Sunday, June 22, 2008


- breakfast with my Mum and Nannette (Wanna)....
- taxi to town
- bit of shopping (Yeee haaa)
- Blogger Meet..... met lots of the girls I have only ever read on their blogs... had a wonderful afternoon yakking .....PHOTOS TO COME ONCE I GET HOME
- back to the Hotel to chill out before heading out to dinner with the family.

Feeling much better today (thank you!)..... feeling red-faced after being told how I acted on Friday night! Seems I flashed me boobs on the dance floor, and I do seem to remember grabbing my nephew by the balls to stop him leaving me on my own on the dance floor!!! Hmmm and then there was when I was dancing and tried to 'boogy down' and just before me bum hit the floor I grabbed Nannette's and my niece's arms and hauled myself up again..... Nanette has the bruise to prove it! Oh dear, I think it will be another decade before I do THAT again!

This trip really has been fun, no hassles at all..... and everyone I have met has been darn lovely. Transport around the city is awesome, the trams are so easy to use..... love the place.
It is my niece's birthday today, so we are off to dinner shortly.... so better go.
More shopping tomorrow...... I'm in HEAVEN.
End of Day: happy as Larry..... NSV: I fit clothes in 'normal' shops still ! This is good..... nite nite.


  1. It was great to meet up with you today. Hope the rest of your time in Melbs is good too :D

  2. *sob* I am home now... thank you for an awesome weekend!!!
    Hope it isnt too long before we can catch up again!!!

  3. Nice to meet you on Sunday!
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip (and don't flash your boobs anymore!)

  4. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Hi Chris - no need to be embarassed!!! Sounds like you were having a great time. Was good to meet you & Maude yesterday. Hope you find that coat today :0) You can find me here

    Happy Shopping!!!!


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