Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Cos it really was a crappy day!

- kids to school
- start thinking positive thoughts about my little upcoming holiday
- stop eating crap! My jeans MUST fit me when I go to Aussy!

I really hope to get the extra blocks for the quilt started today, I did NOTHING yesterday at all... amazing really!

The weird things ya think about: last night I was thinking..."wonder how much me uterus weighs?".... cos soon it will be gone! Yipee some weight I am going to lose without having to diet it off.... yaaaa!

I was going to put a photo on me blog of a uterus, but they were all too gory even for me! Am thinking of getting the surgeon to give it to me though... I might bury it ya know? I mean, it has served me well.. given me 6 neat kids... it should get a decent send off instead of just being chucked in some hospital incinerator .... just a thought right now. Am I too weird?

Here's Sandra, she's my Weight Watchers Leader and good friend, holding the Flat Stanley's in our regular coffee shop.... she's making sure they don't eat too much junk food! Me too! She has just recently started reading this blog of mine... so I have to be careful about what I say in relation to what I have been eating, cos she will tell me off!!! HEY Sandra (waving at ya), I'm going to lose some weight soon... having it cut out of me! ha ha ha.

So far today no drama's, just been pottering around doing some housework, playing with Teddy, blog reading... it's been nice. Going upstairs now to do a bit of sewing...

I took the Flat Stanley's to school today ... but blogger won't let me load the photos right now... so maybe they will be on tomorrow. Looking forward to a quiet afternoon, kids are now home and having their afternoon tea. Next pit stop... dinner.

I've made a mince/bean concoction to go on Pita Bread... with cheese, lettuce etc then heated in the sandwich press... should be nice and yummy.

WANNA: No I'm not dreading my Melbourne trip, just been so busy I have hardly had a chance to think about it... it's been all doom and gloom here lately! I am looking forward to it, but not the getting organised for it part!

End of Day: I have been busy... kids, dog, house, sewing, bla bla bla... still doing the sewing and it's quite late now. Just started a really complicated block and hope to finish it tonight.

NSV: None, not anything to be victorious about! I'm fat. nite nite.


  1. I had my gall bladder removed 6 years ago. I was so hoping it weighed like 20 pounds. No such luck. Even with all the gall stones we were still talking ounces. But I read in a pregnancy book that your uterus can weigh up to two pounds. And I say post a picture of it! Why not? But don't keep it. That's a little gross. :)

  2. When I had my gallbladder removed 2 years ago I tried to get my doctor to give it to me to put in a jar for a Halloween party....no luck. Kinda gross, but what the heck, I figured it did belong to me. Maybe you'll have better luck!

    I always enjoy reading your blog, no matter what, it always puts a smile on my face. It's funny to see Flat Stanely. My kids did that project years ago. (Let me know if you want to send him to San Diego, I can take him to the zoo, SeaWorld, Lego Land, etc.)

  3. ooooooo...on the pic of the uterus, no thanks! Glad that you will have the operation soon and ya the bonus of losing a bit of weight. Prob. a pound, ha. Hope you are having a good day.

  4. Sounds like the op will be sooner rather than later - all good! You are joking about keeping it aren't you!?

  5. i had a friend who lost a leg to cancer, and he used to joke that it was the easiest way that he could lose 25 pounds ever.....

  6. My girlfriend had the same surgery last oct. and she went down a size in jeans, sign me up! Your holiday sounds wonderful I am too jealous. I get to go to San Antonio trade ya.

  7. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Oh my! You are hilarious! That quilt is looking really good! I love it!

  8. i reckon you should get the doc to take poiccys of your uterus! now that would be worth posting!

    Sounds like youve had a pretty restful day, hope you enjoyed it hun,

    Erica xxx

  9. Your dinner sounds yummy. Catch up with you tomorrow.

    Glad today was a better one than yesterday.

  10. I wasn't allowed to have my gall bladder when it was removed either. It sucks - they are our organs and just cos the hospital rips them out, doesn't mean they own them! I told the doc that I wanted to leave it out for the gall bladder fairy.

  11. Anonymous6:10 PM

    ohh yuck i dont think they will give it to you. I didnt even think to ask for mine when they took it out last year i was just so glad to get rid of it. i suppose you could chuck it against the wall then jump on it give it bit of what it gave you all that pain lol it will make you feel better i can tell you love me photo :-) sc

  12. Ha ha.....you are a nutter girl...
    Whats with the bit where you are saying...."think positive thoughts about your holiday"????
    Are you dreading it???? I sure hope not..i am looking forward to it...

  13. Thanks for showing the Flat Stanleys around! Bless 'em, I'm jealous that they can eat so much and not gain an ounce!!

  14. Good Luck on the upcoming surgery! I too follow weight watchers, so good luck with that too, losing weight is NOT as easy as putting it on!
    Your quilt is turning out beautiful, congrats on doing that. Is that your first quilt ever? If so you are doing a great job on it. If you really enjoy it, and you like to read then check out a series of books by the author Jennifer Chiaverini (sp?) - called The Elm Creek Quilt Novels... I don't quilt but I loved that series of books, there are like 7 I think.

  15. Since you told me what the Flat Stanley's were I so enjoy them. Sorry your day was not the best. Today will be better for sure!

  16. I can relate to your story a little bit. When I had my last ceasar they asked if I would be part of research and if they could cut a sliver of muscle and my placenta to work out why women have miscarriages. I was happy for them to do that... and said they could take more then a sliver of muscle... take most of my stomach! I was thinking about the weight loss too. But damn them... they just took a sliver!

    As for photos... my hubby took all the gross photos of my pregnancy - the placenta the guts... eewwww!

    And late congratulations on your anniversary. What a beautiful story about you and Stew. And what a wonderful man you have there. Here's looking forward to another 21+ years!!!!!!

  17. Anonymous2:57 AM

    Haha! I wonder if the surgeon will wrap it in some lovely tissue paper and place it in a nice box for you. =)

    I hope it weighs 25 pounds! ;)

    About the jeans.... Mine don't fit either. =( Six pounds to go until I think they will.....(without muffin top!)


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