Wednesday, January 03, 2007


YES!! I'm getting a tan..... today has been a wonderful sunny day all day. Went to the Coromandel Keltic Fair yesterday and had a lovely day. Saw my dear friend Frieda again after 7 months, so nice to catch up.

The fair.... was so-so, lots of imported crap, a few good stalls of local craft, and heaps of food stalls.... hmmmmm, had a hotdog and chips (can't resist). I didn't end up finding anything for Stew's birthday, so am still looking, maybe he'll just get a nookie... ha ha ha.

Today our daughter Kelly and her fiance came up from Hamilton, and brought with them our son Mike (he'd been in Hamilton for a week visiting a friend) and also our grandson Joshua to visit with us. That will be nice, babysitters on tap!! Yaaa

Anyway, settting a story up: Mike was in a suburb called Huntington in Hamilton, Kelly had no idea where it was. She text'd Mike for directions so she could pick him up and it went something like this:

Kelly: Where is Huntington?
Mike: Thou shalt surely perish amongst the wilderness that thy doth get lost in upon thy journey...
Kelly: You a freak, I will find it or you will be walking.
Mike: Thou shalt not bear upon my forebearance with whimsical threats, for I shall surely smite you down as possiden doth rage upon his seas, bringer of death to those who so inadvisadly navigate his territories....
Kelly: What the fuck?
Mike: .... language as that of which you speak will not be tolerated if thou wishith to bear witness to the coming of the next day...
Kelly: YEAH, ok, where is Huntington????
Mike: If thou know not, then surely this gives indication that one is not of the proper readiness to be of recieving such paramount instructions. Yet I will leave you with a solumn clue.... we reside where the grass does wave, yet wind doth not blow. Follow this and thou surely will find me.

Suffice to say, Kelly could not find him and ended up ringing me for instructions.... this did make me laugh.

Well, that's me for another day, off to soak up some more sun and go home a happy brown girl.... with a white bum!

Not gone swimming, too cold. Not done much walking either. All will be sorted once holiday is over me thinks.


  1. I live less than a minute from Huntington...

  2. I think I would have left him there.

  3. The white bum is necessary - the contrast helps show how brown you are!

  4. I don't think he wanted to be found!?
    Sounds like you are having a nice break.


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