Sunday, June 08, 2008


ABOVE: Two more patchwork blocks... this time I put Rocket ships on them.. my first attempts at Applique'... a bit rough but still OK.
I thought I'd entertain you with my wedding story today, cos it's just another day of getting ready for Open Home this afternoon... totally boring!

This is how our day was:

- up at 5.30 to feed the 6 week old Steve

- feed and dress the 4,5,7 and 8 year olds

- hang out the washing

- tidy the house

- go to church and get married

- come back home with guests in tow

- have a slap up lunch in our backyard, all the guests brought a plate of food!

- Receive a deep freezer, a lawnmower and a wheelbarrow among other useful and necessary household equipment as gifts!

- have a few drinks and remember to breastfeed the baby!

- drop into bed late that night.... NO HONEYMOON... there were NO Honeymoon suites with a double bed, 4 singles and a bassinette to be found!

We finally got our "Honeymoon" in 1997, 10 years later when we went to Singapore on our own to visit my brother. (and shop)....

So there ya have it, not exactly ROMANTIC but it was our day and we loved it. I still miss not wearing a gorgeous dress..... but who knows? Maybe one day we will renew our vows and I can dress up without having to worry about how I'm going to wear it AND breastfeed a newborn!

Enough babbling now, better get on with the housework....
It's 12 midday, I've done all the housework, vacumed the entire house, washed all the floors... done a quick grocery shop cos we were outta bread... fed the kids/dog.... and I am totally knackered and CRABBY AS HELL !!! I havn't stopped yelling at the kids all morning... poor little buggers really.... and just to make me feel better, Steve just arrived to help! LIKE FOR F#*KS SAKE, I JUST FINISHED IT ALL!!! Well, except for raking up all the dead leaves, so he's doing that for me now. I don't think I could have done it... my back is killing me.
Open Home: two groups through, I group loved the house, but have a house to sell first. The other guy was looking to buy houses to rent out - ours is just too big and expensive for that! So he left pronto. Will wait and see on the other lot....
LYNISE : no babe, I did not get your emails. (?) I hope I didn't miss anything important!
CKK: !!! How lovely to hear from you! I thought you had disappeared into the vast yonder....


  1. Good luck with open home today! Sell it for GOd's sake!

  2. hi ya,
    did you get my e-mails?

  3. It's not the first time I have heard about it, but I just wanted to say that I love your wedding story :o). No fuss, just a relaxed celebration with family and friends.

    Fingers are crossed that the elusive buyer finds you today!

  4. Love the wedding story....


  5. We didn't have a honeymoon either. I was 6 months pregnant and didn't have anywhere for my daughters to stay for more than a couple of days :o/

    How long has your house been on the market? [i'm sure you've said, but i can't remember] Maybe you could auction it?

  6. Cool wedding story..and I am sure you arent the only one that has done it like that!
    Funny we have spoken briefly about weddings the last couple of days... haha

  7. Love the wedding story :-)

  8. Love the wedding story, girlie!!!!

  9. I had to cut our honeymoon short to finish a project at work. My bad.


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