Monday, May 25, 2009


YES Jaxx, I did get a ring a couple of years ago! It was a pink sapphire and now.... I am over it! It was an impulse buy... I was really wanting a ceylonese sapphire... and maybe that's what I will get now! I have been known to almost NEVER walk past a jewellery shop without looking for 'THE RING'... lol.

Today I am going into the city on the train, and I hope to find 'the ring'... and have lunch with Sandie Bee too! That will be neat.

Later on today I am expecting the boys up from Palmy, I can't wait to see them again.

I also need to do a grocery shop... having the boys in da house will mean we need MORE FOOD... those two can eat masses. But I don't mind.... I am going to love having them here.


I went to town, I thought it would be diabolically busy as there was a march on in protest to Auckland and it's satellite cities merging into a Super City... but it just wasn't that bad.

I found THE RING... I had a lovely lunch and catch up with Sandie... I FORGOT to take photos (Derrrr)... but she did. And she took a photo of the ring too... so hopefully I get it and can show you all!

I have heard from the boys and they are almost here... but maybe not in time to go pick up the kids from school with me... never mind...
Griffin is so excited they are coming! If he'd had his way he'd be at home waiting for them.... *smiles*

It's a miserable day here too, wet and ikky. Right, time to go do a couple of housework type jobs before ducking out to pick up the kids.
Our boys are safely here, and sitting in front of the telly watching Grey's Anatomy that we taped last night! So funny!
End of Day: had a neat day... even got the grocery shopping done late this evening. nite nite.


  1. LOL thought it was you with the ring, enjoy your time with the boys :-)

  2. Isn't it true that when your boys are home you have no food in the house? Whenever my boys are all under one roof I do a massive grocery shop too. Good luck with that..haha

    Hope you find the ring.

  3. a new ring? and A SEWING MACHINE TOO?
    Woman you are a princess. Feed his royal highness well!

  4. I do have to say that I love sapphires. My first engagement ring was a huge sapphire surrounded by diamonds. I've got it put away for my first granddaughter. I'm not leaving my rings to the boys.

    Enjoy the visit with the boys. I'm sure you'll the time to try and persuade him to stay.

  5. That Grey's epi is a tearjerker....have lotsa comfort food on hand!!!

  6. You'll be busy now! Do you have a pic of the ring?

  7. Huh, a Ceylonese Sapphire is what my engagement ring is...


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