Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Ok, so if I'm stuck at home today... at least the sun has come out ...I might just work on me tan! It doesn't take much for me to tan luckily, and when your legs are chubby, they look so much nicer a bit brown. So, that is about it for today, except for the usual housework.. oh bloody joy!

I am feeling really sorry for the kids, they are getting so bored, these holidays have been much longer than usual.... 8 more sleeps till school.

... thank goodness.

Aren't ya lucky you don't have a bad hair day EVERY day like our girl!! She wakes up every morning looking a fright, lucky she ain't at the age where it matters yet. ha ha ha. She is the spitting image of her mother (our daughter) ! later...

Ok, for you nosey buggers out there (just joking)... Brylee and Griffin have known that Stew and I are their Grandparents as well as their Mum and Dad from the word 'GO'... we slip it in conversations when we can, like when we see a pregnant woman, we might say "you came out of Lacy's tummy", and we tell people who don't know us that they are our grandkids as well as our "kids", in front of them all the time. There is going to be no confusion later on with them, they know where they came from, that Lacy wasn't ready to be their mother, etc. One day Lacy will have to explain herself to them, I will just make sure she doesn't bullshit them with crap excuses..... so there are the fact for you who wonder.

We have a nasty wind here today, so while the sun is shining, it isn't that warm... maybe I won't be getting a tan today afterall. darn...

I got tagged:
Four things about Me:
A) Four jobs I have had in my life:
- Medical typist
- Pottery Tutor
- Teacher Aide
- LayBy Storeperson

B) Four movies I would watch over and over:
- Ghost
-The Green Mile
- Forest Gump
- Fried Green Tomatoes !

C) Four places I have lived:
- Tokoroa
- Auckland
- Whitianga
- Palmerston North

D) For favourite T.V. shows:
- House
- Ugly Betty
- Coronation Street
- Boston Legal

E) Four of my favourite foods:
- Pizza
- Seafood
- Chicken
- Nachos

F) Four places I would rather be right now:
- A Huge shopping mall, with lots of money to spend
- Partridges Jewellery Store, Wellington, again with lots of money to spend
- Whitianga, on the beach
- At the Gym

G) Four friends I think will respond:
- Janene
- Michelle
- Slim Suzy
- Mandy
Ok, gunna go tag em now...

Great afternoon, shoo'd kids outside to play with Izzy, then went to Yamaha Dealer and paid off me scooter in full, great feeling! Got $10 in me purse, I'm still rich !!! lol
Not much else happening, felt yukky all day, tomorrow should be better.
Dinner tonight: homemade spagetti bologneise, yum.
Watching Boston Legal tonight, first night back for the new season... just love William Shatner's character... too funny. So that's me for another day... nite nite.


  1. The dress looks great! A nosey question I know but do Brylee and Griffin know your their grandmother? She is such a gorgeous little girls even with the bad hair day.

  2. Tagged you - see my blog!

    Cute photo!

  3. you're a true mother, grandmother and angel...!!!


  4. we have another couple of weeks here before school goes back.
    Don't get sun burnt!
    I tagged you ages ago!

  5. My mother adopted my sister's baby at birth but my sister did not find out who her "real" mother was until 13. Not the best age but it needed to be done. I still consider that sister to be my sister, not my niece. Good on you for having your grandchildren (for whatever reason). I would do the same in a heartbeat.

  6. I sympathise with Brylee as I do have bad hair days like Brylee every day (I have to wash, dry and straighten it daily)but not only that, I have bad eyebrow days every day also...lol.
    I will take a pic of my none existent eyebrows (before penciled in)one day and I will post it and you will see just how none existent they really are but the best thing is, when I was at college doing my Beauty Therapy course no-one, not even the tutors knew I drew them on...such a compliment I tell ya, I'm well practised though I have been drawing them on for years.

    Hey! Lacy is a lovely name.


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