Friday, May 15, 2009


Just lately I have been plauged by hot flushes morning, noon and night. When I first got them they only hit me at night.. now it's all the time.

They are really driving me nuts... and they drain me of my energy... and leave me tired all the time.

I originally decided to just ride them out naturally, but now I'm starting to think I need something (?) to help.

What did YOU do when you got them? (directed at anyone who has had them)... any opinions would be appreciated.
Today I am going to bore the pants off you again... and do bugger all! I might do some sewing, I might go out to the Mall.. who knows.
Last night I was totally plauged by the hot flushes ... I swear I got bugger all sleep.. so today... I have been just watching TV and reading a book! Teddy is loving it... he has been on my lap most of the morning.
I am over being lazy now though, and am going to go do some sewing.....
I didn't sew... I dusted and polished.. all afternoon!
Then I tried to do a post for tomorrow... and stuffed it up... so if you happen to read all about tomorrow today... OH WELL.. you are one step ahead of me! This 'forward' posting can be very tricky sometimes! Anyone else try to do it? I stuff it up most times I do it!
Stew will be home in an hour, so I better pull finger and sort out some dinner for the man... not to mention the kids who are already moaning about being hungry. .... ONWARD....
End of Day: all done and dusted.... and totally ready for my bed. In fact that's where I am going right now... very early for me but it's that or fall asleep watching bloody rugby with Stew! Aahhh NO, think me bed is a better option. nite nite.


  1. I was on medicine that put me into a chemical menopause for 6 mos... it was hell.. I couldn't have hormone replacement therapy, so I drank alot of cold water and carried a battery operated fan with me..
    Hope you get some relief...

  2. I've been getting them for close to 10 years and other than eating more soy products(does help) and carrying around a hand-held fan, I just ride them out. It's nice when it happens at work cause I can just walk in the freezer.
    Such fun being a woman!

  3. Bless your heart.....I hate them! I hold my face in the freezer and put ice cubes in my bra! And cry!

  4. Hot flushes are NOT very nice. So far I have been able to cope with them. They did seem to increase after my hyster but have settled down now. I still get them but try not to fight them. Rather float with them. Sounds crazy but it works for me. Others I know have gone onto HRT patches and swear by them. If my menopause symptoms get out of hand I will be beating a path the doctor demanding help.

    Enjoy your day!

  5. Hi Chris
    I know the feeling. I am getting them more and more frequent, my face burns and I wish I could whip my clothes off but at work???? not likely. I feel yukk with it and so tired and headachy. Anyway there are natural things you can use from chemist or health shops.. patches I think even. I have to put up with it. If you've had breast cancer you can't take anything!! Lucky I went mad years ago so noone notices that part of it! Your sewing is fantastic. You are an artist! I love them.

  6. I just rode them out. The night sweats were the worst, in my opinion. The ones that hit during the day were more like my face on fire....extremely red....crazy hot.

    All that gradually stopped and now I seldom have them.

    Not sure what that means...

  7. I was lucky - not too much of an issue for me. But I think I would go and talk to someone at a Health shop and see what natural remedies there may be for a start.

  8. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Hi Chris,

    I tried a lot of natural products and the one that worked for me and other friends I told was remiferen, If you can't get it in New Zealand I could get some for you.

    My sister took HRT and she has breast cancer, it does increase the risk, but many people have taken it and are fine.


  9. What I FELT like doing was stripping down to nothing and standing in front of an industrial fan. But what I DID do was drink alot of ice water, and use household fans. Last Christmas, when we drove to the in-laws, my husband had the heat up high in the car, because I had my window down. Crazy.

  10. A lady at my work gets them all the time, and she wears a personal mini fan around her neck (like a necklace). She swears by it!

  11. With the hot flashes, I guess it's better they happen in winter? Hope they go away soon.

  12. Dusting . . . hey, that is an idea! Maybe I should try it some day!

  13. summers comming.. you could always hang out in the pool :)

  14. I'm still getting the damn things. i thought they were supposed to stop once Auntie Flo left.

    Apparently they can hand around for years afterwards... sighhh.

    I've been using natural remedies as I'm a bit leery of going on synthetic hormone replacement.

    My chiropractor suggested Biotics Research's Equi-Fem. it seems to be taking the edge off them somewhat..

  15. My gosh, what happened with your friends? I just went through some pretty bad stuff with some ladies I thought were my frieds. One of them went on a public page and told my other friends that I had no right to be having children and that I probably use the government. Just a whole bunch of lies. She was a good friend of mine so I don't know where she got all these weird ideas. I told her I don't use the government and that she humiliated me in front of my friends and family. I was so broken but she kept writing more evil things. More stuff happened with some family and some friends so we've cut off a lot of people. My heart is totally broken but my husband said it was time to let these bad relationships go. :( he is right. It just hurts to go through it.

  16. I use vivelle dot hormone patches. I cannot stand it, I have dozens a day without them. the patches on your skin are most like an ovary and work better than pills; also safer.

  17. My Mum copes with Evening Primrose Oil. She only gets hot flashes when she forgets to take them now. :)


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