Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Ummm... no I don't!

I do 90% of the housework... and let's get real... I DON'T WEAR HIS SHIRTS DO I?

Well, that's my justification for making him do the ironing... and come on... he can watch the rugby while he does it! What more could he ask for?

I've got Patchwork Class today... I am going to try and actually do something on the Frangipani Project... the material I am waiting for from Australia hasn't arrived yet.... I hope it does soon! I really want to use some of it on this project.

The kids have swimming again this afternoon..... I must remember to take them early so Griffin can get nice and tired.

That's 'it' for now...

ABOVE: dinner I suppose! And lunch tomorrow.... edit... I really liked this 'view' of the chooks.... kinky. AND they were in the microwave to defrost.. now they are in the slow cooker with some veges.... YUM YUM.


Well.. it's been a busy day... I had a lovely morning at class... did some more work on the pattern for the Frangipani Project... then I shot off to school to pick up Brylee and take her to the Doctors.

As I knew, she has a urinary tract infection... I expected to be in there for 10 minutes max.... but we saw the practise nurse... and she took 45 minutes to make up her mind what was wrong and give us a prescription! And I'd already told her exactly what was wrong.... but no one EVER believes a mother knows what's wrong eh?


Almost time to get the kids ready for swimming... what fun... *sigh*


End of Day: swimming went really well... the instructor wants to put Brylee up into the next class. That's neat. Griffin was pissed. Too bad.

Dinner was YUM. I am tired. I seem to have been on the go all day. Time to relax and watch Coronation Street! nite nite.


  1. Nothing gets me more excited than seeing a man bent over a sink full of dirty dishes or an ironing board!!!...good work:)

  2. my wife would never let me NEAR the damn ironing board... i could set the house on fire!

  3. Jim can iron better than me!!!!!
    Trust you to have those chicken bums facing out!!!!!!
    Have fun at patchwork :)

  4. There was a quick double take there after your comment about the kids swimming and then that photo ... the brain is a bit slow today but it made for a giggle!! Why do you have two raw chooks in your microwave? Do you nuke them?

    Looking forward to the next frangipani work in progress pics!

    My bloke does the ironing ... reckons he does a better job than I do and who am I to argue!?

  5. I love a man who does housework. ANY housework.

    How do you cook your chicken? I never buy whole chickens because I have NO idea how to cook them.

  6. I don't know how you did it but that butt shot of the chickies really got me. My man irons better that I do he learned in the army.

  7. Anonymous3:36 PM

    I'm sure a new Lorraine Lea Linen ironing board cover will make his ironing an easier task. hehehe nice to see a man hard at work


  8. I dunno why but the chickens crack me up! Good luck at swimming.

    I too hate ironing. I try and buy and wear clothes that don't need it.

  9. Haha know that feeling about never believing a mother.

  10. I mostly buy knit cotton so I don't have to iron much! I need to get a full size ironing board again but I don't have anywhere to store it. I usually end up ironing on the counter lol.

  11. its fixed! Comment away!

    Hope the kids had fun at the pool

  12. Gee you're a character - I chortled out loud at the picture of the chooks! Z xx

  13. I don't iron, my hubby does it all. He is so good at it. Hope the chicken was yum!!!! Kelly

  14. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Why not - I stopped doing DH ironing 5 years ago? I do everything else as well. Well... I am getting him to clean the bathroom these days as well

    I think they all should know how to iron, cook, clean


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  16. That's what I like to see, a man doing the ironing !! Jay has been known to iron as well ... comes from his days in the Marine Corp :-)

    LOL...kinky chickens indeed :-)

  17. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the man doing the ironing. Truth be told, my husband irons better than I do!

  18. My husband LOVES to iron. Go figure! LOL

    That shot of the chicken butts cracked me up! hee hee

  19. Those chicken fannies look like me if I was kneeling over naked....how funny they were....my hubby will iron sometimes...not always because I feel guilty...you have a good man my friend...

    those chickies...too funny... hahahaha

  20. Hi Chris, I have a slow cooker but never thought to cook a whole chicken in there - maybe you can do a post on how to do it for us Gen Y's :) x


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