Monday, January 08, 2007


Another perfect day at the beach, we are spending ages playing cards, cranium, etc. It is just lovely here, sitting looking at the boats coming and going, the kids playing together so nicely.

I am kinda looking forward to going home now, want to get back into my fitness/diet routine before I am the size of a bus again! I have done absolutely nothing for over 3 weeks !!!! BAD BAD

I'm hoping this break is what my body and mind needed, so that I can start again with a fresh attitude for the new year. I was starting to get ho hum about it all last year, not really giving it my all and starting to slip back into old habits. I am going home refreshed and ready to start again with gusto.

I shall post some lovely photos of our time here, once I get home. I miss everyone back there, and my wee dog, and even Steve and Lisa ... a wee bit maybe !

I'm also looking forward to getting my scooter.... I want a blue one so may have to wait a while for them to get me one.... but good things are worth waiting for eh?

Sorry family shit has crept into this blog, I shall try not to annoy anyone else, so it doesn't happen again..... yep, and I have activated Comment Moderator, so no more nasty comments will be getting onto my blog....only nice ones!



  1. Hey Chris
    I enjoy reading your blog, doesn't matter what it contains because we all have this shit in our lives some just don't acknowledge it. Reading others makes me think I must be normal . Enjoy your holidays whats left and all the coke you want, youve done an awesome job and deserve some enjoyment. Boo to the rude people who leave rude comments. My motto If you haven't anything nice to say dont bother saying it.

  2. Sounds as if you have had a great relaxing break. Shame holidays have to end:)

  3. I'd better make sure I only make nice comments then, or you'll delete me!

  4. That old saying is soooo true "you can't pick your family!"... Sounds like it could apply in this case?

    Anyway, glad to hear you're gonna come back all revved up and ready to get rid of those extra kgs.

  5. Hey mum, thanks for a really lovely break at the beach... Andrew and I loved it!!!

    Oh and the canvas pic is awsome!


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