Thursday, June 19, 2008


train to Wellington... 2 hours on a freezing train! I was frigid by the time I got to Wellington... and CRABBY AS HELL!!!
Spent 3 hours walking the streets of Wellington (I'm a street walker now), then I caught a bus out to the airport and spent another 2 hours wandering around before my flight.
The flight.... 4 hours of bliss, just sitting there dozing... and being fed and I even drank 2 glasses of wine (which went straight to me head!).... got off in Melbourne slightly pissed I did!

Got straight through customs etc and me Mum and Niece were there to pick me up.... off to the Hotel, unpacked, yakked, had a lovely dinner ... fell into bed and slept like a baby!

This morning...I got outta bed at 9.30 am!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh.....

Mum and I caught the tram into Melbourne Central and shopped... all day!!!! Did not buy much, we are 'saving' ourselves for the Factory Shops on Saturday!!!!! OOOOO can't wait. Hey Wanna, want to come with us on Saturday????

Got a big day tomorrow with the family stuff... my darling niece is Graduating as a Police Officer ... we are so very proud of her.

Now.... it is dinner time and Mum and I are going to have a very light dinner tonight cos we had a very EVIL piece of cake this afternoon, but is was OH so nice.

I am having a wonderful time people..... and as you can see I found a computer in the Hotel that I can use .... YIPEE! Can't do photos though, so you will just have to wait till I get home to see stuff!
End of Day: I'm loving it ... even though it bloody rained this afternoon and me hair frizzed.... BUGGER IT! Luckily I brought my hair straightener with me~!
NSV: does eating cake count???????? ha ha ha! It was nice. nite nite.


  1. We will see what happens..I want to do Elizabeth st with all the motor bike shops saturday too...
    Discuss it over brekkie...

  2. I just knew it!!! You lasted one day without an update!!!!


  3. I dont know anyone who deserves a lovely holiday more than you, say hello to Becks please from this mad Irish women over here., Cheers and enjoy yourself

  4. Yay it sounds like a lotta fun!

  5. so glad your enjoying yourself hunny!

  6. Street walker eh?
    Glad you had a decent flight anyway

  7. i would love to see melbourne one day... it would be quite the long trip for ME, tho...

  8. Keep having fun! Glad to see you arrived safe and sound. Have fun shopping.

  9. Hi Chris! Hope you are having a great time. And remember the food you eat on vacation doesn't count. I read that somewhere. :)

  10. hi ya,
    glad to hear your having a great time in Oz. Nothing like a change of scenery to lift one's spirits.

    Wish I could have zipped accross for the 'bloggers meet', would have loved to have met Nanette and others.

    Enjoy your trip, milk it for as much happiness as you can get out of it. You deserve to have an absolute blast, so make sure you do.

  11. WOOHOO !! Sounds like you're having a good old time. ;-)

    I spent the day at a local water park with my little friend, Taylor. I read a book and she ran through the water and up and down the play equipment, dragging one or the other of my dogs behind her. They all had a blast.

  12. Spend some money for me! And don't forget to tip the maid! Hee Hee.

    :) The Maid

  13. Congrats to Christina! I'm glad you're having such a wonderful time and don't have the extra minute to moderate comments! I'm surprised you're even getting 'round to blogging!

  14. ROFLMAO at the friggin cold could have been worse!!!!!! Steph took the other option and flew from PNth to Wgtn yesterday (Thursday) to catch her flight to Sydney and Holy Shite it was an 18 seater with only 5 people on board!!!!! I had a text saying she was NOT doing that in hurry again!!!!! Thank goodness it is a big plane to cross the ditch LOL. Glad you are having fun....keep it up..LOL

  15. You were frigid??? hahaha


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