve's is a Nissan Skyline). Mike's rather wrapt with his new car! Must say I think it's rather neat too.... though Stew and I do worry about him behind the wheel of such a racy car. The life of a parent is not easy!

REMIFEMIN: Lots of you have recommended I try it.. but my Doctor has said I must wait until he has heard back from the Heamatology Department .... because of the risks of blood clots , and with my history of bleeding etc I have to be careful. *sigh* so it's just a waiting game right now darn it.

ABOVE: Steve, Stew and Mike, up in the Sky Tower.
Today's weather was awesome, we had an amazing view of Auckland from the Sky Tower... and I forgot my camera! Well not really... I ASKED one of the boys to pick it up off the bench but he forgot... so I had to make do with me phone.

After taking in the view, we had a look around Queen Street then came home to start preparing dinner for the family's visit.

Stew is mowing the lawns cos he won't get a chance to this coming weekend as we are heading up to the beach. I love the smell of a freshly mown lawn..... mmmmmm.

End of Day: Dinner with the family was fantastic.... we all had a lovely time.. it was just so nice to see most of the kids together again. (photos tomorrow) nite nite.


  1. Number 58:59 AM

    Mikes car may be sexy, but my skyline is still the hottest car around and u know it woman!

    Number 5

  2. No Number 5, My Celica is the hottest car around. Get your facts straight! lol

    Don't apoligise for not blogging so much Chris. Gee, you have a life too :o)

  3. Right now Chris I feel like that orangatan...
    that Sky Tower is beautiful! do they have restaurants and stuff to do in there or what?
    Hope you had a great time with the family.

  4. Boys and their toys, eh?

    I counted 6 in that picture ... is that all of them or is there an add-on? Hopefully we will get a shot of all of you together.

    The whole bleeding thing is a pain but it's also why you have to be careful with "natural" remedies. Would hate to see you cark it!

    Have a fab day, matey.

  5. I can remember when that photo was taken.

    Have a great family night. Hope you have heaps of laughs.

  6. Have a great time with the family. Hope it's special :)
    Also have a great weekend at the beach.
    Our lawns are done too :)

  7. Glad you enjoyed your night. As we all know: family is the most important thing...

  8. I am very happy that you had a lovely night with your family - at the end of the day, that is all that matters in life :)

  9. I just love reading about your life! You just sound like you have so much energy and fun. :]

  10. wow, that skytower looks outstanding..

    i'd love to see that.

  11. Love the cars...and love that have been able to spend time with the fam...don't worry about commenting and visiting...I haven't either and I miss everybody but there has to be priorities sometimes....and limitations. You take care and I LOVE the my bad pic....

  12. So great to have most of your kids all in one place!


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