Thursday, May 14, 2009


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Mum! She is 72 today... and doing great over in Australia with her partner .... I miss being able to just jump in the car and go see her.

I am drawing a blank on today!
There is nothing planned, apart from getting the kids to school!
Hell.... I may have to go shopping!

I didn't go to Weight Watchers last night... I had another blasted headache... and felt ill after dinner. So... will have to wait till next week to see if I've dropped some more lard ....

I can't work on the F/Project now until I get some more material... maybe another trip to Morrinsville is in order, the batik materials at Wright's are just AMAZING. Maybe we can go this weekend? Hmmmm.... will talk to THE MAN about that!
So today I might carry on (at some stage) with the Star Quilt that I keep putting on the back burner.

ABOVE: this is my neighbours house... and I have just spent the last hour over there having a coffee and a natter.... she is home with a brand new baby girl! OOOO so cute! I just adore babies! I knew she was due this month, and when I saw her home every day this week I figured she must have had her baby... so I couldn't resist popping over for a cluck session. That was nice, and now... I'm going out to wander around some shops.
Some days go fast, some slow... today is slow. I went into 'town' and bought a couple of fat quarters ... but they really are not what I want for the Frangipani Project...
It's been quiet otherwise, I just picked up the kids from school.
Now that I actually go into the school every afternoon to physically pick them up I am finally starting to feel like one of the crowd.. and other mums are talking to me... It has taken MONTHS for this to happen... it's lovely. I really love it here... and I can't see me ever wanting to leave this area.
End of Day: feeling crabby so am taking myself off for a nice long soak in the bath. That might help my mood... or not. nite nite.


  1. Happy Birthday to your Mum! She looks wonderful for 72!
    My mother's birthday was the 13th and she would have been 81.

  2. happy birthday mom!

    does she like diet coke too?

  3. Happy Birthday Day to your Mum! She looks great! :)

  4. You rock! Love the layout for the new piece - My fav colors. Happy b'day to your mom.

  5. Hope your mum has a lvoely birthday!

    I love new babies as well:-) LOL they don't answer back!

  6. Awww, Happy Birthday to Mum. She does look great and congrats to your neighbor. :)

  7. Your mum is adorable! BEt you could whip up the new baby a wee somethin on your sewing machinne in no time.

  8. Happy birthday Mum! 72, Wooohooooo!!
    I'm not fussed on new babies. They pull funny faces when you stick a finger up thier nose though lol

    I never said i was mature or sensible lol

  9. Happy Birthday to your Mum and may there be many, many more :-)

    Sounds like you had a good day ...after all, any day that you can cuddle a new life, is good !! Especially when you can hand it back :-)

    Don't you love that new baby smell and the way they nestle into your neck...

  10. what not watching Coro Street LOL

  11. A big happy birthday to grandmar, all my love Kelly

  12. Happy Birthday to your mum! It was my mums birthday on Monday! Nice to know someone else has a mums birthday so close to mothers day!

    PS the stairs at work - we are on the 5th floor - which is 10 flights of steps or about 100 stairs! It almost feels like its getting harder! lol I have done it twice a day the last few days - woot! x

  13. Happy birthday to your mom!

    Don't you just adore newborn babies? My Deaf Culture teacher brought her three week old baby to the final exam. Such an adorable little boy!

  14. Hope your bath helped to make the evening more enjoyable!

  15. Happy Birthday to your Mum! She's lovely. and kiss that new baby for me.

  16. I like the decoration by your fence. It matches your neighbour's roof so it takes some of that "fence look" away from the back yard.

    Hey, but I'm happy to just have a fence. :]


    I am glad you are feeling part of the group....I don't really know you except on here but I sure would like to....I think we'd be great friends...even if my son is in prison...LOL...I couldn't take care of yourself.

  18. Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  19. Happy Birthday to your mum! Hope you will get to see her again soon. It's always tough being far away from family.


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