Thursday, June 12, 2008


WOW....In less than a week I am flying off to Melbourne (Australia).. am starting to think I should sort out what I am taking with me... do I need only warm clothes girls? Or is there the odd warm day still? I don't want to bring over too many clothes... need some room in the bag for me makeup eh? LOL

I am going to get the kids off to school then take myself into town for a wander around, maybe meet up with a friend or two for lunch? Anything but stay at home again... I feel like I have been cooped up in me house all week!

I have been enjoying the sewing, but need a break from it. And NO, the quilt is no where near finished! Once I have joined all the blocks together I then have to get wadding and backing material, tack all three layers together then learn how to 'quilt' them all together! THAT is going to be an experience I think! And that is when I will be going back to the Patchwork Class, so they can help me. Below: the three blocks I did yesterday:

Ha ha, I bet they are all starting to look the same to you guys!

Havn't gone to town yet... started thinking... should I use a LIGHT OR DARK background on me quilt? so I laid out a few on both background options to see....DON'T YA JUST LOVE DIGITAL CAMERAS??? It's so bloody handy ....

Hmmmmmm, I'm thinking the dark one, everyone agree????

HOT FLUSHES.. I reckon they SPEED UP your metabolism... well ya get all hot and bothered don't ya? Surely that burns up some calories???? Got to find a POSITIVE to having them!!!!

WELL ... it looks like everyone agrees, it's going to have a dark background then!

Been and had a lovely lunch with Anne so nice to chat with an ADULT... and I did a bit of shopping at a shop that's closing down... scored 2 trou and 4 tops for $120 !

Shopping in Melbourne: am hoping to do some.... with me Mum... she's bringing CASH ... LOL!

End of Day: a nice day actually, had a visit this afternoon from my Weight Watcher Leader Sandra... she needed help to set up her blog.... done.

NSV: Had so much fun shopping for some clothes, being able to buy 'normal' size clothes still gives me a thrill. nite nite.


  1. I know how you feel about being cooped up, when the weekend comes I cannot stay home. Australia sounds like a dream how long does it take to get there? Save room in you bag for shopping there also! I am still jealous but, in a good way

  2. The temp has been sitting between 16-19 degrees so bring a scarf & coat Chris. Not long now!

  3. I like the dark one. See you soon:-)

  4. Anonymous10:41 AM

    I like the dark one best.

    Hope you have a great time in Aussie.


  5. the dark one looks lots better, it helps give the 'space' feel. The dark on dark makes the colours appear brighter too.

    Wish I was going to Melbourne too... got room in your suitcase? :)

  6. hey

    I think the dark one looks better.

    Have a great time in aussie!

  7. Yes I agree with the dark background. Enjoy your trip away ... I was in Melbourne in March ... hope you have tonnes of money if you plan on shopping.

  8. Dark! Definitely dark! It's gonna be beautiful!

  9. I definately like the darker one (quilt).

    Isn't Melbourne weather suppose to be very similar to Wellington weather???? I heard that somewhere so if that is the case - take warm clothes.

  10. deffinatly the dark one, LOVE IT!

    bloody hell i wish i lived in Melbourne, id love to meet up for a coffee *sigh*

  11. The dark one it is.

    Glad you were able to get out and blow a few cobwebs away.

    I'd think you'd be safe to pack warmly. But not too much as then you won't be able to shop as much and have room for the makeup.

  12. I like the dark, it looks really nice!

  13. Have a great time in Australia! I hope to go there some day...

  14. PS: Take lots of pictures for us!

  15. I like the dark one, girlie.

  16. Not long now chickee!!!! wooohooooo FInally got off my arse and booked my accomodation...

  17. I vote for dark, but would love to see a panel with the Flat Stanley's below the rocket ship! Now that would be a conversation piece.

  18. Nice quilting! Maybe some day I'll do something creative like that....don't have the time at the moment.
    I know what you mean by feeling nervous about the blogger meet up. I may do one myself and you can't help it. But just be yourself and I know people will love ya, right?

  19. Cabin fever setting in already! Guess that trip to Melbourne will be just what you need to perk you up. Guess I'm the last one to comment but I agree with the majority dark is better.

  20. My mum had been telling me that it was raining but that was Sydney... they say the weather in Melbourne is more fickle... of course I am talking from Florida, USA... hahahaha... take care

  21. Today has been like ICE! Coming from someone who rarely feels the cold, today knocked my socks off with it's chill factor.

    Maybe just pack the normal shirts trousers etc with a few little extra essentails like a thermal skivvy and jackets, glove and scarf. Really depends on your own tolerance I guess.


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