Sunday, June 01, 2008


OH MY GOD.... you are never going to guess!!!! WANNA-BE-SLIM (Nannette) from Tasmania (Australia) is coming to the BLOGGER MEET being organised for the weekend I am coming to Melbourne !! (sunday lunch, June 22nd) I am going to finally meet that mad tart... plus a few other bloggers who I have wanted to meet for ages and ages.... GAWD I am so excited ..... it's gunna be so neat !!!!!

Now that bit of news is out...I can carry on with what I was going to blog about today:

WANNA asked "What's in the shopping bags?"... hmmm now let me think:

- New casual shoes for Stew

- Linen gifts for my Mum's Birthday

- Gifts for my niece's Graduation & Birthday(Melbourne in June)

- New Zealand inspired gifts for the Flat Stanley's Family in USA

- A tea pot for Steve and Mike

- A 'thingee' to put a gladwrap roll in and it cuts it!

- 2 Merino wool singlet-type tops for me...

I think that's it! I wanted to find some boots for me to wear with me jeans... but failed to find any I liked... I want some 'funky' ones... not 'normal, everyday ones'.... still looking.

AND you can call me nuts... but I dragged Stew into a petshop to look at puppies... a little one that won't grow big, won't need exercising, won't need a big section and likes kids, doesn't bark too much... bla bla bla... I'm mad! We saw one adorable wee puppy, she was a Pekinese cross with a Sydney Silky Terrier I think.... so cute.... BUT she was $1700 !!! We left her there. I will probably get one eventually, I really miss having a pet... and cats just don't 'do it' for me, birds and fish are friggin BORING....

Today: general tidy up, lawns and edges done.... nothing too drastic or rushed... I might go into town and look for boots/puppy! later....

How typical, I spent 2 days in Wellington looking for boots... and come home and find the PERFECT ones right here! ...

Here's why it's good to take the family shopping with you:

You can shop "hands free" cos they get to carry the bags! We scored some more of our dinnerset in a sale (30% off)... got some more work pants for Stew and a bit more material for Griffin's quilt.

We also saw an adorable puppy in a petshop, it was a GRIFFIN dog!!!! Of course our Griffin wanted it.... but again they were charging double what it should have been ($1400)... so we left it there again.
I will find the perfect dog eventually.... and I don't feel guilty about 'replacing' Izzy... she is so very happy in her new home, she would not have been happy cooped up on a tiny section in Auckland I can assure you! She is on a farm with another Goldy for company and lots of love from her new extended family.

If we get a new dog it will be a 'toy' dog, one that will not need a large section and can stay inside with me most of the time.

End of Day: it's been neat! That is all.... NSV: been a little bit evil today me thinks... but not that bad that I feel ill... nite nite!


  1. Hey there... I am pretty excited too!!! Only 3 weeks away!!!

  2. Anonymous11:09 AM

    omg i was hoping to get to melb that weekend to visit my mum!!!!!

  3. Wow, you are busy. Puppies come with housetraining though. Yikes.

  4. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Dont you dare buy a puppy or I will be very angry with you *growl*

  5. oh that will be a great weekend!!!! Wish I lived nearby....

  6. Anonymous1:26 PM

    How exciting for y'all!!!

  7. Luuuuuuuuurv the boots...... Did they have long ones like it???

  8. If you do buy a puppy, do not buy it from the bloody pet shop!! They are rip offs and they usually only pay $50 each for the pups and then sell for over a grand. Find a decent bloody breeder. I think a Cairn terrier would be good. Or... go to the SPCA and find some lovely little dog that needs a new home.

    Poor IZZY!!

    What the hell are the Flat Stanley family?? Have you and Stew lost the plot while I've been absent??

  9. love the boots so awesome....

  10. Point taken - thanks for the shove!!!


  11. you'll have a great time in melbourne!!! be sure to the to balarat...thats the coolest place!!!

    its like shanty town down south - BUT WAYYYYYYYYY COOLER!!!

  12. Bugger am peeved off I missing the blogger meet up, I arrive in Melbourne on 26th...damn, double damn!!

    Love the boots....

  13. Adelaide's 8 hours away from Melbourne and i'll probably still be able to hear you girls from here ... lol

    As to dogs - we have 2 Maltese Shih-tzu's and I can really recommend them! Beautiful, cuddly affectionate dogs and perfect for small spaces and indoor companions!

  14. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Hi Long time reader, first time commenter- I just got all excited by the prospect of your puppy. I do love your blog and check it daily! I second what Jules said- don't buy from a bloody pet shop- they encourage puppy farming and are rip offs merchants anyway. We paid less than what they are asking for our pedigree puppy from a registered breeder. She is a japanese spitz- highly recommended as a small family dog:)

    Kc (only posting anon, as i dont have a blog.. yet)

  15. OooooooOOooo a blog party. Maybe i should pop over to meet you too?
    I have a sister who lives near Melbourne, so i could hit two birds with one stone :o))

    If you want a "toy" dog, don't get a pug, unless you are home all the time and are a deep sleeper! I have a pug and she frets when i'm not home. She also snores a lot, even when she's awake! lol

  16. The meet-up sounds like such a great time!!

    I'm with other commentors above... pet stores use puppy mills - maybe look at a rescue - even rescues get pure-bred puppies all the time and you'll pay next to nothing for a wonderful pet.

  17. Anonymous4:57 AM

    Cool boots!!!

    My mother raises Shih Tzus (my husband calls them Shit Zoos) and Griffins. Too bad she is in Seattle... she's always asking me if I know someone who wants one. Our daughter flew home with one a couple summers ago that we gave to a family at church that couldn't afford a Shih Tzu. The husband is allergic to dogs (Shih Tzus are hypo allergenic) and hadn't had a dog since he was a boy. In fact, they came over with the dog when my mom was here last week. Her name is Penelope and she is adorable! It really made my mom feel good to have made that family so happy!

    You might try finding a breeder in your area on the internet. They are expensive dogs but you can usually get a better deal dealing directly with the breeder. Also, if they have an over abundance they will lower the price. My mom does that all the time. Top dollar for the Shih Tzus is usually around $1200 to $1400 U.S. (I don't know if you are on the same monetary system so I don't know what that would translate to) but when she has too many she sells them for as little as $400 to $600... and then she gives some away too. The Griffs are more expensive by several hundred dollars. Anyway, do some looking around. The most expensive place to buy a pet is from a pet store.

  18. Thanks for sharing the pics. Looks like you had a grand time in Wellington and got lots of shopping done.
    Sometimes I want a puppy but I don't have enough time to spend with it right now....maybe in the future.

  19. Agree, please don't buy from a pet shop. Do you have a local animal shelter? They may have a dog that would suit you. I have 2 beautiful 3 year old cross breeds that came from a shelter and they are a true joy.

  20. Please stay away from petshops. A dog from your local resuce means saving a life. A cheaper puppy and not supporting the puppy farms.


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