Monday, May 18, 2009


I saw this furniture on a tv programme and thought 'GORGEOUS'... and I am already planning on making a duvet cover for my bed like that. AND maybe a cover for the couch in the Family Room too.... BLUE, NAUTICAL... right up my alley!

But of course I have to finish the Star Quilt and the Frangipani Project FIRST..... and talking of the Frangipani Project.... this is where I'm at:

I can't do any more now till I get some more material.... either some that's coming from Aussy or something I get here....

Today: kids to school then the big 'Clean up' after the weekend... Griffin spilt chocolate milk all over the floor last night... so that's kinda high on the 'to do' list.....

Here's a story for Virginia:

Years ago I used to always be looking after my girlfriend's kids... you know... so they could go do the grocery shopping, take a break.. whatever. I didn't mind. That's what girlfriends do eh?

Then one day Stew got really sick, he had Rhuematic Fever and had to be admitted to hospital, where he stayed for a month, then he was home for a further 2 months getting better.

While Stew was in hospital I had to manage on my own with the 6 kids, aged 10 months to 10 years... to complicate matters Mike was a sick baby and had to go to a different hospital on the SAME DAY that Stew was admitted to the Public Hospital. Fun!

Anyway, I asked a few of my girlfriends if they could watch MY KIDS in the evening so I could go and visit Stew in the hospital and get a break... and not one of them would! Suddenly they all had other things to do, they couldn't possibly manage to come over and babysit. One girls' husband even had the audacity to say "You are the stupid woman who had 6 kids, you look after them"!

Suffice to say those 'girlfreinds' never heard from me again...and funnily enough none of them ever asked me to babysit their kids again either!

They say some things 'shape who you are'... well that experience has shaped me for sure. I never offer to have other people's kids over here.. I am never getting taken advantage of again. I have learnt that lesson well.


300,000 hits since I put that counter on me blog... that's quite neat!

I'm feeling blah today... can't be bothered doing anything really... maybe it's winter, maybe it's boredom, maybe it's loneliness.... or a combo of them all. Whatever, I'm just blah. I don't even feel like blogging... maybe I will stop for a while? I am thinking about it... I feel like I have nothing to say anymore. edit: oh ignore me, I'm just having a grumpy, woe is me moment....

End of Day: another day bites the dust... nite nite.


  1. That is a pretty pattern!

    The nautical theme would go well in that room, too, Chris. :]

  2. That used to happen to me all the time when my kids were little. I always offered to take everyone elses kids, but for a different reason. I lived next door to a bunch of single mommies (I was single too), but they would pick up different men, every night, at bars and bring them home. So, I offered to sit for those kids so that they didn't have to see their mamma's being ho's.

    Needless to say, they never sat for me, nor would I want them too.

  3. Chris that is terrible. There are some real Christian people in this world that would've helped you babysit and bring you meals and give you love when you needed it. I am sorry it didn't happen then. I'm not wishing you any trouble but hopefully if you have some bad times ahead things will be different.

    You are quite the fabric artist! You have found your medium.

  4. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Oh boy. I so understand your story! Once I had a friend call up to ask me how we were doing. We had all been sick and our son was desperately so. My husband and I were having to take turns sleeping with him so that we could monitor his breathing. We also had the alarm set for every two hours to make sure his breathing treatments were still in effect. He had to have the treatments every 3-4 hours. We were exhausted. This gal called and wanted to know if any of our other friends were doing anything to help us and then proceeded to bash on them... and after all that she didn't even offer to help. I was, as you like to say, gobsmacked! I'm not friends with her anymore. Not because she didn't help but because she was just a nasty negative person.

  5. Love the nautical couch!! Just keep on posting your "art work" if you don't feel like adding words, dont! I love your patchworking & the idea's you put up here - like the nautical are fab (esp for those non creatives out here AKA ME!)

  6. I love the opal type material you have in there now. I am amazed you aren't going to take on making the couch :P

    I have had similar "friends" in the past

  7. I'm sorry about your "friends". That's a crappy thing to do to you.

  8. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Chris, I am sorry the material hasn't arrived, It's ridiculous, I have had items sent from China that arrive within 3 days.

    Aussie Post is not what it is.

    Feel bad because the delay is holding up your work.

    Magpie (Maggie)

  9. No one ever offered to look my kids not even the grandparents, we hardly ever had a night out unless a. we could take the kids or b. afford a babysitter, but I always had other peoples kids sucks ah, I used to get people ringing me up to ask where they could get their tv/video fixed I used to think I must look like the yellow pages or was it just that I didnt work so had plenty of time!!
    Loving the patchworking :)

  10. Well, trying times weed out the real friends-hey!'re hit in blogger land! And of course, a blogger with superb taste-in pizza! hehehe!

    love ya' girlie! stay strong-and keep doin' what makes you happy! good on ya'!

  11. i love the furniture! i would go so well in our cottage. wanna make covers for me? :-)

  12. Congrats on 300,000 visitors! You are SOOOOO popular!

  13. Anonymous5:26 AM

    I have those days where I don't know if I want to blog anymore too.

    300,000 hits. WOW. How long have you had this blog? I just went to see what I have... 24,887 and I've had it just over a year. I don't really pay attention to my numbers anymore though. There was a time when I looked at all that stuff several times a day... now maybe twice a month. It was making me crazy. LOL! As long as someone is still commenting, I guess I'll keep writing.

    Hang in there chick!

  14. What??? NO ONE could help you when you needed it, after all that? And the comment?

    Chris, I'm so sorry! Especially since now *I'm* the one with six kids and could need that grace someday just like you did. Please tell me you've found better friends since then. My word.


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