Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The Flat Stanleys went to Riverdale School in Palmerston North:

Here they are outside the Office of the school. Brylee and Griffin loved taking them to school, I just love the big smile on Brylee's face... she's gorgeous!

Here they are checking out the playing fields...

And here they are in Room 3 with Griffin and his class.... the teacher is telling everyone about the Flat Stanleys and where they came from... the children thought it was neat that they had come to New Zealand .... I am taking them to Melbourne too!!!!
just the usual I think..... kids to school, housework, sewing..... I'm getting excited about having my surgery soon cos it will mean I am going to finally start to get over the anemia and 'other problem'.... and I can get back into exercise again...I have missed workouts! wooo hoooo....

Of course, I have my holiday in Melbourne to look forward too... that is next week.... eeeekkkkkk! I'm nervous about meeting so many bloggers!
Last night I stayed up till 11.30 pm sewing these three blocks:

The above two were easy compared to the one below! It took 2 hours to do the one below....

Now I just need to make 2 more I think.
Been sewing all day.. made 3 more blocks.... feeling VERY tired for some reason. And the bloody hot flushes are getting to be beyond a joke... I like being warm but this is just too much! Every 30 minutes or so I come over all hot and bothered.... GRRRRRR. How long is this going to last??? ANYONE else have hot flushes, did they go on and on for months/years???
End of Day: sorry but I havn't read or commented on many blogs today... just so tired! Going to bed early tonight and hope to get some sleep.... fat chance with being woken up every hour or so with a hot flush! BUGGER BUGGER BUGGER. *sigh*
NSV: not bad today, havn't felt like much at all. nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:32 AM

    I wanna be a Flat Stanley!

  2. I love those "Flat Stanley's" send them to Canada for a visit.

  3. Damn, you're talented! I can't even sew on a button *sob*

  4. outside the office huh? So what did they do this time?

  5. The quilt is coming along and it looks great!!! 2 more and you're finished it?

    Flat Stanleys are so cute!! Adventurous pair aren't they!!!

  6. Why had Griffin got his shoes in his hands??? Dont be nervous Chris... we are only human!
    I would love to get into the city and go to all the bike shops in Elizabeth st.... so I think that will be a port of call Saturday Morning for me.. And I dont expect you to want to come too... maybe we could organise to meet for morning tea somewhere close?? chat soon...
    excited yet?? hell yeah...

  7. Oh yes.. I almost forgot... I am loving your blocks!!

  8. I'm looking forweard to seeing the quilt finished. Bet you are too.

    Cute photos of the "Flat Stanleys" and B & G:-)

  9. How can you be so nervous to meet the bloggers? You are fabulous! You are going to have a great time! I am so jealous!!

  10. Oh my god she does look so very cute, but hey you did say that we dnt make ugly kids and she sure is cute.

    looks like the flat stanleys are having fun to at least they dnt need and luggage to go with you to melbourne aye

    love ya

    Daughter #3

  11. Great to see the Flat Stanleys having such a good time!

    And your blocks are super!

  12. LOL @ you being nervous - now THAT is hard to imagine :-) What a fabulous time you'll have though, can't wait to read all about your trip to Melbourne.

  13. heyyyyyy go enjoy your weekend with the bloggers...wish I was there too!!!

    Loving the blocks.

  14. Dear me, hope you are ok. Missed a few days and all heck breaks lose. Love the quilt. Not sure if you actually had your surgery today (thursday now) but take care.

  15. April and I are going to come and visit...but only if you sew us a quilt first. So get on that, by the time we save enough money, you could probably make 12 quilts! ;)

    You are so amazing. :)

    The Maid

    I can't sew a button either...just ask my hubby how many buttonless pants he has had to wear.

  16. This is so exciting! Those Stanleys are having a great time!! I like the dark background best, too. I think it will wear better also.

  17. Sorry, Elf is convinced that I have mispronounced your school. It's really RIVENDELL and the elves live there because Lord of the Rings was filmed in NZ. You just blocked out all their ears so we wouldn't recognize them.

  18. I'm going to have to find the Flat Stanley book. This the second time I heard about the book in a week.


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