Monday, June 02, 2008


It's another Bloody Open Home day... which means cleaning, polishing, vacuming and so on....
Luckily this time Stew is home to give me a hand and take the kids away closer to the 'time' so I can give the house a final tidy up.

Every time we have an Open Home, I think "is this the day?".... will THE BUYER come today? I hate the anticipation cos so far all we have had is letdown after letdown. And that plays havoc with my emotions... and then I eat. I think I've now gained 10 kilos since this bloody house went on the market! It better sell soon or I will end up as big as a bus again! I just can't seem to control my emotional eating now.

It doesn't help that Stew also leaves all the time and I am here on my own... no "pantry police" to see me shoving everything into me gob!

So my mission today is to NOT go soothing my emotions with food, I must find another way to deal with the dissapointments eh?

Righty ho.... onward with the cleaning.....

We are going to see a Registered Breeder this afternoon.... she has this little boy:

He is a Tibetan Spaniel X Bichon / Shih Tzu Cross.... and I rather like him. She also has a few Bichon/Shih Tzu Cross puppies too.... so maybe we will have a puppy this evening!

Open Home: had 3 groups through, no feedback yet. While the Open Home was on we popped out to look at puppies at the Breeders..... decided the wee man above was not the one.... but saw another wee boy we fell in love with, he's a Bichon/Shih Tzu cross, lighter in colour than the above puppy and smaller....

So we put our name on him, came back into town and bought the essentials:

And we will be picking him up tonight! After coughing up a CONSIDERABLE amount of money I might add, but NOT as much as the bloody Pet Shop! NO WAY!

End of Day: well it has turned out to be not so boring afterall! I am quite thrilled about our new pup... he will be loved to bits I'm sure.... must think of a name now!

NSV: been too busy to overeat, too excited even! Photos of our new family member will be on the blog tomorrow. nite nite.


  1. Good luck for the person to come today, fingers toes crossed for you...

  2. I'm gonna start calling you "sadie" hahaha.... remember that song??? come on now..sig a little... get it stuck in your head while you are cleaning...
    "Sadie.... the cleaning lady.........."

  3. Good luck on teh open house.

    Maybe you should lock teh pantry and give him the key when these days happen!

  4. Didn't you have a dog before? I had thought you gave him to a friend because you were moving-I'm probably remembering that incorrectly.
    That is a cute dog...but did you know that there are hundreds and hundreds of dogs that need homes that could be adopted rather than paying people to breed more dogs?
    My little soap box speach for the day...sorry!

  5. Let me know how you go with those meatballs-they really are yummy!

  6. Anonymous12:09 PM

    My mom raises Bichons too! LOL! I am so glad you are going directly through a breeder! You can get a better feel for how the pup came into the world and what kind of care it received.

    Oh! I forgot to say the last time I commented... I found out the teeth falling out dream is supposedly due to feeling insecure about something.

  7. Good luck with the open home, ya probably sick of hearing that...sorry:)

    That puppy is bewdiful..

  8. Oh....! What a cute puppy!!! I would love to have a little dog like that!! But cats have to go first.

    RE: moving work - Our whole work is moving premises - Not me moving jobs!! Not yet anyways.

    Good luck with open home! Keeping fingers crossed for you.

  9. Noooo do what Suz said and get one from the pound.
    That puppy looks like he's already planning vengence on someone! lol

  10. good luck with the open home chris, people there must be bloody mad, id buy your house in a heartbeat if i lived there!

    that pup is so cute! hope you find a little friend hehe

  11. Good luck with the new addition...looking forward to seeing the pic...little dogs are so cute, though must admit I a cat person!!

  12. SO glad you had a good weekend. Cannot wait to see the family pics with the new adorable addition!

  13. That's a cute dog. My kids would love to get a puppy, but the puppy wouldn't like being tormented by my kids. My kids are evil sometimes.

  14. Love the new pup mum at least you will be keeped even more buzy running after him and the lids ha

    Did you have a good weekend with dad what am i saying of course you did.

    Daughter #3

  15. Ummm - who was it that said poor Izzy in your comments a couple of days ago!!! She is in dog paradise here, ducks, dogs, kids and of course us!!! Also a dam, paddocks to run around in.

    I can understand that a smaller dog than Izzy would be better in Auckland for you. Retrievers need to be active and need space. Looking forward to seeing your new addition:-)

  16. Ahhh how long til you are cursing the puddles and packages left by your wee new addition all over your lovely clean carpets....ewwwwwww

  17. LOL Chris you just weren't busy enough cleaning up after the kids, were ya? But it's going to be a lot of fun and I'm excited for you!!

  18. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Another dog! Ha ha ha it looks like a fluffy ankle bitter :-)

    So whats its name? ...Bruzzer? he he he

  19. Good luck with the open house. The dog is precious, Ashlyn wants one so badly. I stress eat also. Probably gained 10 lbs. this week. Have a lovely week.

  20. Wow you've been busy. Your trip pictures look so nice. I envy you with that nice weather. It's been one rainy cold weekend here. Sunday I actually had to wear winter clothes, for goodness sake it's June. Today its still not nice.

    Good luck with the open house? A new puppy, dear me you like to keep it lively. And you're going to get to meet wanna B......So much shopping..... on and on it goes.

    Glad to see things went well at the Doctors.

    Have a great day with the puppy.

  21. Thanks for your well wishes Chris. I'm feeling better, finally. Still a little sore, but able to type at least.

    Congrats on your new puppy! I can't wait to see pictures!

  22. Yippee for you! We have a bichon/poodle mix in the family and he is a great dog. ;)

    You might even slow down permanently on the snacking thing, cuz with a dog around, there might be dog hair on everything!

    Inspect your food! LOL

    The Maid

  23. Can't wait to catch up at the blogger meet up in a few weeks!

    Good luck with the puppy, I would love a pup or a kitten, but not sure I am ready to commit...

  24. Here are a couple of names. Munchkin or Sparkie.

    Or call Him, "What's his Name". So when someone asks " What's his name." You can go, YES, it is.

    He is a real Sweet Heart. They tend to be very loving and loyal and good guard dogs but also tend to be really one person dog. Not so good with a large crowd. I think it is because of their small size.

    I am speaking from experience of having owned one many years ago.


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