Saturday, May 23, 2009


Brylee and Griffin need winter clothes so that's what we are doing today.... kitting them out for the season.

We have lots of problems finding shoes for Brylee, she has a long thin foot.... but the other day we saw a shoe shop in Howick that caters to her type of foot, so that's first on the list.

Then Pumpkin Patch and JK for some clothes.
NOOOO... not that sort of Pumpkin Patch... this sort:
It's a really fantastic LOCALLY GROWN kids clothing store.
And I'm still looking for a ring! I have wanted a blue sapphire for YONKS.... and maybe ... just maybe I will get one?

7 HOURS!!!! We have been shopping for 7 hours... we did managed to kit the kids out with new clothes and shoes.... for the rest of the time we were looking for shoes for Stew.... looking... looking.... looking EVERYWHERE... no luck.
*sigh* we are now knackered!
Off to Lonestar for dinner, there is no way I'm cooking! I've been on me feet all day.
LYNISE... YES I would be interested in that offer! Totally. Will give you a phone call later on.
End of Day: eeeek, ate too much... and now feeling like puking! Nice one. But... dinner was just gorgeous.. I had pork... sooooo yum. No pudding. No alcohol. So I score points there.
nite nite.


  1. I thought you just recently well in the last year or two got a lovely pink ring??? Am sure it was you, but then again maybe it was someone else lol... I dont know how you can enjoy shopping, today I have to get a gift basket organised and not looking forward to it...

  2. I dunno, the first pic of the pumpkin patch was cuter. Interesting little harvest there. :]

    Happy shopping!

  3. Have fun shopping! I hope you find your sapphire!

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  5. Enjoy the shopping do show us your finds. I love Pumpkin Patch actually use to work there pre kiddies. I buy alot of my kids clothes from them I also get them online for old season at good prices. Happy shopping

  6. enjoy lone star chris i went there last week had pork spare ribs mmmmmmm

  7. Those pics are super cute. Glad you got the kds kitted out. I have sapphires on my right hand. 3 gorgeous rings. I think it's best to find someone to make something you want. Even more special.

  8. Omg Chris i have been without a computer for a few days, can't believe you nearly stopped blogging, yeah for Amanda and Stu I say!! I read your blog every morning while having me cuppa and then through out the day, I will stop lurking and comment more often, cause don't know how I would cope with out my Chris fix, I just love your sense of humour!!! Kelly

  9. Pumpkin Patch is great eh? I buy some of Guy's stuff therPumpkin Patch is great eh? I buy some of Guy's stuff there and used PP over Ebay.

    If it helps any, I did MY bit for Australia's economy yesterday... xxx :)e and used PP over Ebay.

  10. I love lonestar but always get a johny cash stash. I don't know how you shop for so long. I go crazy after a couple of hours.

  11. Has Stew worn out 'THOSE' shoes already?? Surely not! Geex, 7 hours shopping Chris.. would drive me to despair unless I had a 100k to spend. I've been good.. sewing.. think I'm going to make the deadline!


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