Thursday, January 11, 2007


We have much to do today... the sun is shining which means Stew gets to mow the lawns, hee hee he. I will be getting all the washing done, finish unpacking, and we must do a grocery shop, there ain't much in the house.

I have no idea what the teenagers have been eating, must have been takeaways cos the food we did leave for them is still here... it's a wonder they ain't huge... NOT FAIR... they can eat rubbish all day long and not gain a pound, I only have to look at it and on goes a kilo. I still havn't been brave enough to get on the scales, I am NOT GOING TO EITHER. I know that if I do I shall just get in a really really bad mood and go eat something else....

Anyone else like that? You see a gain and blow it some more? Kinda like in for a penny, in for a pound. What the scales say usually sets my mood for the day, so there is just no point standing on them right now, I shall work really hard for the next two weeks and then do it !! So, below is an accurate depiction of me at the moment....

Ok, better go and make a start on the day... later...

Well, we finished the unpacking... such a shitty job, then we went grocery shopping and managed to stay under $600 for a change! Lunch .. I had some veges and gravy and a huge banana ! Total points 6, so that was good. I've had no diet coke today, and I've ended up with a whopper of a headache! Didn't expect that after not getting one last time I stopped cold turkey. So I ended up having a wee nap in the afternoon to try and get rid of the headache.

I'm selling our kayaks as we just never use them anymore, and so I've just spent 30 minutes scrubbing them clean... we have someone coming this evening to view them. I'm selling them on Trade Me, so hope to get a good price for them. Whatever I get for them will go towards my new scooter..... later...

Well, already have an excellent price going on one of the kayaks... looks like I will have heaps of cash to put towards my scooter. Yaa.

Fairly quiet afternoon/evening. Made homemade ham steak burgers for dinner (8 points each), then Stew and I took Izzy for a walk (3kms). Am chillin out now before heading off to bed.

TODAY: Steps: 9518


  1. Great photos! What an awesome spot:)

    Time to get your head out of the sand - you can do it!!!

  2. One of my sisters got a bright red Vespa for Christmas! I'm soooooo jealous...

  3. Hi Chris
    Thanks for the idea for my pedometer, it already has a strap thing to prevent losing but the clip thing on the back just wont grip the waist band tight enough and it keeps rising up the waist band and dropping off (luckily the strap has done it job and I've not lost it) but you have given me a good idea to clip it onto the waistband more snuggly.

    I also sabotage myself when the scales are not kind so you gotta do what feels right for you and if that means standing on the scales in 2 weeks then so be it, if that what works for you.

    Have a good day

  4. Love the scooter idea.


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