Friday, June 13, 2008


All week I have been a day ahead of myself, totally got every day muddled up for some reason... such a dork. So, it IS FRIDAY and I have no plans!

I am hoping to hear from the hospital today with good news... I talked to the specialist's Nurse yesterday and she reckons I will be having my surgery at the end of THIS MONTH... awesome! And also a bit scary... I have haemoraghed (sp?) after both my recent surgeries... so am shitting myself that I will bleed to death! I know they won't let that happen of course, but it is bugging me ...

I mentioned yesterday about my Weight Watcher Leader setting up a blog... so pop on over and say "HI" would ya? Sandra is one hell of a woman, lost a ton of weight, always there for us who are struggling to lose weight, a fantastic friend ... and 'mad about bears'...TEDDY BEARS that is!

- kids to school
- grocery grab
- start next step of the quilt... stitching all the blocks together!

OOO just noticed it's BLACK FRIDAY...luckily I am not in the least bit superstitious then eh? Onward...
So, I went grocery shopping, also picked up a couple more tops from closing down sale... got home and was putting the groceries away when I heard a loud noise upstairs... WHAT WAS THAT??? I run outside so fast, cos there is NO REASON for a loud noise upstairs! I ring my girlfriend Chris D and she comes around with her hubby and we all check out my house for intruders... NOTHING .... I'm thinking someone hot-footed it outta my house while I was down the driveway waiting for my friends!!! NOT A PLEASANT FEELING.. but I'm ok now, gone around and double checked all the doors and windows.
Just had crackers and hummus for lunch (so yum) and am going to do some sewing....

Afternoon.... picked up kids, home... got phone call from Hospital.. I am all booked and ready to go.. surgery WILL be on the 27 of June, just after I get back from Melbourne! YAAAA (I think!).... now just have to organise Stew to look after the kids.... or me Mum...
Had a rather awful afternoon, my back and tummy are giving me hell.... think I have been overdoing it with staying up late sewing, going to town two days running (shopping), doing all the housework etc on me own... won't it be SO NEAT once this surgery is over and I can start to get back to NORMAL!!!

I have missed doing lots of exercise the most, being unfit is the PITS...
End of Day: hell's bells it's 11.30pm and I've been sewing upstairs and didn't realise the time! Gotta get to bed... me back is killin me!
NSV: Feeling positive that everything will come right soon.... yipee! nite nite.


  1. Hmmm Black Friday hey.... Just glad I am not flying today...
    Have a top day sewing Chris...

  2. Days have a habit of running into one and another....all I know is after work today it is the weekend...yayyyyyyyyy.

    Love those blocks of yours Chris.


  3. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Well I AM superstitious, so I'm not going anywhere today! LOL

  4. Anonymous11:38 AM

    I really like the quilt with the darker border. That is just turning out beautiful!

  5. no need to be superstitious! 13 is a lucky number! I was born on the 13th and also r and i started to go out on the 13th, see it is lucky for some!

  6. We've surprised prowlers here now - twice! Not a good feeling. See you tomorrow:-)

  7. Everyday when I wake up I have to go through the calendar in my head to figure out what day it is lol. Ahh the life of the unemployed/SAHM lol.

  8. Not a nice feeling knowing there's been intruders. Did you find any windows or anything open? Glad you're all locked up safe and sound now.

  9. It's the ghost in the attic! Weird that you heard a loud noise and nothing there.
    oh yeah the 13th tomorrow....we are behind you a day I guess.

  10. Your sewing is amazing!
    Glad they have finally given you a date for your op.
    Not long till Melbourne now. How exciting!! I'm looking forward to lots of pics ;-)

  11. So glad to hear that you're going to get 'fixed up'. I'm so jealous of your Melbourne trip - would be great to catch up with everyone there. Love the Flat Stanley idea - what fun! Take care Z xx

  12. The days do run into one and other. I dropped over to visit Sandra's blog. Nice lady, and good stuff. Have a great weekend. Hey Chris, what day of the year do you celebrate father's day?

  13. Positive surgery vibes are winging your way.

    Problems with the female parts are the pits.

  14. Good to hear you finally got yourself a date for the surgery. Have a wonderful weekend. Anxious to see that quilt.

  15. Oh, that's scary! Be careful.

    I'm glad to see you have such a positive attitude to the outcome of the surgery.



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