Sunday, May 17, 2009

PARTY ....

Alrighty... the party yesterday was held in the heart of Auckland City... yet they had an awesome home in a lovely spot overlooking an estuary:

That walkway leads up to the shops and the local school.. where the host's son will be attending very soon....

ABOVE: This is taken from their balcony.... in the foreground is a funky gheko... (lizard) in rusty metal. I loved it!

ABOVE: this guy was the brother-in-law of the hostess, he had ridden his bike to the party...we all had a very interesting conversation about which way he 'swung' was VERY FUNNY! Well, his bike shorts were VERY TIGHT I tell ya!

ABOVE: this was a lovely Chimera... I want one!

Over the course of the afternoon/evening there were lots of little kids... they had a ball.
ABOVE: I just had to throw in this one... Teddy's new SPOT.. where he sits and watches what's going on in our street... and when he sees anything he doesn't like... he growls! He's so funny.
That's it for now...
It's been a totally miserable grey, wet day. Stew did some grocery shopping and I have done NOTHING all day. Feeling a bit down... can't work on my Frangipani Project until the material from Aussy arrives.. or I go and buy some more from Morrinsville ... cos that's where the best Batik material is.
Winter sucks... we were going to go for a drive.... but it really is horrid out there so no point.
I'm getting hot flushes on the hour... and feeling so awful. I think I will visit the doctor to find out what I can safely take... I don't want to do HRT due to the possible side effects and cancer risk. So it might have to be a natural remedy.... I am about ready to try anything! I wonder if they have something that tastes like chocolate? Now that would be NICE.
End of Day: well really... a crap day... but I'm sure tomorrow will be much better! nite nite.


  1. Love those fireplace things.... what a lovely place.

  2. Oh that's very pretty! Is the water kind of icky though? Looks so dark.

    Hmm tight bike shorts....

  3. Anonymous10:16 AM

    I love Teddy.

  4. What a beautiful place!

    I love the picture of Teddy - he looks like he is standing guard.

    Chris, you'll have to give me some input in the next couple of months about touristy stuff to do in Auckland. Hubby and I are getting ready to start planning a trip to Australia and New Zealand for next fall. We've got plenty of time, and really want to have it planned out well. We'll be celebrating our 20th anniversary in Oct. 2010 and that's when we are thinking of traveling.

  5. Wow...they have a beautiful spot for their home!!
    Lol at Scarlett does that too. She sits up the back of the loungesuite and growls and barks at anybody that DARES to walk past her house:)

  6. A comment on HRT ... To be or not to be...

    If you are really exhausted most of the time and also suffering with lots of headaches maybe HRT is the way to go. I have friends who swear by it and you don't have to stay on it forever.

    Alternatively try some advice at the local Health Shop or a Naturopath.

    Or change your diet. I have almost no problems if I reduce carbs, especially those associated with wheat and sugar.

    You will have more problems in Auck because of climate ..... bother ... sorry to tell you that.

    I first started going 'all unnecessary' as I sat down to eat our evening meal. It was winter in Reporoa and our table was next to the window. Without much thought I always opened the window closest to me and if the others froze they were usually polite enough not to mention it.

    Don't ignore it. You will grow grumpy and hate this stage of life which for some of us seems to have no end. 14 years later I can still come over 'all unnecessary' That is an expression used by one of my English work-mates and I love it.

    Hope you find a satisfactory way through soon .... I love being a woman but could so do without some of the stuff that comes with the package.

  7. Teddy looks so cute

  8. Teddys spot is perfect! He looks like a sticky beak Nana lol
    Isn't is funny how kids can always entertain themselves at a party if there are other kids? Were there heaps of mozzies, being on the river like that?
    Stuff the fireplace, i like the look of the cake in the picture! lol

  9. as for menopause (yes I am far too young but still!). My mum was having hell with hot flushes as well, everything else is a breeze but it was the hot flushes that were getting her. WHich sounds similar to her.
    She went and saw a homeopath and it has been amazing for her. Now she hardly has any hot flushes, and when she does they are definitely bearable.
    Thats my recommendation for the day :P

  10. Hey Chick, I watched this show the other day, might be some more info for ya about menopause...

  11. How cute is Teddy in his chair. My dogs are the same they love the window.

  12. I meant to leave a message with your hot flushes post and then a couple of days had passed. I opted for HRT. Actually it was a no brainer for me. Too many years without oestrogen was a bigger risk for me than the risk of taking HRT. The hot flushes were revolting, and I didn't feel well generally. My skin was crawling, like there was a bug on it, very annoying when you are always brushing off a bug that isn't there!! Low oestrogen can cause osteoporisis too, so that's a risk I"m not willing to take. All medications have a risk. I weighed up the risks versus benefits and the winner was clear. I went off my meds two years ago and tried natural stuff,and ended up rather distressed about six months later, and I gratefully went back on my medication. Hope you find something that works for you Chris.

  13. If you find something natural that works and definetly chocolate let me know...I so over these hot flushes too

  14. You never fail to add a smile to my day. The party looked wonderful.

  15. Beautiful party. The pic with the kids is so fun.

    I hope your material arrives soon.

    I have never been through menopause (obviously, the way I keep crankin' out kids here) but could your down mood be in part due to hormones? I hope you find something that helps very soon.


  16. I love Teddy too.


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