Wednesday, May 13, 2009

STAGE 2....

There ya go... still nutting out the pattern for the Frangipani Project. It doesn't look much eh? But this is a really important stage... you have to have forward thinking at this stage... and kinda know how you want it to look at the end... cos it doesn't look like much right now!
Today I will probably do some refining of the pattern.... and maybe cut out the flower and leaves (that flower in the photo is just paper).. They won't be changing much from the original plan... it's the background that can and probably will. It EVOLVES .....

I will spend a bit of time today catching up on blogs I neglected yesterday... and maybe even have a Nana Nap.... yesterday was just go...go...go.

*****Yoooo Hooooo RUSSELL*****... if you read this... text me your address please!

Yaaaa... I have caught up on all da blogs.... I can now go potter in the garage (where it's bloody FREEZING) and work on the F/Project.

And I took me piddle pills and have to keep running to the loo ... which sucks cos It's COLD in the loo too, and I have to take me warm trackpants off eh? That's a bummer. ha haha ha! At least I have company... Teddy comes to the loo with me every time. So nice of him. REALLY!
ABOVE: I finally have the sewing area of the garage set up how I'm happy with. *sigh*... it does take time eh?
ABOVE: We are making progress people! That pink/reddish 'thing' is a surfboard OK? And I'm going to use fabric paint to colour the yellow centre of the flower.
You lay all the pieces of material on Vylene (sp?) and once you have all the material on (like a jig saw) you iron it to hold it in place then put padding and a backing material behind it and then do satin stitch over all the joins... and add any other details as well. It is really very simple!
End of Day: I had a bit of a wind down this afternoon, ended up with another nasty headache... taking it easy for the rest of the evening. nite nite.


  1. That's going to look absoloutely fabulous, once it's finished !!

    Wish I could take a 'Nana nap' ... however, I'm at school.Having lunch right now and there is this huge pile of books, sitting on the table looking at me, waiting to be sorted. Now there;s a damn kid knocking on the classroom door ...sighhh

    But you have a nice one :-)

  2. Vision... Yep, you have it! :]

  3. Can't wait to see how this turns out. :)

  4. I have had you on my heart all morning....just been thinking about you and all you do for others and ALL you amaze me!

  5. that really looks nice.....dosent seem that its easy...looks tough!!!

    great work!!!

    take care...

  6. lol...i liked your blogs name!!!

  7. Its going to look fabulous when you finish...

    awww gotta love Teddy...

  8. It looks great. maybe y ou should start up your own crafty classes, a good excuse to keep doing losts of crafty stuff, plus meet people plus get paid for it.

  9. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  10. wow, it's going to be amazing!

    I was thinking if you wanted to add some of your favourite blue, you could add a small sparkly butterfly???... or maybe not!

  11. Looking good, Chris! How do you join all the bits? Or do you do it like applique?

  12. That will look awesome :-)

  13. Your talents continuously impress me. And I LOVE your sewing area, I wish a had a place like that for painting.

  14. Love your sewing/crafting area. Looks very comfortable. I wish I could sketch like you.


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