Wednesday, June 04, 2008


So I shamelessly nicked these videos from a reader's blog! She visited me blog yesterday and I popped over and found em! I thought they would be lovely for the Flat Stanely's family to see... and anyone else who wants to see a bit of New Zealand. They are lovely.


-Kids to school

- Pop into town for a few supplies

- Bit of housework

So just the 'usual' sort of day... oh and mop up lots of tiny wee piddle puddles our Pup is making! LITTLE SHIT. I have a bucket and mop (with disinfectant in it) waiting and ready to go.

He (pup) still has no name... getting everyone to agree on a name is so hard! I will have to make an EXECUTIVE decision soon I suppose. This dog is non-maulting, so will make no mess, does not need exercising (this is good in light of my upcoming surgery and our move to Auckland), he is small so will be easy to transport, eats very little.. bla bla bla.... so I doubt I will end up giving him away like my last dog ! (that info was for those who can't understand why I gave Izzy away and now have another dog). Oh, and he's NOT A BLOODY CAT... don't like cats....

So, I've been busy this morning, went to town and bought a crate to keep puppy in overnight... saves washing the floor first thing every morning!

Booked my train ride to Wellington so I can catch the plane to Melbourne.... have done some grocery shopping... now all I have to do is the washing! There is a mass of it to fold and put away (thanks for NOT doing it Stew ya bugger!)....

My darling hubby has thought of THE NAME: BIJOU... which means: something delicate, elegant and highly prized. Not bad for a bloke eh!! It is also a play on the breed name (Bichon/Shih Tzu)....... clever bugger. OK.. scrap that! Try calling that name out loud a few times.. it's bloody awful! Sorry Darling... it's a no to that name!

YES!!! Thanks to Sandie in Auckland and Angelfish24 in the USA.. we have a name! TEDDY is it... he is adorable just like a teddy.... and although Griffin calls his Teddy's "Ted", he is quite happy for the pup to kinda share their name. PHEW glad that's over.

I'm off to Weight Watchers this evening.. wish me luck I will be lucky to stay the same or have a little gain... NOT expecting a loss.

End of day: it's been a long one... and quite busy, I'm tired and ready for bed... but I still have to do the dishes and a few other bits and bobs.... OH Weight Watchers... I LOST .800 kg ... was a bit surprised by that but I will take it!

NSV: I have finally stopped picking entirely, this is HUGE for me. nite nite.


  1. A few people came up with Toby, never thought of that, but maybe it would remind you of your girl:-)

    Cute name too!

  2. He is so little and ADORABLE! My cat would eat him for breakfast! hahahaha (just kidding!) I WISH we could have a dog, but we both work too much, it wouldn't be fair for the poor thing. Maybe someday ...

  3. those videos are awesome!

  4. Am trying my absolute best to get to Melbourne!!! ...

  5. Anonymous1:27 PM

    I'm having a little contest on my blog to try to get the word out about something. Come check it out!

  6. good luck on the trip

    i wanna see puppy pics

    wanna add my laundry to your too?

  7. Those videos are awesome, aren't they!! :-) By the time I'd looked through dozens of videos on UTUBE, before finding those three, I was balling my eyes out. I definitely have a huge case of homesickness right now...

    Hope the Flat Ones enjoyed them. :-)

  8. 'Flat Ones' ... I mean 'the Flat Stanley's' ...menopausal moment there !

  9. this website might help you find a name.

  10. Some names that might be good....
    Bonsai, Hoshie Meaning: star, Moppet and Teddy

  11. LOL we enjoyed the videos very much, thanks!! I'm not showing my kids the comments, tho!!

    Have stolen the first video to put on MY blog, too. :]

  12. Whatever happened to the old Zealand?

  13. Yay, your little Teddy is adorable. We are in the market for one too! PS: good luck at WW. xxx

  14. I love Teddy! Fits his furry little face. But I did like Bijou too. My kids are begging for a dog. I just don't think I am ready. I already have enough messes to clean up around here with three kids and a husband who might as well be a kid (he's play the Wii with them right now).

  15. hey, I want credit too.....Teddy was one of the names I came up with for you the other day! ha! Glad you found a name you like and hope the puppy brings you joy.

  16. Well done on the loss... wooohoooo Glad griff is ok with the name of the new addition...

  17. Congratulations on finding a name for your puppy. My first cat was called teddy.

    Congratulations also on your weight loss. That's a great result.

  18. New Zealand looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing those video's. Makes me want to hop on a plan.

    Teddy is the perfect name. (Bijou means jewel by the way, Teddy is more fitting.

    Good luck with your weigh in. Till tomorrow.

  19. Cute puppy! COngrats on the loss...any loss is a good loss! :)

  20. I love the name! Perfect! Glad you got a crate, you'll be so thankful you did. It makes the "potty training" so much easier!

    Great job at Weight Watchers, every little bit helps. I spent all day at Disneyland yesterday, and ate crap all day long. Whatever weight you lost, I'm sure I found.

  21. You should try to avoid most disinfectants as they contain ammonia which smlls like wee to the puppy and encouragesd them to pee there aver and over again. Best thing to use is equal parts water and vinegar.


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