Friday, January 26, 2007


Last day before weigh in and my scales are being nasty to me, probably cos I'm holding lots of water... getting near "that" time of the month ... typical.

Steve goes to see the cardiologist this morning, I hope they can tell him when he's off to Auckland Hospital for his heart procedure, it's been a few months now since they sent the referral up there.... lucky his condition isn't life threatening or he could die waiting with our public health system!

Off to the gym this morning, now that I'm back in my routine I'm loving it again, it's so nice to meet up with the regulars and have a laugh and yak... later...

Does this ever happen to you? Got home from the gym, pushed the button to close the garage door, and headed off to the shower..... then remembered my clean pants were in the garage with the clean washing, so back I went, to find the garage door was only half closed, and DEAD.. SO rang the electrician, who said they'd come soon, saw the garage floor was a bit of a mess, so got out the vacum and did it, then proceeded to vacum the hallways and bedrooms.... and THEN remembered what I was doing before I started vacuming... DOH!!! SO I still stink.... hope the electrician doesn't arrive while I'm in the shower.. just my luck. later... lol

Our holiday plans are coming along well, looks like we shall be flying to Brisbane, spending 3-4 days there, then off to Coffs Harbour for a week, then on to Sydney for 3-4 days too... I know it's months away yet, but it is exciting just thinking about it!
So, to all you bloggers out there in Aussy, where are the "must see, go & do" places in Brisbane and Sydney for us ??? Bearing in mind I LOVE shopping, and buying clothes is top of the list !!!

What a great incentive to get back in shape, to buy new clothes on holiday !! YAAA . I smell nice again too...

Here I am in my "biker jacket", I have been waiting about 10 years to wear this jacket! It belonged to my brother Vern, who was killed in an accident in 1999. He gave it to me about a year before he died... said it was all mine if I could ever fit it (I was kinda big back then)... so now Vern, I am wearing it on my scooter... and I love it. Not just cos it's a leather jacket, but because it was his and now when I wear it I think of him. later...


  1. Don't worry Chris, I'm in for a gain too :( Never mind, back on track now!

  2. I'm still here - reading away but not much time lately! Good luck both with Steve and for your weigh in!

  3. If you love shopping Melbourne is the place to stop.

    Sydney, Palm Beach (where they film home and away), opera house, darling harbour, chinese tea gardens, harbour water taxi tour, harbour bridge climb, bondi beach.. I'm sure I'll think of more.

  4. babe you look hot! what a nice sentiment for you also.

  5. Hey! Fab jacket and very special, enjoy wearing it.
    You look great in it!

  6. Oh babe, what a beautiful sentiment with the jacket and that you can fit into it now too!

    Must see and do in Sydney? Gosh, it depends on what you're in to. I always like to take people to the Glebe and Paddington Markets on a Saturday. It's a great showcase for local trade and designers :-)


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