Wednesday, January 17, 2007


It's another gorgeous day out there, and I'm going to miss my pedometer... may yet go and look at the other brands available and get one of them... I'm off to the gym a bit later this morning, and I'm really looking forward to it! The swimming is so much fun and a great cardio workout.

Got on the scales this morning (dumb move), and they havn't moved down at all.... HUH? I have been 100% excellent since saturday, so what's with that? I am not going to let it throw me off though, they WILL show a loss by the end of the week I'm sure. Oh yeah, and I've run out of me "piddle pills", so must be holding on to water... getting more today. That should help. later....

I'm back from the gym, did an extra 10 minutes each on the treadmill and exercycle, so am feeling very positive. Loving the swimming too, tho the first 3 laps are hard!
Am walking down to Doctors in a mo with Brylee and Griffin to get those essential piddle pills, and once we get back they can go outside in their paddle pools again... it's a great way to entertain them. later...

I'm watching the Biggest Loser right now, talk about a tear jerker! They sent Adro home.... it sucked. Harry shouldn't be there, so not fair.
Also, my kayaks auction on Trade Me finishes tonight, and they are going for amazing money... I shall have heaps of cash to put down on my new scooter... ya hoo!! later...

Above... some weights we just bought off my niece...she buggered off to Aussy (miss her heaps) and is selling lots of her gear so we scored on them! Now Stew and I can pump iron ... lol.

My kayaks sold for over double what I wanted on Trade Me, it's just crazy what people will pay in an auction! I ended up getting almost the new price for them! NUTS. But I'm happy!

Had a quiet evening, watching the auction unfold was so much fun! But now I think I need to get off me butt and do some exercise! nite nite.


  1. Brylee's hair looks so lovely when its just left to dry! My daughter has hair that goes frizzy so she just leaves hers to dry too. Thanks for the comments re my family. I do think she is jealous that I have always got on with all the family - now this means she has the control. It really is crazy and does make me sad but life is too short to worry about it.

  2. Must be the "piddle pills" holding the scales back from moving. I'm sure you'll have it sorted by weigh in!

  3. ohh I love The Biggest losers - was totally crying today! Only problem was I totally accidently found out who won today! It will make you smile!!


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