Monday, June 30, 2008

Start of a new week & hopefully better things

So a new week and lets hope it's all up hill and going well for Chris this week.

Kids up, dressed, feed, lunches made & off to school etc. Dog up played with, pooped, peed & back to bed. Quick tidy up around the house, do this blog and now I'm off to spend some time with my wife till it's time to pick up the kids from school. Oh also need to ring my boss to see if I can have some more time off to be with my wife, there goes all my holiday time, but it's all in a very good cause. I'll update you all later in the day. Have a good one all, Stew [Mr C].

It's now 5.30 and I'm home from the hospital and what a day.

I got up to Chris at about 9am and she was in tears again. She had been awake most of the night and felt sore and really sick. She had buzzed for a nurse but no one came. She started to vommit & kept vommitting still no one came. She kept trying to buzz while people just stood around and did nothing. At one stage after Chris buzzer had been on for over a hour a nurse came in and turned it off but did nothing to help Chris. So all this before I got there was just a bit much for her and she didn't feel cared for or safe.

So I contacted Southern Cross to get her sent back there. They confirmed this at 10 am and contacted the Palmy Hospital to get it actioned. So when I left at 4.45 this arvo we were still waiting for a registra to sign the papers so she could go. The nurse said that one was on the way so hopefully she is being transferred as I am typing this note.

While she was feeling pretty low this morning things started to get a bit better for her as the day went on. She now has no tubes, wires, drips or drains in. She has taken on some fluids, has eaten a couple of crackers, has been sitting up and has taken herself off to the toilet twice and given appropriate samples to the nurse.

So things are looking up and I believe once she gets back to Southern Cross she will feel safer and will really improve quickly. I have just had a phone call from our friend Chris at 6 pm to say that she has Chris in the car and is taking her to Southern Cross right now [the palmy hospital were supposed to get an ambulance for but didn't].

I will now feed the kids then take them to see mummy and update the blogg when I ger back.

Well we have been up to visit mummy in her new room at Southern Cross [room 2]. She is lot happier now and looking foward to having a good nights sleep. I think that things are on the up so will hopefully have some good stuff to report tomorrow.

Kids are having some icecream before bed, then it's off to bed for them, I have some chores to do, then maybe a little time for TV and then off to get some sleep myself. Thanks for all your kind wishes and thoughts. Nite Nite Stew [Mr C].


  1. You're a good hubby.. Send Chris my love!

  2. You are doing a wonderful job Mr C and hope Chris is feeling a bit better today ..big hugs for you and Chris take care

  3. Thanks heaps for keeping us updated, sending positive vibes for a speedy recovery from here on in for Chris.

  4. I echo that sentiment, and that it is indeed all uphill and going well for Chris.

    She's also really lucky to have a hubby like you :-)

    Here's hoping that she is well on the road to recovery and that you will have her home, safe and sound, in the next couple of days.

  5. It sounds like you are a wonderful dad, dude. Hope you get your boss to give you some more free time to spend with that wonderful wife of yours...

  6. Just caught up, sorry you have all had a rough time, poor Chris,please give her my very best wishes.

    Also, stick it up the Hospital, there's no excuse for that treatment

  7. Hope today is a lot better and brighter. Scary stuff being left on your own. Not the kind of thing that inspires a lot of confidence in our health system. Hope now you're able to get a few visitors and the days don't seem so long and drawn out for you. Hang in there all of you - only better days ahead.

  8. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Hi "Mr & Mrs C". So glad to hear the surgery went well! Best wishes for a speedy recovery Chris. Hope you are feeling a little better today :0)

  9. Hurry home Chris!

  10. wow that hospital sounds like a bloody nightmare!

    thanks so much for the updates there very much appreciated, i do hope chris starts to pick up soon, poor bugger.

    Erica xxx

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  12. Sounds like our hospitals here. They are just so understaffed. No excuse for leaving someone vomitting without any help.

    I bet she was very happy to see you Stew. Please give Chris our love and I hope now she is back at the other hospital she will recover very quickly and be home soon.

    Thinking of you both.

  13. Big hugs and lots of love to both of you. You are a great man Stew, Chris is very lucky to have you!

  14. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Hope to see you back here soon Chris ... not that Stew isn't doing a tremendous job filling your shoes. Hope everything is sorted now with the hospital move, aren't they just the pits when they can't even organise an ambulance!!!


  15. Thanks for keeping us all updated. It is all a bit worrying that she has been treated so poorly. I'm glad to hear she got moved and fingers crossed they take care of her.

    Take care Chris, i'm thinking of you.

  16. Hi dad hope all is going well with mumhave just read the blogs that you wrote (holly shit) waht a slack hospital making mum wait that long.

    Allmy love to mum and hope the recovery goes well your doing a great job dad

    love ya all
    Daughter #3

  17. Anonymous10:30 PM

    You are all still in my thoughts. Hope it all improves from here on in.

  18. Was her operation done privately? For some reason I thought she was on the waiting list? I love Southern Cross hospitals and would much rather be there. She will be fine now... get well soon Chris and thanks Stew for letting us know how things are.

  19. With care like that i'm so glad to hear that she's been moved! Sending lots of positive thoughts your way for a quick recovery.

  20. That hospital sounds like an awfully miserable place. Hope you start to feel better soon and that the new hospital treats you much better.
    P.S. Lucky you have such a wonderful dh who is keeping us up to date and looking after things so well on the home front.

  21. Oh, my goodness that gets me so mad reading how they treated Chris. I'm wondering what happens to those people with no family to stick up for them??!! Outrageous!

    Glad she is in a better place now, and you guys can visit, etc.

    GL on the time off thing; having just been through surgery myself and D having to take two weeks off, I know how that goes. I hope you can work it out so that everything dovetails nicely.

    Bless you guys! Please tell Chris the package arrived a couple days ago. I blogged about it with photos, too. Many thanks!

  22. Thanks for keeping us filled in, it's much appreciated. Too bad about all that went wrong, hopefully now that she's back to better hospital things will go smoother.

    Again I'm wishing her well, and a big hug. Take care.

  23. So glad she is back at Southern Cross. That should really bolster her recovery.

    There really was no excuse for the nursing care, or should I say lack of, that she got at Palmy Public. I hope, as someone else mentioned, that you stick it to them.

    Still thinking of you, Chris and sending good thoughts for a quick recovery your way...

  24. Anonymous4:17 AM

    Oh my goodness!!! We've been away on a vacation and just got back last night. I had no idea all of this was going on and just popped over to see how the trip to Australia went. I am so sorry you've had all these complications Chris! What a terrible thing for you and your family to go through! I am praying for you right now and will continue to do so until you get home!

    Thank you Stew for keeping her blog buddies up on what is going on.

  25. Oh my gosh, what a mess to have to go through. My heart really goes out to you! Hang in there Chris! I can't wait to hear that you are home and happy again!


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