Saturday, May 30, 2009


There was no way Mike could get Insurance for his car... so I am now the LEGAL OWNER of the car, and he's the 'Designated Driver'.... how cool! I own a Subaru WRX.... it's so pretty!

ABOVE: the car alarm bloke fitting my car with it's Alarm System... so no bugger can nick me car! Nice one. LOL

We are off to Whitianga for a relaxing few days shortly... just have to pack the car, feed the kids and go. Hopefully the traffic isn't too heavy... but as it's a long weekend it probably will be.

I will pop back in to update at the end of the day from the Internet Cafe' in Whitianga.


Well... the trip up was great... no major traffic jams like I was expecting. Sweet.

Once here we unpacked then went into 'town' for some lunch, picked up our Grandson Joshua who we have for the entire weekend.. and now I'm down at the Internet Cafe and Stew and the kids are at home. BLISS.

I'm gunna buy some Bacardi and have a quiet drinkie tonight too.

Here's some photos from today:

ABOVE: 40 minutes from Whitianga, we stopped for Teddy to have 'tinkles' and for the kids to stretch their legs.... this is Tairua Harbour... such a pretty place.

And I am proud to introduce our Grandson Joshua, who lives in Whitianga with his Mum, Step-Dad Shane and his 3 little brothers:

He is a delightful little boy, who just turned 8! We love him to bits. (photos published with the permission of his Mum and Step-Dad) As you can all see, another stunning family member! LOL.. I'm NOT biased you understand! *smiles*

Granddad had to go down and buy a small screwdriver set so he could get these cars out of their packaging! Josh loved them, and the big book from Grandma and Granddad for his birthday.

End of Day: after this I am popping into the supermarket, there's a local blogger who is working there tonight and I'm gunna go surprise her! heee heee. nite nite.


  1. I wonder if we'll recognise each other.

    I'll be working at New World 4-8 pm today & tomorrow packing at check-out. I'm not too hard to miss because I'm the oldest and wrinkliest one there .... probably the fattest by a long chalk too. If you do come in say Hi!

    So far the weather is great so enjoy everything.

    I love your Big-Hearted approach to life. No wonder the boys gave you a hard time driving around Auckland.... I think they think you are pretty wonderful.

  2. Anonymous10:42 AM

    You lucky duck! And I lurve the family pics too! So gorgeous!

  3. Nice to see you got to visit with most of your family.
    Baby Rena is sure cute. I love that age.
    I want that sapphire ring ya pictures below!!!! I wanted one so bad at xmas that I saw in St. Croix but I couldn't afford the $750 price tag. Wish now I would have got it as it was at least 1/2 off. blah.

  4. the stering wheel is on the wrong side LOL... awesome car congratulations! have fun at the beach!

  5. Gorgeous pics! Keep in mind to have a quiet drinky for moi, too. :)

  6. He is a very handsome boy!! I take it it is MargieAnne you are going to visit? OMG....I wish I could be there!!!
    I would love to just rock up at YOUR door one day and when you opened it say, "Suprise ya great tart!!!" lol

  7. You sneaky lady. It was so cool meeting you. Sorry I was kind of busy and not really looking at people as they came through check-out.

    Thanks for popping in ... I wondered for a moment what on earth you were talking about when you said Diet Coke Rocks. Then you could have knocked me down with a feather I was so surprised and delighted to see you .... and Stew ... I guess he was the man with you!

    It's really fun meeting someone in the flesh when you've been getting to know them through their writing & photos.

    See you tomorrow.

  8. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Hi mum its Lacy, i just wanted you to now that I had an awaum time the other night, I have missed sein all of you so much, I dont wana sound to sappy but i am really happy to have do you put it, such nutty, happy, hard nut,but down to earth parents, and thats why all us kids love you and dad so much.
    Love ya mum n dad xoxoxoxox


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