Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Did I show you my purchase from yesterday? NO!.... It's an awesome book.... my FIRST ever quilting book.... bet I have heaps more eventually! And would ya check out that price.... SCORE!

Today is gunna be BUSY!
First off...
- Take Steve's car to garage for WOF and Repair (8 am)
- Doctors for me... gunna get summit for the hot flushes hopefully (NOT HRT) 8.30 am
- Mike will take kids to school while I'm out... 8.30 am
- Take Teddy to Groomers... 10 am
- Newmarket for brunch and SHOPPING 10 - 11 am
- Pick up Teddy... 12 noon
- Hopefully pick up Steve's car.... go home and chill out! ... Oh and catch up on some blog reading/commenting. I bad.

When I got up this morning, I couldn't reach me computer cos Mike's 'bed' was in the way.... and he wouldn't get up... so I just FOLDED HIM UP! We all cracked up, even him!

Mike's lying there... and he said "Something smells like cat food"..... then he raised his arms and mumbled "OH no, it's me... me armpits smell like cat food, Hmmmm ... I need a shower". EEEEWWW... boys. *shudder*

But in a funny way... I'm loving it ... they keep coming out with totally random things/snippets of songs/jokes.

NEVER ever go out in your car with BOYS! They kept tooting my horn and waving at total strangers! And offering people on the street their jackets to wear... cos they smelt good! I wanted to throttle them, I'm sure they were only doing it to embarrass me! It didn't work.

Anyway... They are not waiting for Steve's car to be ready then they are driving up to Kaitia (5 hours!) to pick up a car for Mike. *sigh*.... and to think I was gunna make nachos for dinner JUST FOR THEM! Pffffffft.

The Dog Groomers told me off AGAIN for not brushing Teddy enough and letting him get knots.... bummer. I felt like I was being told off by the teacher. ... at school. Derrrr. Next time I take him they are going to TEACH me how to do it properly. YES MA'AM.

The doctor had NOTHING for me in relation to the Hot Flushes... even if I wanted to, I can't go on HRT due to being a bloody bleeder who's had blood clots. So I have to suffer..... but it won't be in silence, you can be sure of that!

ONWARD.... must do some housework!

End of Day: and I got the vacuming done before I stopped and had to take a nap! I am just so tired all the time at the moment! I am sure it's due to being woken up all night (hourly) with a hot flush... and all the shopping and traipsing around we've done lately! Anyway, I have just done some more grocery shopping for tomorrow night's get-together.... nite nite.


  1. LOL,,, at the picture of Mike being folded up so you could get to your computer. ha ha ha. Reminded me of the old ripple chips add 'we always get through'.

    Funny to see you have the same dedication towards all your fan base, and even snapping a pic of it to. Your hilarious.

    PS: paperwork from DS arrived yesterday, I will take it into the office today, so they have it a day earlier then expected.

  2. Flower8:23 AM

    Ha ha!! Love the folded up bed. Boys are gross.

    Looks like Teddy was loving the fun - he is all blurry round the edges from moving so fast!

    I love busy days - hope it all goes well.

  3. wow, you are busy. Can you please pick up my dry cleaning while your out? The photo of the folded bed is funny. Love it.

  4. LOL what a great photo of mike. Good on you for folding him up.

  5. That price reduction is awesome!!

  6. Try a health shop for a remedy for the hot fluses.

  7. Sounds like you are having a ball with the boys there.

    Have you tried a Naturopath for the flushes, my friend sees one & he has helped her enormously.

  8. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Hey Chris, I'm a lurker coming out of the woodwork but I know that my mum uses some pills from the health shop to help with her hot flushes - i think she takes evening primrose oil too if that helps? Maybe go in and talk to one of the assistants at Hardy's or something...

    Good luck! Bron

  9. Yes, I think you should see a naturopath too!

  10. You and me both...Dr had nothing for me for hit flushes either...thou he did suggest trying a few natural medications which I am going to look into!

  11. Bummer that you can't get any relief from your hot flushes. I know the chemist has stuff, or maybe you could see a naturopath. I know that Robyn, Dr. Phil's wife addressed all her menopause issues naturally, black cohosh, I remember was one thing, so do some research and I'm sure you'll find something.

  12. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Chris, try Remiferin for the symptons of menopause, I tried heaps of natural remedies and they were the best.


  13. LOL ... might want to check that he's not still in bed when you put the sofa back permanently!

    Hope you find an answer soon for the hot flushes - NOT NICE!

    As to suffering in silence, it's a little hard to imagine you doing anything in silence Chris ;-)

  14. Chris,definitely try the Remifemin. I used them when i went through an early meno (at 42). you need to use them consistantly and won't notice any effect for a few weeks, but they do work. one day you'll realise you haven't had a 'power surge' for a couple of days... give them a go. oh, they also help with the memory loss too! Good luck!!

  15. Folding up the bed with the occupant in it - priceless!

  16. Boys are special! Too funny about folding him away. Looks like your days have been filled with lots of fun.

    Hope you don't suffer too much with the sweats. Take care and enjoy your visitors.

  17. never mind about being tired for now, enjoy the boys, then when they go home, have a complete day of rest and relaxation. You may be just experiencing hormonal tiredness, due to the flushes. don't sweat it (no pun intended, well, maybe just a little one!)

    Take it easy girl and enjoy your loud and smelly family! xxx

  18. I love the picture of Mike folded up in the bed. And how cute is Teddy up there with him!!

    Glad you're having a great time with your kids.


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