Monday, June 16, 2008


- kids to school (yaaaa)
- Visit the hospital to fill out all the forms, get blood test lab forms, etc.
- Visit Bank to get Aussy cash
- Start packing my bag!

EEEEkkkkkkk... it's getting close now, I'm getting EXCITED! And NERVOUS.... I am not usually shy/nervous meeting new people, don't get me wrong... ONCE I'm in the situation... it's just the anticipation that is getting to me! And I havn't seen my nieces in a long long time either, so I'm so looking forward to seeing them too!

My niece Christina (my namesake), is graduating from Police college, she's gunna be a cop!!!! Hard to believe, she's been talking about being a cop for at least 6 years! I'm so proud of her for following her dreams.

I hope to get lots of photos of my holiday in Melbourne, BUT.... I am NOT TAKING MY COMPUTER!!!! I do not plan on blogging while I am away at all.... if I do it will be from an Internet Kiosk or at my niece's home.... my Mum has given me the HARD WORD about spending any time on the computer! She hates it! So please don't abandon me... I will be back! TOMORROW might be my last post for a while! Yikes... so can't imagine not blogging!


WELL... it's been a busy and interesting morning! I went and posted the parcel to America finally, stopped into the hospital to get all the info for me operation, had a car accident, got some groceries and came home.

CAR ACCIDENT!!!! Yep, I backed out of a car park (after looking I might add) and this guy came outta NOWHERE and I ummmmmm... backed into him!

THIS is the damage to my van ( just a tail light)

And ummmmm... THIS is the damage to HIS CAR:

All the glass from the driver's door was all over him and the road!

OOOOPS! Looks like I came off best eh? Anyway.... insurance company to be notified, Police already notified.. he has no insurance, he probably has no Rego or Warrant either... What a great start to my week. Hope it gets better!

Wellington airport was closed due to fog this morning... I hope this does not happen on Wednesday morning when I am wanting to fly out!

I am hoping for a quiet, UNEVENTFUL afternoon OK?

MR CHOO: THIS is just for you: (you asked for it!)

Steve visited this afternoon which was lovely cos he let me go and have a sleep (I was feeling wiped out!), and he looked after the kids till dinnertime. So good to have a wee nap! I must NOT stay up till 1.30am sewing again! I've still done NO PACKING! Maybe later on tonight?

End of Day: well it WAS busy eh? NSV: have been rather good today food-wise, kinda lost my appetite a bit. nite nite.


  1. Have a wonderful time and see you when you get back. :)

  2. Will miss you so hope you find a few moments to post. Know what you mean .... Mum would be shocked if she knew just how much time I spend with Lady Laptop. TWJ has some big moans every now & then But like all good wives I ignore him because it's usually only when he is tired or grumpy or both and that's not quite all the time. lol

  3. Dont can blog here if you get withdrawals! he he

  4. Have a great trip!!! The photos will be worth our visiting back again. Don't worry about losing readers!!

  5. Ouch!! Bet you said a few choice words!

    If I don't catch up before you go - have a wonderful time!!!

  6. Definitely not a good start to the week Chris. Glad everyone is ok.

    Have an unreal time in Melbourne. I'm sure we'll here all about your visit from the other bloggers.

  7. *shakes head*

    Typical for woman drivers....

  8. Oh my goodness!!!! (referring to the car damage)

    Have a wonderful time, and we'll be here when you return!

  9. HOLY CHIT on the car accident... it looks alot like the one I was in... only I backed into the front of a car that appeared from now where behind me... i have a 3 inch scratch on my bumper she had 3800.00 worth of damage or so they claim I still don't believe it and that was 3 years ago.
    Have a great time in melbourn I so wish I was going with you!
    Will be here waiting on you to get back with tons of photos and great stories!
    HUGS Laura

  10. I hope you didn't get hurt. And I hope the guy comes up with the money to pay for the damages.

  11. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Have an absolutely fantastic trip Chris and enjoy yourself. I am wrapped for you that you have a date and FREEDOM is just around the corner. You won't know yourself believe me and you will feel so much better. And I hope you have my number down as someone to ring if you need a hand in the evenings and weekends.

  12. Bugger about the car.
    Hope you have a great time in Melbourne how long are you away?

  13. fuckers! chris youve had too much excitment for one day hun! thank god for insurance huh!!

  14. Oh mum at least no1 was hurt aye (just showered in glass he he).

    Have fun in melbourne..

    Love ya Daughter#3

  15. Oh year dnt 4get 2 say hi 4 me
    Daughter #3

  16. Glad you weren't hurt!!

    Have a wonderful weekend in Ozzy land!!! I widh I lived in Melb!!!


  17. Not long now Chris...
    I hope I can manage to contact you when you get to aus... bloody mobiles....
    If you dont hear anything plz call me sometime!!! I will find you at the hotel Friday night or Saturday sometime...brekkie Saturday Morning???

  18. I was going to ask what part of the Coromandel you visit.
    Thanks for visiting my Blog. Enjoy holiday .... you need it after today! lol.

  19. How exasperating! I always think I will back into someone, Do you wait till the night before to pack I always do helps with the excitement? Have a wonderful vacation.

  20. Enjoy yourself!

    (sorry about the car accident but I'm glad you weren't hurt...)

  21. Sorry to hear of your car accident....I've been in one of those where they come out of nowhere!
    You'll have a great time and you meet and greet but I can understand being nervous...I am about the one I will go to on Saturday too. I'm being a chicken and bringing my girlfriend as a wingman.

  22. Have the best time on your trip. You deserve a good break. Sorry to hear about your accident, thats a royal pain. Remember to take lots of pictures to share with us. Safe travels.....

  23. Look Out Melbourne!!!

    Cannot WAIT to see you and Wanna.

    Had a day and a half of contractions andalli could think of was "Chris is gonna kill me!"

    Safe travels, we'll see you in a fewdays. :)

  24. Anonymous3:56 AM

    oooh! I'm glad no one was hurt in that accident!

    Have a great time on your trip!!!

  25. Well um looks like you have the bigger vehicle lol. Did they say it was your fault?

  26. Have a great time in Melbourne, take some woolies with you.

  27. EEEKKK (for car accident).

    Glad you were okay. Was the other driver a little old man wearing a hat??

    I have this thing about little old men drivers who wear hats. One hit me at the Cobham Drive/Evans Bay intersection, in Wgtn, some years back. He drove right through the flamin' intersection, against a red light. Claimed he didn't see that the light was red. Silly old fool t-boned me and then he had the cheek to blame me!!


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