Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday and it's no rest day

Morning all.
Sorry I am not the early blogger like my wife is and also that there is no photo's, I'm not that up with this blogging thing to do photo's, but I know when Chris is back on the blogging deck you will get some. I took some blogg fodder photo's yesterday up at the hospital with all the tubes, wires and sexy hospital gown which I am sure will find there way onto an update coming to you in the future.

So today is open home day so it is tidy up, vacum, wash, polish, clean etc today. Then after open home I will go up and visit Chris with the kids.

I have phoned Chris at the hospital this morning and she didn't sleep well over night. Still managing the pain with the self administer system and really just feeling very very tired. They hope to get her up later on this morning to get her moving a bit. Her only request was a sipper bottle of you guessed it "DIET COKE".

Talking of not sleeping well, my mobile phone rang at 3.07 am and of course I thought the worst problems at the Hospital and the heart missed a beat or 2, but it was daughter number 2 ringing from some party. "Hi dad it's me, what ya doing" "I'm sleeping what do you think I'm doing" "Oh sorry I didn't realise' hey I'm coming down today" "Whatever, goodnight" and I hung up. With her record she may or may not turn up just wait and see. Bloody kids ah!!

Well that's it for now, I will update you all later in the day after my visit. Thanks for all you wishes, I have made a list of names and comments to take up to Chris today. Stew.

It's now 5 pm and I have just been up to see Chris with Mike & the kids. When we got there she was sitting in a chair by her bed in tears. I sent the kids off with Mike for a bit. She had been put in the chair by the nurses and left there unattended. While she hadn't been there long she was in pain and feeling very sick and know one was coming to help her and there was no one in sight. I managed to track down a nurse and we put her back in bed.

After about 20 mins she was feeling a lot better so the kids and Mike spent some time talking to her. While we were sitting there her drip ran out and the machine was beeping to let the nurses know it was empty. It took 15 mins before a nurse came to check the machine and change it.

Chris is still very sore & tired, and finds it very lonely. She has asked me to come up tomorrow as soon as I have dropped the kids off at school to keep her company and I also think she is a little worried that if something went wrong no one would be there to come to her aid until it was to late. So that is my mission tomorrow. She must be feeling bad as she didn't want any of the Diet Coke I took up to her. I thought it was a bit soon for Diet Coke.

Her surgeon saw her this morning and said he was very pleased with the first surgery and managed to fix all the original problems plus a couple of other things he found while he was there. So that is good, it will just take some time to recover from the whole experience.

Well thats all for today. I will pass on all your wishes and up date again tomorrow. Stew or should it be "Mr C". Nite nite all.


  1. Hi Mr C!!!!

    Please pass on my warm regards to Chris, Im thinking of her..


  2. Wow, I came by to catch up and it looks like I have missed a lot.

    Tell Chris to get well soon.

    Your writing is quite lovely also but I will be glad to know she is feeling better.

    I hope she has received her Diet Coke by now.

    With care,

  3. I'm so pleased that she's doing better. Continued prayers and wishes for her recovery winging her way from the US.

  4. Stew its sounds like you are doing a great job holding fort at home. Hope Chris feeling better today , Hey maybe the buyer you guys want for your house will happen today, that would have to make chris feel heaps better. Take care jillxx

  5. Thanks for the update Stew - tell Chris it's all uphill form here. Hugs to her, will phone you before I visit. Anything at all I can do re: kids please just say, Chris has my number.

  6. hope Chris is recovering well. Looks like she had a wow of a time in Melbourne. Will catch up properly on my return....take care Chris and get better real soon.

  7. Hey Stew- hope she is doing better today. Hook the Diet Coke to the IV and all will be well. Sending happy thoughts and prayers!

  8. Bloody kids aye....
    Well I hope she does make the effort and turn up to see her mother!
    Thiking of you Chris... pain sux...

  9. Hey Chris, hope your feeling better soon!

  10. I hope Chris is feeling a bit better by tomorrow! Tell her I'm thinking about her.

  11. OPEN HOME DAY TODAY? Oh, good grief. You didn't have enough going on before, did ya?

    Tell Chris we're still all praying for her and oh! poor her, getting her photo taken in the "sexy" hospital gown LOL!

    Stew, I appreciate every post! Have a good day and God bless ya good!

  12. Hope your feeling better soon, thinking of you :)

  13. Thanks for the update 'Mr C' :-)

    That will probably help with her recovery, to have you there to help tomorrow.

    Tell her to hang in there, she has a lot of people thinking about her.

    You take it easy as well and don't let yourelf get to tired or over stressed.

  14. Big gentle hugs to Chris. Have some yourself too Stew....I know how hard it is looking after someone in hospital when the staff never seem to be around when they are needed. Lets hope Monday will be a better day when hopefully they will have more staff on, if not I guess it will be up to you to do what you can, which I am sure Chris would be happier about anyway. LOL :) Each day will get better but will also be hard going for you all. Let me know via Anne when Chris can have visitors and I will bring her some of that Ginger Crunch she loves from the cafe down here!!
    Take care, thinking of you all.
    Jenny in Fxtn

  15. Hey Chris! I'm praying for a speedy recovery for you hun. It wasn't as easy as you thought it would be huh. Sucks.

    I hope all goes well from here.

    Hugs and Kisses!

  16. Anonymous7:32 PM

    HI, for frig sake are my comments coming thro or not?

    Wish so bad I was down there with mum, i friggen hate hospitals, especially from a patient side of it, Im pretty peved mum doesnt have a beep button to call for assistance!!!! HOW RUDE!

    Love you mum!!! Think of all the weight you should lose while being at hosp. half a kg or so with the uterus gone :P

    Hope this goes thro

    Love you Dad xox

  17. Please pass on my best wishes for a complete return to good health,you all must be so worried.

  18. Oh that's great news regarding the surgeons report! It's just such a damn shame hospital care never seems to be as good as it should be.

    And no doubt it's having a huge impact on Chris by just resting and recovering - as opposed to her usual busy days.

    Have they given any indication of how long it will be before she can recover at home? Hopefully she's not in hospital for too long!

    She's in my thoughts :-)

  19. Hi Stew, tell Chris that Victor is doing well and will pop up and see her tomorrow after work.
    I had the same problem when i had my op. I nearly passed out in my chair after being left in it for to long. i dont think its a public hosp problem but a nurse shortage prob. that dont make it right cause it dam frighting

  20. Dear Stew, please pass on my best wishes for Chris during her stay in hospital. At least she has peace of mind knowing the kids are in good hands and you will be by her side. Thinking of you all.... Christy Ann xxxx

  21. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Thinking of you Chris. Sending loads of good, healing vibes fron Somerset England.

    Ps - How lucky are you to have a hubby like Stew?. Bless him.

  22. Anonymous12:30 AM

    nice job mr c!

    I hate hearing stories about neglect in the hospital - i wish that nurses would treat every patient as if it was there mother/daughter!!!

    big hugs to you both.

  23. Thanks for the update. My good God man you must be so tired doing all this. Give our warmest to the patient.

  24. Hi Stew, please pass on my love and best wishes to Chris, im thinking of her and hope shes feeling well again very soon.

    also a big pat on the back for you Stew, your doing marveliously juggling the house the kids and the pets, well done!

    Erica xxx

  25. thank you for the updates stew, you are doing amazing keep ing up with everything... my poor hubby hated the hospital trips but everything else he did fantastically just like you! Tell Chris hello and that our thoughts and prayers are with her and it truely is uphill from here!
    Big hugs

  26. thanks for the udpate.

  27. Hi Mr. C,

    Chris is a very kind and wonderfully funny blogger friend (she sent me your Marvin the Martian tie) and I wanted to check in on her.

    What a good hubby you are and I'm glad that you took time to update her blog so that we can know how she's doing. Please send her my regards and hope she gets to come home real soon.

  28. Oh, so it's Stew blogging. I was confused when I read the two latest posts. I'm a bit slow. I hope Chris recovers soon.


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