Monday, January 29, 2007


I just knew there had to be a good reason why I was craving chocolate.... and there was! TOM has arrived on time for a change, so that means no gym for me today or tomorrow, darn. Once upon a time it would not have mattered, but nowdays (going through menopause) my monthly is horrendous, flooding for two days. So I am pretty much housebound till wednesday. I can, however, get on my treadmill and exercycle at home, so all is not lost.

So, what to do today? I have promised the kids lunch in town, and I need to post away our passport applications too, so might brave a trip out later. Oh joy, will have to be VERY careful, and make a visit to a bathroom every half an hour... such a pain in the butt. How long will this shit last? 1 year? 5 years? later...

Thanks for the comment Linda re: Mirena... I have thought about that, but as I don't get pain as well, I'd rather not go there... I don't like the idea of having hormones in my system like "the pill" cos it causes me to get dark patches on my skin. I havn't had to take any form of birth control in 17 years, thanks to Stew visiting a surgeon! lol After having 6 kids in 10 years it was NECESSARY ! later...

Actually, that reminds me of our visit to the surgeon....
- Stew and I went to the hospital for his "procedure", taking 6 week old Michael with us.... we sit down in the office in front of the surgeon, who was the BLACKEST man I have ever seen, with a stong South African accent... and he starts to go through the procedure with us.... and tells us that this is irreversible, and did we really know what we were doing? He decided perhaps we needed some counselling first! Then he said "and your baby boy, what number is he, 2 or 3?" ... well, I promptly repied "He's bloody number 6 !", to which the surgeon said real fast... " NO COUNSELLING NECESSARY, WE DO YOUR HUSBAND THIS AFTERNOON".... fuck did we laugh !

later... Ok, went to town, saw cute dress and bought it. Great way to pep up my day... a bit of retail therapy never hurt anyone.... Brylee and Griffin got to spend some money in the $2 Shop too. I know I shouldn't buy clothes while so overweight, but hey.... it will still look ok when I've lost 10 kgs so there! I just love being able to go into an "ordinary" shop and get a dress, such a neat feeling after having to buy size 24 - 28 for years. YAAAAA Ummmm, I know this dress is probably too young for me, but I don't give a shit !

Ok, long day over, am off to bed. nite nite


  1. Regarding bleeding being heavy have you considered a Mirena? It is an IUD specifically designed to stop bleeding. It is often used as an altnative to having a hysterectomy. It is also birth control of course. I have had one for five years and don't bleed at all - I spotted for a couple of months and then had a couple of light periods and then nothing. I am still ovulating and would still be getting periods.

    If you can establish that it is for medical grounds (not for contraception) then it should be free.

  2. Hi Chris - I was like this - and dreaded those day, then had an endiometrial ablation, (takes the lining off the uterus) simple procedure and involved an overnight stay in hospital - seriously one of the best things I've ever had done.

  3. I can SO relate to your stage in life! I agree with you, I am trying to get through it without any hormones etc. I take BP and fast heartbeat medication and am trying not to have to take anything else. Roll on menopause I say!!

  4. I nearly wet myself when I read your story about the surgeon! Bloody hilarious. Thanks for cheering me up today. I think the dress looks fine on you.

  5. I agree with briony... you make me laugh so much.
    The dress looks fantastic on you and if you can wear it and feel great in it then it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.
    P.S thanks for the message today! It certainly cheered me up so so so so much.
    Love CM

  6. You wear whatever the heck you feel like chicky. (for the record, I think the dress suits you, and since I am the trinny of NZ (without the boob grooping) I should know these things.
    Hope that darn TOM isn't causing you too much grief. I hate the heavy ones, thankfully I'm on depo and don't get any while on it. (one great side effect).

  7. Anonymous10:59 PM

    yuck i hate that time of the month!!

    you look cute in ya dress!!

    have a good one

  8. oo the woos of being a woman aye?!
    men have it soo easy sometimes, i hope you're milking it off him as much as you can!!

    love the dr story, thats a classic!!!

    cute dress, "normal" shopping....oooo so cant wait to do that!!!!

  9. Hey hun
    That dress looks great on you, you really suit it!!

    Oh the dreaded heavies...not nice one little bit at least they don't go on for ever just the few don't know how damn lucky they are and what REALLY bugs me is that we women can't help having monthly's and WE gotta buy sanitary protection, it should be free after all contraception is free for men and women to stop us getting pregnant but we gotta buy the sanitary's....oh dear I'll get off my soap box now should I?...teehee


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