Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I am deleting my blog... you have a few days to email me for an invite to my private blog...

FAR OUT, I am not deleting it afterall. I am terrible at changing my mind... but on this you can blame Stew and Amanda, they talked me out of it.

OK.... now my FAMILY is pissed off with me.... I can't please anyone is seems.

My SON Russell is out to hurt me OBVIOUSLY... he hates me, he cannot/will not tell me what I have done to upset him and why he hates me.

I had a TOTAL knee jerk reaction to his latest communication... he text'd me and said he did not WANT my present to him.. and that he left New Zealand to GET AWAY from me and his FAMILY.

So why would I want someone who hates me to be reading all about me and my FAMILY.... someone who I thought was a part of my FAMILY???

It's a bit like having a stalker who wants to know all about me, but actually HATES ME. It's not a nice feeling.

I don't care that he will read this... because as my DARLING HUSBAND said, if I delete my blog he will have WON.... and hurt me again by stopping me doing something I really love.

So, my son does not get his birthday present.

do you know how many posts I managed to delete before I came to my senses? over 200! Luckily I had only 'saved them to draft' so they were not gone forever. I'm NOT THAT SILLY. Mad, yes... but not totally.

It took me an hour to 'remove' 6 months worth of my blog... and another 2 and a half to put them back! Now me butt's killing me from sitting here that long... AND I havn't had me dinner either.

Time to take a break, chill out... have something to eat and stop letting certain people annoy me. NO MORE.

I am not a bad person, I have always done THE BEST for all my kids. I am not the horrible person some would have me believe.

End of day AGAIN.... it's a bit like "The Days of Our Lives" in this house sometimes... it can be a trail .... but would we have it any other way?

SOMETIMES. nite nite.


  1. You should save your blog, or print it out and bind it into a book, after all its a history of you and stuff, if you know what I mean....:)

  2. princess-curly-of-pandora-land7:04 PM

    You can be such hard work :-) xxx

  3. Oh Chris, I am so sorry to hear that you are having dramas... it's not nice!
    Big hugs to you.....

  4. Chris I really think this needs to be said. Your son has no bloody idea what it is like to have a family who does not want you or do anything for you. He is a selfish git.
    I wish I had a mother like you who cared so much. So if you are going to have room in your family can I join??? I would love to be cared for and loved and wanted.

    Chris take this as something I know, some people are just so selfish they can not see their own flaws.

    Much love

  5. Kids,eh! But Stew is right. Don't let the bugger win. As you say - if he really hated you and his family he wouldn't read your blog!!

    And you can't disappear. I'm about to start patchworking and quilting and I NEED you!!!!

  6. thank god for stew and amanda lol
    as for your son well he will always be your son and you love him but you dont have to like him when he's being mr nasty
    chin up your a wonder

  7. Sad for you to have a child no matter what age to fall out with you. Was going to say his loss though - but really sad for you because you've lost a son and you don't know why!?

    **hugs** from Palmy

  8. Hope my last comment got through?! Some delay thingee happened. Hey - he can't blame you for him moving away.

  9. Gosh you are so lucky you have a sensible husband, what would I do at 6.45 every morning if I could read our blog while eating my brekky :)

  10. I'm really sorry to read about your hassles Chris - you don't deserve all this drama! Stay strong.

  11. Hi Chris,
    Glad you have changed your mind and are still going to keep doing your blog.
    Hope you are feeling better and that you have cheered up abit.
    Your Stew sounds the best.
    Have a good night and enjoy the rest of the week.
    Take Care


  12. Gosh,I hope everything continues to work out for you. I for one, would certainally miss reading you blog everyday.

    Carol :)

  13. Oh bugga... not good wen familys have rifts on them... Take care..

  14. Wow, not a nice situation for anyone. Don't erase your blog though! I would really miss you and I have "taken a leaf out of your book" and am now doing a mosaics course to unleash some creativity.

    Don't expect to be as talented as you, but I can give it a go huh? ;)

  15. I'm glad you are going to hang around blog-land Chris. I really enjoy reading your blogs and your "can do" attitude about life - it's refreshing and so often you put a huge smile on my face with your honesty, when I need a pick-me-up. Oh - and I love my virtual tour of the Auckland area - I haven't had the chance to spend much time in that area, and your pictures take me on a journey, which is great. I hope your son comes around and realises how lucky he is to be part of your family and have a mother who's there for him.

  16. glad You're not deleting yourself!! Sorry to hear about the goings on with Russell, hope things sort themselves out!!
    look forward to reading you again in the morning!! :-)

  17. Glad you hanging in there Chris, can't let that son of yours win ehhh?

    Big hugs to ya...

  18. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Hi. You have no idea who I am as I have never left a comment before. :O)

    But I have been following your blog for a very long time now from London U.K. and I almost had a panic attack when I saw you were going to delete your blog! Thanks for not doing so.

    No mother is perfect, but your honesty and love for your family shine through here and I really hope that one day your son will realise what he is missing.

    Note to son: You're a lucky man to have the choice to be angry with your mother. My Mum died when I was 10 and I'd give anything to be able to act all stroppy with her now, even 35 years later. One day you may regret this as life is far too short for all of this hurt and anger, whatever it is all about. I really hope that you will realise this sooner rather than later, before it is too late. For your sake! That's all. Thanks and keep on writing. I think you're great Chris.

    Lurx. x

  19. well, I hope everything gets better and DO NOT DELETE YOUR BLOG!
    What would I do without my daily dose of your sassiness? You crack me up Chris, and I love your ongoing projects.
    And because I know you are an emotional eater - don't let this stress make you eat something you shouldn't! Go stitch another quilt of such to keep your hands busy!

  20. I am soooo happy you didn't really decide to stop blogging. Blogging is for YOU - not your family and if your son is having issues . . .so be it. Persoanlly, I think it is very rude of him to say he doesn't want a present from his mother. It isn't like you are trying to kidnap him. Ungrateful kiddo!

  21. Big hugs to you, Chris. Sometimes people focus on the negative and forget all the positive. Your son sounds like one of those. I hope he comes around, and I hope you can forgive him.

  22. Hang in there Chris, and don't let anyone get the best of you. Sometimes kids are just a major pain in the @ss, aren't they?

    Hugs from San Diego,

  23. YIKES!!! Don't leave. I you do then don't leave me behind.
    I'm sorry dear about your son. Just remember you will always be his mother no matter how he feels. If you did the best you could, well then you did the best you could. Sometimes us kids have a distorted view of things until we pull our heads out of our asses and realize we really do have a good thing going with your parents.


  24. Nicole4:57 AM

    Glad you're not stopping! I've got 4 little bundles of drama myself and can't wait until they think they know everything ;) In the meantime, here's a site to make you smile - now those are some awkward families!

    :) Nicole

  25. k you're one of the loveliest people I know on the imternet. I love reading your blog. You come across as a caring person, a fun person and someone I would love meet one day if you ever get to England. Why is it always families that an give such grief (happens to us all) they can cause (knowlingly or unknowingly) such stress and angst. You have trillions of friends who would SO miss your blog and if you ENJOY doing the blog (which hopefully you do) then DO IT, don;t listen to anyone else - do it for you (and us lot out here cos we love reading it!).

  26. What a pain in the ass for you Chris. I wish he'd stop being a brat & just communicate with you!!!! I guess some kids just never grow up & unfortunately for you that still causes hurt.

    Thank god for Stew! Hugs.

  27. Kris, your comment about someone hating you so much but still reading your blog hit a cord with me because this is exactly what my step mother is doing. She has done a lot of things to try and push my sister and I, and our families, out of the picture to the point where we have said we want nothing to do with our dad or her.

    Yet she continues to read my blog and makes sure it gets back to me if she's not happy with something I wrote. I've had to block numerous email addresses from her because she was leaving nasty comments on my blog.

    But I refuse to delete my blog because, like Stew and Amanda said, that will mean she has won.

    I'm so glad you decided against deleting your blog. Stay strong, hun!

  28. hugs girlie. We need a bloggy retreat. soon. with booze.


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