Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Above....Beautiful Coromandel, we went over there for the Celtic Fair......

Brylee and Griffin having lunch after their swim..... Griffin never stopped eating the whole time we were there... and he put on 2kgs and Brylee put on 1kg !!!!! He's now 28 kgs, she's 18 kgs.

Meeting the "Stone Man" at the Fair.

Below.. the view from the lounge at my Mum's house.
Tide is in.

The kids (Brylee, Griffin and Joshua) on Buffaloe Beach, Whitianga.

Below... lunchtime....
Below... my Mum's house from the estuary, just across the road, and a gorgeous boat heading up to the Whitianga Waterways..... homes with direct access to their own piers....
They all have to pass Mum's house to get there, so we get to see all of the lovely boats as they go by.... I just loved this blue boat.... dream on Chris !

Stew and Mike ready to go for a swim in the estuary, which is just across the road....

No photos of me, I was behind the camera as per usual.... and am feeling too fat and ugly to get in the picture for now!!! That's all for now.....


  1. Your mums home looks really lovely, oh and that view to die for.

  2. Looks like a great trip! Such a shame about Spyro.

    On to some more successes huh! You are a mad woman with everything you do in your house, it takes us months to do what you get done in a day.

  3. WOW what a beautiful setting, I bet it was bliss.

    Back to reality now unfortunately....hehehe.

    Cool photos.

  4. Can barely even see Stew's scar!


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