Saturday, June 07, 2008


I STARTED it yesterday... see? There is washing folded in those baskets! Maybe I will get it done today..... before tomorrow's Open Home.

- Morning tea with the girls... Steve is going to babysit for me... yipeeee.
- Home to do masses of housework, starting with that darn washing.
Here's the Flat Stanleys checking out Teddy's crate and his cuddly dog toy (which is actually bigger than Teddy!)....And here they are looking at a Bearded Dragon in the Pet Shop.... it was a creepy looking reptile!

Right, I better get going and feed the kids , make the beds etc before I go out....

Morning tea was nice, just Sandra (my Weight Watcher Leader and dear friend) and I today.... then home to these:

And OK. .. they are NOT blue, but they are not orange and I think they are lovely.... they came with these:

A box of chocolates and an Apology from the florists... that was so nice of them... NOT that I needed the chocolates... but I'm sure there are at least two small people in this house who can help me eat them! Onward...
End of Day: I finally got all the bloody washing folded and put away.... feel good about that... pity the line is full of more!
NSV: I ate chocolates and I don't care. nite nite.


  1. What if Teddy eats the Flat Stanleys when your not looking?

  2. The flat Stanleys might want a trip to Tassie oneday... I will look after them for a holiday if you like.....

  3. Hehehehe ... that looks like my couch. And there's more laundry in the dryer and in the washing machine and in the ironing basket ...

  4. As Wanna said if the Flat Stanley want to trip around and after being in Tassie want to visit Brisbane, me and my family would be happy to show them a good time and send some souvenires and stuff back to the boys and family. Just let the flat stanley family know they are welcome anytime just give me an email.

  5. Anonymous2:54 PM

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  6. Anonymous2:58 PM

    It was nice of them to give you a box of chocs but you aint gonna eat them are you.
    remember what i taught you
    rules for choc.
    1. share with yr mates
    2. have last one so no more to go back to.
    3. clean your mouth so you cant taste them so you wont want more but remember 1 = 1 point so enjoy your 1
    guess who

  7. Ha ha! I have laundry piled on my dining room table right now and I have LOADS TO WASH! How can I find time to do it all? I have no clue. You seem to be on top of it. :P

  8. Did you take a pic of my couch? My goal to clear it all this weekend. The flowers were beautiful both, I love flowers and chocolates! Flat Stanleys are welcome in Texas anytime!

  9. Thank you for posting the picture of your laundry mountain. I have one too! Actually I am lying. I have two. Okay so it's three, but whatever. Not my fault I have so many useful places to stash clean laundry, right?? Anyway at least I know I am not alone!

  10. Our couches are twins. They both hold a crapload of laundry well. ;)


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