Monday, May 04, 2009


Would you spend hours cutting out material on the bias, then sewing it all together then spend hours more trying to sew it on your bloody seahorse, around all those twists and turns??? Well Would Ya?

I'M NOT! Stuff that. I am going to do a wide, tight zig zag instead, in black of course... I am sure it will look just fine. I hope my tutor does not spit the dummy at me! But really, why go to all that trouble when a zig zag will do the job?

So, that's what I am going to be doing today, once I have the kids to school and some housework done.
Should be fun.
Should keep me out of the kitchen/fridge/pantry.
So there.

When I need a break I will pop back here and check on a few blogs ....

ABOVE: I have changed the Whiteboard 'Wish List'... see Stew! I am even being realistic... my Birthday isn't till October! *smiles*

Vacuming is all done, house is spic and span.. time to go sew....

FUCK I hate pins...

Now me seahorse project has BLOODY RED in it.... dammit!
And YOU can stop laughing too!

The finger is better... THANKS!
Meatloaf is in the oven.
Seahorse project is coming along nicely too... I do believe I will finish all the zig-zagging tonight... then I can take it to class tomorrow ALMOST finished!

End of Day: and I have got all the zig-zagging finished! Will show ya tomorrow.... I've had a very good day. On Track, happy and productive. Tidy house, tidy mind. lol

nite nite.


  1. cant wait to see the zig and zag!

  2. You are such a zig zagger you!!! Have a good day and I will be back to see photos of the finished product:)

  3. What a neat sewing maching. I can sew but nothing like you. :) I can only do some basic stuff.

  4. Ouch!

    I love your wishlist board idea! I need to get one for DH and I. LUV IT.

  5. Ouchies on your finger!

    The seahorse looks good though.

  6. Not laughing. That looks rooly sore! :(

  7. Oh, it's just a little pin prick...nothing to worry about...ooh, look at that big drop of much blood...oh, I feel faint....

    lol. Yes, I hate sewing for that very reason! better look out for that thimble! lol

  8. Yeah, I was having some "technical difficulties" with my blog, but all is good now.

    I have been reading along with you, for months and months. First, good on you for going back to WW... something I have been *meaning* to do for so long now. Also, your sewing and other creative project as just amazing. You are beyond clever! I really admire that, and your energy/motivation.... can you bottle some and post it to me? xxx

  9. Katrina5:44 PM

    Hi Chris,
    It's always good to read your blog, hope your day is going well (and your sewing - it looks great)
    ACT, Australia

  10. Zig-zagging is one of my favorite ways to deal with things. I know it will look perfect!

    Darn those pins! That is what happens to me as well!

  11. Wow! Your poor finger....

    you are amazing ...all that you accomplish....


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