Friday, May 08, 2009


I am dragging myself away from me computer this morning.... and I'm going to Sylvia Park to meet up with Lynda for a coffee and a natter! Yipeeeee! (I can 'Play Ladies' !) *smiles*

After that I will be coming home to work on the Frangipani Project. I have quite a few ideas running around in me head... but I'm going to wait till some material I bought in Australia arrives... some of it might be perfect for this project.

BTW: the fish 'n' chips last night made me feel ill.... isn't that WONDERFUL?


You know that gorgeous cream pure wool rug I had on the lounge floor? Well it drives me BLOODY NUTS! It is still fluffing up and leaving bits of wool all over the house, so I have put it in my room and .... this morning I climbed up into the attic and dragged down our oldest rug.... Stew's Mum gave it to us as a Wedding Present!

While it's a bit worse for wear, it looks OK? Well, I reckon it does. It will do for now... until I see a new one that I JUST HAVE TO BUY! *smiles*

Morning tea.. was lovely. Nice to catch up with a girlfriend.
Lunch... was soup and crackers... which was nice cos it's a bloody cold day!
We had a thunder and lightening storm this morning.. awesome!

I put jeans on for the first time in months, and they still fit me butt! AWESOME!

I have been curled up in front of the fire all afternoon, I hate the cold!

That's it for my day! I have read/commented on no blogs either... might do that tonight!

End of Day: so, I've read all the blog updates, commented on about half of them... and now... time to relax, have a drink or two and annoy my husband! He will LIKE that. *smiles* nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Any chance of Irish being there...:-)

    Lurker Lucy

  2. Aggghh yes the beloved fish and chip hang over!! I havent had them in about a year as they make me feel soo ill. YAY for the small things!!

  3. New rugs don't seem to have the same quality as the older ones..I really like the one that you have down at the moment.

  4. I like that rug!! I am looking for one for our loungeroom at the moment to warm it up for far the only one I have like was $800 and I am not spending that!!!!

  5. That is a pretty rug, Chris!

    Have fun today!

  6. Fish and chips sound good, but if they make you feel hungover... hmmmm.
    I think the rug looks pretty Chris!

  7. Just stopped by to say hi. Good going on the wt loss recently. I like the pics of your new haircolor....mine is a similar shade, maybe a little blonder.

  8. Fish and chips do that to me as well! Love the smell, love the taste - then yuk!

    Have a good weekend:-)

  9. and chips. I have grown tired of being a WW drone these past few days. I had creme brulee tonight when I went out with my husband. Ssshhh. Don't tell.

    Your Oriental rug looks good in there.

  10. I think the rug looks fine. I know what you mean about fluff from the other one annoying you! Did you get my email about the crystals?

  11. I WISH we had your weather here in So Cal. It was about 97 in my town today. Too stinkin' hot.

  12. That room is beautiful to begin with and the rug definitely adds to it.

    I know I have alot to catch up on, so I'll be checking in alot!

    I am down 47pds. since November!

  13. I love fish and chips....I also think it is great that you had another rug to put down...that's awesome...I love the cartoon at the beginning and yay for you getting into your jeans..

  14. So funny to read about you putting on jeans for the first time in a long time when I am doing the same with shorts!

    Have a super day!

  15. Love the rug! Since the majority of our floors are hardwood, we are constantly having to replace them. Between the dogs, the boys, the dogs, the husband, the dogs...well you get the picture. ;-)

  16. I love that cartoon picture, cracks me up.


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