Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Shopping in Melbourne Central... the Flat Stanley's liked it too.

My niece in the Police Academy Chapel, just before the Graduation lunch and Ceremony.

The Flat Stanley's having lunch at the Police Academy with Christina.

The Flat Stanley's watching the Acting Police Commissioner addressing the recruits of 2008. X's 'Squad' was on the right side.

The Police Academy in Melbourne, such an inpressive building.

Friday night at the Formal Graduation dinner, I dragged Nannette down to join us once she arrived from Tazmania.... I don't know if I was drunk here or not! (probably)

Here is my nephew Deon trying to 'talk'??? to Nannette.... hmmmmmm

Nannette having lunch on saturday, we were all shopping at the Direct Factory Outlet shops..... chips and chilli sauce..... NOICE!!!

Mum, my great-niece Ashley, Nannette and my niece Shelley ... well I DID say we went shopping eh?

Horses and carriage in Melbourne Central, we were tempted to go for a ride until the driver said $60 for 15 minutes! Ahhhh, no I don't think so!

Nannette in Federation Square with the Flat Stanley's, in the background is an amazingly beautiful church right in the centre of Melbourne.

Linda's gorgeous son Josh holding the Flat Stanley's at Southbank Foodcourt during the Blogger Meet. Yes of course you can pinch the photo Linda!
Here is most of us who came to the blogger meet, Beckie was not here yet....

Beckie and me...

Scott, Bradman and Beckie.... what an AWESOME tummy!!!! So near...

Nannette and Catherine from Sydney.....

Ash, Kate, Caspar (4 months!) and Catherine.....

Jadey and Catherine.....
Beckie and Catherine... ( Catherine liked getting her photo taken!)
Caspar, Beckie and the Flat Stanley's.... I think Caspar would like to eat them.... it was so neat to meet all the blogger girls...

We went to a seafood restaurant on sunday night for my niece's birthday dinner, this is one of the sculptures on the pretty.

My nephew Deon doing what boys do..... the grubby bugger.
My niece's first posting as a Police Officer is for 4 weeks here, in Melbourne Central. Here's me Mum outside it's front door.
Heeee heee ... the Flat Stanley's jumped on this Police Car right outside the station... JUST BEFORE the Seargent came back ..... he would not have been amused I reckon.... I said "Hi" to him and he just grunted at me!
UMMMM... the shopping 'haul'... lots of clothes, bags, jewellery, teddy bears, books.... a new watch and....

This totally awesome, warm long coat ... perfect for winter.... excuse me face/hair.... I was exhausted from all the travel....
Last but not least, my two little kids in their Victoria Police shirts.

So, there ya go.... hope you lasted to here.....
Today: !!!!
- kids to school
- unpack properly
- relax.
Stew's suggestion: lie in bed and have SEX all day... yeah right, in your dreams man! later....
WOW... I slept in till 10.45 am! Must have been tired eh.... been out and about with my darling hubby since getting outta bed, had lunch and bought a new set of taps for our ensuite... they drip non stop and Stew can't fix them .... so new ones needed.
Also have to replace quite a few broken power points, so Stew is going around counting them up... this house was built by an electrician and there's over 80 power points ! Not all of them are broken, just a few! (Luckily). ONWARD....
I have been reading blogs all afternoon... if you updated before the 24th, I ain't reading it! I can only go back so far before I start seeing double! So, I loves ya, even if I didn't read and comment lately OK? ....
End of day: a wonderful restful day... got everything unpacked and put away. Had to reorganise my wardrobe to fit all the booty in!
NSV: not worth mentioning today.... nite nite.


  1. Mwhahahahaha love the pics!!! We had an awesome time aye!
    Ummm yeah you did do lots of shopping !!! Love the glad you finally found one you loved.
    Love the lil vic police t-shirts.

  2. Welcome home Chris. Awesome photos. Glad you had a fab time, plenty of shopping, catching up with family and bloggers and the odd tipple. Can't believe you flashed your boobs - hmmm then again yes I can. Lol.

    Don't overdo things. Try and get some rest in before Friday.

  3. hi ya, great to see you back safe and sound, although you probably wondered why you bothered when you stepped off the plane and felt/saw how horrible the weather was.
    Its been FREEZING the past couple of days, makes me feel like taking a short break to Northern Oz just to get warm.

  4. Welcome home!

    I was trying to explain how huge my tummy was to mum last night and just sent her the link to here. Pwwwhoar!

    Great pictures ofeverything mate. I'm so glad you got to get away by yourself, childless for a while and even more glad you got to come meet with us all.

    I loved meeting you.


  5. Looks like you had an amazing time!! Love the photos. Making me look forward to our trip over.

  6. Wow, what a fun trip.

    I'm not sure who is naughtier, your nephew or the Flat Stanleys. LOL

  7. wow looks like you and the flat Stanleys had a great time and did lots and lots of shopping!!!
    Great that you got to meet up with some of the aussie bloggers!

  8. WOW I Love the pics!! Well, except that one... going to have to figure out how to distract my little boys as I go through this post with them LOL!

    And congrats to Christina once again!

  9. Love the pics - thanks for sharing these with us. I love the kids in their police tops. I may pinch the one of Josh with the Flat Stanleys if you don't mind :)

  10. great photos. you must be proud of your niece. the puppy is growing I see.

    You having the winter coat on and us here in shorts.

    Flat Stanley get everywhere and very photogenic.

  11. Great pics, you obviously had a great time - dont you just love shopping, I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't shop!! lol!

  12. I did not!

    Did you find the coat shop ok?

  13. You can see ya'll had a great time, wish I could change places with the Flat Stanley's, when you said shopping you weren't kidding,I loved the Victoria police shirts, very nice. Slow down you just got home. Have a great day.

  14. i just finished the post about it come on back and read... LOVE THE MELBOURNE PICS! just talked to my GF that lives there!
    HUGS laura

  15. Nice meeting you!!


  16. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Wow that was a really big post, cool photos. :-)
    Have you decided what colour dress your wearing yet?

  17. Looks like a fabulous trip - so glad you had such a good time. Awesome number of shopping bags!! Z xx

  18. I love your pictures and glad you had a great time in Melbourne.

  19. I can not believe how much shopping you did! Where did you go? I need to go there too!

    Lovely to meet you. So pleased you had a great time in my home town... and great for you to see your neice graduate.

    Lovely to meet you on Sunday... byeee flat stanley's!

    K :)

  20. you got way too much crap on the shopping trip!

    And congrats to her fro graduation.

  21. Thanks for taking the time to upload all those pictures. Looks like you had a great time. It must have been wonderful to meet up with all those bloggers. Have a good time unwinding for your travels. Welcome home

  22. Glad you had a good time! Awesome photos, thanks for sharing!

  23. Love the coat Chris! Looks like you had a great time. I loved the pictures - now I want to go to Melbourne! Someday...

    By the way, I cracked up at your comment on Becky's post about the blog roll. I love it that you are a tell it like it is girl. Me too. Does your mouth get you in as much trouble as mine does? :)

  24. Amazing photo's. Thanks for doing this

  25. Wow, that is a lot of photos. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Ooooohhh, I love the coat and you look great in it!!

    Love the rest of the pics as well...

  27. Oh what fabulous photos - sounds like you had a great time in Melbourne! Those flat stanleys are becoming very well travelled ... lol

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