Thursday, June 05, 2008


WHY? Well partly cos I didn't have to wash the darn floor first thing this morning, and cos of the loss I had this week, it has really made me feel good... I can do this again! I know .800 kgs isn't that much of a loss, but I'm just thrilled it was a loss.

Maybe that little bit of 'exercise' I got over the weekend helped!!! OOO come home again Stew!

- kids to school
- pop into town and pay a bill
- try to do some more Sewing
- Have a nana nap sometime too.. darn pup cried till 3.30 this morning, I'm knackered!

That's all for now, I'm off..... to feed kids, make lunches/beds... all the usual morning stuff...

This has got to be the best place in da house! Too bad Mum can't move without trying to stand on me.

And here I am in SOMEONE'S idea of a torture chamber! I DO NOT LIKE MY CRATE..... let me howl and bark just so you UNDERSTAND this!

I heard from the Hospital yesterday... my next appointment to see the Specialist is in AUGUST!!!!.. which means my surgery probably won't be for another 6-9 months AFTER that!!!! I spat the dummy and packed a wobbly (ever so nicely you understand) and the upshot is the Booking Clerk is going to try and get me an earlier appointment... like in July sometime. I am waiting to hear back from her .... I mean.. COME ON PEOPLE.... I was supposed to have my surgery by now! I am on the URGENT waiting list ain't I?

We went to town... (pup and I)... I left him in the car for TWO minutes while I popped into a shop to pay a bill... BAD MOVE... seems two minutes is quite enough time to piddle on MY SEAT then jump back into his own.... little shit! Luckily I had a plastic bag in the car to sit on....

Quiet afternoon... no nana nap.. thanks to a certain small fluff ball... picking up the kids shortly, might take Teddy with me.

"Spat the Dummy" + "Packed a Wobbly" = got mad, felt like screaming, ranted and raved, cried like a baby (I didn't, just felt like it).....

End of Day: feeling great! Teddy is a pain, but very cute. He seems to think the carpet is the place to pee... not in his crate... not sure how to stop him doing it in the wrong place... with a big dog you take them outside... this dog hates the grass! Must work on that.

NSV: Very positive attitude.... means feeling motivated to do better. nite nite.


  1. Great loss!!!!
    Hopefully your surgery won't be too far away.
    Teddy is sooo cute!!!!!!!

  2. LOL at that little monkey (oops sorry dog) crying at night.

    Great loss Chris.

    Urgent?? I don't think they understand the word here. Have someone we know that is waiting as well for surgery.

  3. I LOVE the name Teddy - perfect!

    Congrats on your 800g loss, excellent eh? Just goes to show you can have a great (long) weekend and still be on FIRE.

  4. yeaaaaaa know where you coming from, don't think these people know what URGENT means sometimes ehhh?? Hope they can get you in earlier!

    Hope the new addition settles down soon...he is cute!

  5. Anonymous12:12 PM

    What was that you said??? spat a sumpthin and packed a wobbly??? Oh my gosh! Whatever does that mean?

    It sounds like y'all have socialized medicine, do you??? We don't here in the U.S. but some are sure fighting for it! I know Canada does and a lot of Canadians come to the U.S. for treatment... If your's is socialized, what do you think of it?

  6. Congrtulations. 800g is a good loss!! :-)

    Hope you can get your appointment and surgery sooner than later.

    Dogs.. they can be worse than kids. I'm about to kill one of mine. Silly little twit is stalking up and down in front of his sister and letting out these sharp, ear piercing barks. Apparently, she, the little shit, is lying on HIS chew bone. Sibling rivalry, even in the canine world!

  7. I am sorry Chris, I laughed out loud about the puppy peeing on your seat.

    What's packed a wobbly? Is that like blew a gasket?

  8. Hehehehe - smart dog me thinks :-)

    Hope your dummy spit has some effect on them Chris. Nothing worse than waiting I don't think.

    Oh, and Teddy suits him down to a T - Teddy the Terror :-)

    Enjoy him!


  9. Thanks for reminding me why I don't have a dog. I already have a kid who pees where she isn't suppose to.

  10. Teddy is just toooooooo cute!!!!

    Sorry to hear about your surgery... and hope they can get it earlier for you.

    and congrats on the weightloss.

  11. My little terrior cross didnt like peeing on the grass either so I would encourage him to go on the garden.

    Kim and erynn

  12. Hope they you can get to see the surgeon sooner rather than later. I so hate having to wait for such times.

    Congratulations on the loss.

    Puppies you got to love them even if you don't love what they get up too.

  13. He's so cute! I hate it when they yell in their cages. Makes me feel guilty.

    Hey, you go on and rejoice, even in the small victories! Bigger victories will come...

  14. Hey the pup will come around eventually. I always found a double rum and diet coke helps with the noise reduction.

    Web Page up and running on the blog of the Rocky Mountain trip. have a great weekend.

  15. I prefer Coke Zero over Diet Coke.

    (I got here from My Grimm Reality's blog)

  16. congrats on the weight loss.
    that little Teddy is precious!

  17. Just like having a newborn in the house isn't it! Reminds me that I don't want a puppy even if they are so cute lol.

  18. A loss is wonderful news!!! Good for you. As for the pup crying all night. If you have a old piece of you clothing try wrapping a alarm clock (tick tock)in it. That way the pup will have your smell and the ticking of the clock sometimes soothes them. Good luck with the house training.

  19. Ohhhh, you sound like me how hard you are on yourself! You've had SIX kids. I've had five and I always kick myself because I have 13lbs to lose (I don't know what that is in your different measurements). Man. My husband gets on me all the time about it. Oh, I found your blog on Homeschool Etc. :)

    I can't believe you are now raising your grandkids. That is AMAZING!

  20. HI widdle Teddy!!! You are vewy vewy cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!


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