Monday, June 09, 2008


Yep, it's our son Russell's 25th Birthday today... so HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUSSELL.... hope ya have a neat day.

Last night once the kids/puppy were in bed I lay out all my blocks on the lounge floor to see how they were looking:

And I'm thinking I need to do at least one more row lengthwise... so it's back to the sewing machine! But, it is coming along nicely eh? Actually, it really helps to see it on the computer... you can easily see which blocks I should do more of... and which one's I need to move to a different position.
- kids to school
- sew more blocks
- do NO BLOODY HOUSEWORK, none I tell ya!
I'm sure I have something else I'm supposed to be doing, but I just can't remember what! Derrrrr....

Yes Teddy, be afraid, be VERY AFRAID... I am yelling! the dog is hiding behind the chair in terror!!! Griffin just got a darn good slap on the leg... 20 minutes ago I asked him to get dressed.... and he STILL wasn't dressed........ little shit was asking for it I tell you! Oh I lie, he had on some undies, they had a hole in a 'strategic' place and he was flashing his sister some 'equipment' through the hole... I WAS NOT IMPRESSED. onward.....

So, after getting the kids to school.. I have this sick headache and so took myself off to bed... within seconds the phone rings..

had a wonderful conversation with Lynise (private blogger) who gave me a hard time about scaring the puppy! LOL... thanks for the really neat yak Lynise..... You are really nice to be concerned about 'stuff' here.... not just the pup! SPCA indeed! LOL.

So, no nana nap for me afterall, had to go get said Pup outta his crate and take him toilet, he was howling his head off... and such a good wee boy, he hadn't 'gone' in his crate!
Now.... got stuff to do... like take a nurofen for the headache...

Oh dear, having a bit of a hassle with our real estate agent right now... (no nothing to do with information you gave me Lynise).... he's getting stroppy cos we won't drop our price by another $50,000 ! I keep telling him "NO" and he keeps getting shitty with me... I have been given some information today that may enable us to get out of our contract with this agency.... just need to talk to Stew first... havn't been able to reach him today which is SO FRUSTRATING. My headache is getting worse, in fact I now feel quite ill.... pills are not working. Woe is me right now.


I NEED ONE! The hospital just rang.. they can do my surgery on Thursday... THIS THURSDAY....ummmmm NO YA CAN'T! I'm booked to go on holiday in 9 days....... ALSO they didn't know about the 'new' problem I have developed and I still have to see the specialist first.... the lady was ever so nice and is onto it... should have a new appointment when I get back from Melbourne.... and I probably won't have to wait very long! YIPEEEEE.

End of Day: I feel like I have been through the wringer actually... totally over so many things.... and crabby as hell.... have to bath the kids now.. hope I don't drown the little buggers! I feel like it... NO REALLY I DON'T... just venting! The boys (Steve and Mike) are coming over later for dinner too, so I will enjoy some company.. NOT THE DISHES and mess though... oh well the price you pay for company eh?

NSV: are you joking? Totally lost the plot today, ate myself another 10 kilos worth I reckon. nite nite.


  1. OMG that is such a "boy" thing to do.....Teddy is so cute, hope you have a good day!

    PS havent updated blog lately, but will do tonight...


  2. very cool quilt! I'm off to read your wedding story :) Happy Birthday to your son.

  3. Happy Birthday
    to Russell from Canada!

  4. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Happy birthday to Russell!!

    The quilt is looking awesome, Chris! Great job! Makes me want to give it a go :)

  5. The patchwork looks great, very talented!!

    Izzy has a new trick - she climbs trees!

  6. The quilt is beautiful, I wish I had the talent. I am with you on the no housework, maybe I will catchup some day. Happy Birthday Russell, 25 is a great age! Enjoy your week.

  7. I love the quilt. I have all this material that I've been buying with the idea of getting into quilting. I've taken it out and looked at it a couple of times , but that's as far as it's got. Really need to get my a into g.

    Lol, re young Griffin. Typical boy. Hehehe, just make sure that the stupid, Sue Bradford cow doesn't read your blog!!! I can't believe that anti-smacking thing made it into law. They tried that here in Nevada a few years ago. It was repelled after a couple of years.

  8. oh yeah, LOVE the quilt you clever bunny. Wish I had a few skills in the 'crafty' dept but unfortunately that piece of DNA is completely missing in my genetic line as I'm totally hopeless with fiddly stuff like that.

    Have a great day. I'm guess I had better get my tail downstairs and clean up the mess left behind from last nights dinner and dwinkes.

    (wish they started making double size dishwahers as the normal size just doesn't cope with so many of us in the house)

    Have a great day chick.

  9. The blanket looks pretty. SO where did you buy it? :D

  10. I love how the quilt is coming along and hope your headache goes away soon.

  11. Is there no end to your talents girl? I bet you didn't get through the day with no housework did ya? Come on time to confess!

  12. Happy Birthday to your BOY!!!

    The quilt looks fabulous!

    I want that rx. now. 8)

  13. i was tickled at your wedding day (last post) great day ... we are coming up on 18 yrs married just past 21 years together I am still waiting on my honeymoon LOL

    Too funny on the boy flashing... typical thats for sure...

    I LOVE the quilt it is very original and I just love how you are putting it together!

    Happy B day Russell.
    Hugs Laura

  14. The quilt looks unreal Chris. It looks so different all together than all the individual photos you have shown.

    Hope your headache is better. Sounds like a stress headache to me. You have so much on your plate. Keep thinking about that Melbourne holiday. I so wish I could get over there to meet you.

  15. Ha well at least of us remmebered his birthday i 4got but hey thats normal he never remmbered mine so lol.

    Love the patch work mum you getting really gd at it.

    Bugger about the opp but hey i think the holiday is more important for you at this stage you need a break.

    love ya lots and have fun.....

    Daughter #3

  16. Anonymous8:36 PM

    quilt looks great but what about that 10 kilos u ate lol stress is not your friend today so how about ringing up that other friend and she can help with the 10 kilo thingy :-)

  17. This should cheer you up! Don't forget to check out the shopping at Bridge Road, Richmond when you go to Melbourne! Here is a cool web-link:

  18. 25th birthday!

    congrats to you and your son! when i think of my little one hitting that age i get all weepy and woman-y...

  19. The quilt looks great! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  20. Happy birthday,Russell!

  21. happy birthday to no.1 son, hope he had a great day, love love LOVE the quilt Chris, you actually making me consider getting me sewing machine out! *shock, horror!* maybe i could just you to make me a few huh?! lol

    Erica xxx


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