Friday, May 01, 2009


HOW cute is this:
I saw this piece of material on TradeMe for $12 a metre... so of course I bought it! I have NO IDEA what I will use it for yet... but it just screamed "BUY ME"! I'm thinking maybe a bag.....

I have been trying for months to get the kids into swimming classes.... I finally succeeded! They start next tuesday afternoon. While they are having their lesson I can have a swim too. NEAT.
It's friday eh? COOL.... I have found this week hard... even though the kids have been at school... I am knackered! My headache is still lingering... it is dragging me down. Oh well, shit happens.

Today I'm thinking of doing some sewing... I still havn't done much with my Star Quilt, and then there's the Seahorse project to get working on too... so much to do! HA! to me only having one thing on the go at a time!

AND...the diet is rockin! I am on track, I am feeling great... I am hoping for a good loss next weigh in... so hopefully we don't go anywhere on the weekend that tempts me to fall off the wagon! STEW... keep me away from ice cream! HOT CHIPS!

NOW... to the BAD TASTE! Stew has to 'dress up' after work and the theme is "Bad Taste"... so he came up with this:

Yep... I wouldn't be seen DEAD in public with him like that! WHAT a git. (well in THAT get-up and that 'pose' anyway!). IKKKKKK.

LUNCH... is cooking... a lovely vege soup with a couple of bacon bones added for flavour. (onions, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, brussell sprouts, corn, capsicums, spring onions, spinach) ALL NO CALORIE veges! SWEET. I reckon with the bacon bones... maybe 1/2 a point per cup?

To Answer your questions Re: Stew's 'git outfit'.....When I met Stew he was 25 and playing rugby for Mercury Bay, in Whitianga. The rugby jersey he has on (the yellow thing) was his rugby top, which he has kept for sentimental value... and the yellow shorts are just swimming shorts he wears to the beach. Put the two together and Whaaa Laaa! The idiot face is all his own.

I have done no sewing ... I'm STILL working on the pattern for the seahorse project! *sigh* It isn't as simple as it seems.

CLARIFICATION: My grocery shop will last for at least 2 weeks! So that's $325 per week. I know that seems a lot.... but you have NO IDEA how much Stew and Griffin can eat! And Fresh Veges/Fruit/Meat are all EXPENSIVE...

End of Day: I have started cutting out material for the Seahorse Project.. it involves some tricky cutting and lots of back-bending. I've been doing it for about 4 hours, I've had enough! Time to put me feet up and have a rest, it is 9.30 pm. nite nite.


  1. Anonymous8:53 AM

    He's going as a canary???? Go Stew!

  2. I love that material! (I think I saw myself in there somewhere!)

    Stew's outfit! ha ha! Maybe he should have put on two different colored socks.

  3. That material is gorgeous!!!!!! What time is lunch so i can get the private jet ready to go.


  4. Ha ha @ Stew... no wonder you love him so much...
    Soup looks devine... cant wait til I can eat vegies again... proper vegies.. not just cabbage and beans...

  5. Love the material!
    That soup looks yummy. I have some on the stove as we speak.
    Sounds like you are really on top of things with your diet. Well done :-)

  6. I want to know why Stew has those clothes in his wardrobe to begin with?? That soup looks delish!

  7. Love the material. Have one similar but it's yellow background. that is much nicer... mind you I could always make Stew a tie out of it to match his lovely outfit. What a git.. perfect for bad taste!! Where did he get them from???

  8. LOL LOOOVE the sandals n socks look there, Stew!

    What's really sad is, I don't think those ladies in the fabric are fat!!

  9. Ooooh Love the material :) I hope your headache buggers off! Goodluck with your weigh in! x

  10. PS That soup looks SO yum. Wish I could pop over and have a cup! It's been freeeeezing in Sydney...Brrrrrrrr! :)

  11. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Hi Chris,

    Stew is looking Hot, not,

    Got you package, thanks and sending yours today.

    I would kill for some of your soup.

    take care

    hope the headache goes away.


  12. Haha. Sue said she saw herself in there somewhere and I was going to say exactly the same thing! lol

    You know, I don't think Stew's outfit is THAT bad, I mean, socks with sandals, well, what a look. And with those pins he can really pull it off! :-)

    I wonder how silly he felt going to work this morning....giggle!

    And I will DEFINITELY be trying that soup recipe! You rock! xx

  13. The material looks gorgeous. I think it would make a nice bag - something different too. Congratulations on your loss, sorry that you're not feeling great, can empathize with you. It's nice when you can stay home when you feel like that. I was astounded at how much your groceries cost!!! I nearly fell off my chair. With five of us, ours can cost around $230 per week. I know there's money difference, now I'm off to do the exchange.

  14. It comes down to $AUD466! Wow, that's still heaps.

  15. Oh yeah, the soup looks yummy and very WW friendly.

  16. Whos on the mattress mother?

  17. Love the material! I'm sure you'll find something fun to do with it.

    The soup looks very yummy! I could eat soup and salad for every meal!

    Hang in there this weekend! Just keep fresh in your mind how good it feels when you are on target with your food!

  18. MMMMM ... definitely say he qualifies as bad taste ... lol

    Love the material, will be interesting to see what you come up with for that!

    Ouch at your shopping bill, I promise to never complain again about my $150 a week bill ... hope your soup tasted as good as it looked!

  19. haha your posts always give me a good laugh!!
    I'm glad your diet is rockin... That soup looks amazing!!!

  20. Your vege soup looks really yummy Chris. That's what I like the most about winter. Home made vege soup.

  21. That fabric is fabulous! I can't wait to see what you use it for!

  22. My husband always wears socks with his sandals. Drives me batty!

  23. Thank GOD that you KNEW that was bad taste! When i first saw the picture and hadnt read the post yet i was thinking "oh my god that looks awefull! :)

  24. Okaaaaaay...I think that material is saying make something for Kayola...she'll love it! LOL I am loving the sunshine with the "idiot face" you're so least people will see him coming...well..and going!!!! Oooooo that soup looks so yummy!!!

  25. yeh love that fabric...I have some actually....good on you for the 400 grams...anything is better than nothing....keep up the good work..hugs Khris

  26. that soup looks yummy!

  27. I love that pattern of the ladies. How cute! :D

  28. alisha6:04 PM

    If it wasn't for my friendly and wonderful swim instructor Christina. I think I wouldn't have taken to swimming so much. I'll be sure to send my kids to take up lessons with her. Where are your kids learning swimming anyhows?


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