Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I have had ENOUGH of being grumpy!
I may have sweet F*#K all to talk about some days...
But.... I have to just get over it and try to make the most of my days.

So, with that in mind... I'm going shopping today.
I want an art case, in a cylindrical shape to transport me wall hangings to class and back... and to keep them safe when not being worked on. I shall go down to Manukau and see what I can find.
I also want to find something for our eldest son's birthday... I finally have his address! Yaaaa. Wonder what he wants/needs? I think I'm gunna have to guess on that one seeing as I virtually never hear from him. Oh well......maybe I need to try dying again! *smiles*..... last time I did that he actually rang me... (last July!)
WHOOPS... that wasn't very POSITIVE eh?
Wish me luck on my expedition ....
I get to Manukau... it's pouring with rain but I run into the mall ready to make a start on me shopping... and the phone rings.

It's the school... .Griffin has stubbed his toe REALLY BADLY and they want to know what to do? Errrr.... clean it up and put a plaster on it! So they decide that 'YES' they would do that. But he probably needs some panadol for the pain, and they are not allowed to give him any.... SO... I run back out in the pouring rain and go home, pick up some panadol and take it up to the school and pour it down his gob. MOTHERING DONE.

The funniest thing about it was when I got to the school I went to the office to let them know I was there with the 'required' panadol... and I followed my son's blood trail all the way back to his classroom.....SEE? lol.. there was a lot of it!

ABOVE (x's 3): Some darn cute earrings I bought for me, a gift for son No#1 and the Poster Case I so wanted. I'm a happy shoppper! Now it's time to sit in front of the fire (cos it's darn cold) and watch something on the telly for a while.
Stupid weather we are having.. wet and freezing one hour and hot and sunny the next. I haven't put washing out on the line in over 2 weeks!
Griffin seems fine after his misadventure... I had a look at this toe... he's done a really good job of munting it! I have re-dressed it but think I will need to keep a close eye on it... it's a mess!
End of Day: and I have to now re-instate all the rest of my blog posts that I deleted! What a fag. nite nite


  1. Dont know how you can enjoy shopping lol - hey have you tried the French Art Shop at Ponsonby I think or it might be Remuera. Used to have excellent stuff there but not sure if it is stuff what you need...

  2. Good luck with your shopping! I'm sure you'll find SOMETHING!
    check my blog - I have an award for you!

  3. Good grief - having to go to school to drop off panadol because they are not allowed to give it to him!!!

    Glad you got your shopping done, I love the earrings.

  4. How crazy is it that the schools can't give panadol. It's the same here. What is wrong with getting everyone to sign a form at the beginning of the year so they can administer panadol.

    Hope you're having a not so grumpy day!!

  5. OMG I Love those earrings!

  6. Ouch! By the look of all that blood, he really did a number on that toe!

    Thank you SO much for your offer...we may seriously take you up on it.

  7. ouch poor Griffin i was always stubbing my toe as a kid and he is in my thoughts.

    Rain and snow on and off here all day and every one grumbling its cold but the number of ning nongs walking around without coats or jackets so of course they r cold.



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